[Sports Seoul] BTOB ‘disses leader’ scenes revealed! “But still, our leader is the best!”

비투비의 리더 서은광을 향해 멤버들이 솔직한 앞담화를 진행했다. /남윤호 기자

7-members boy group BTOB is rather pleasant. As opposed to boy groups who speak very seriously on hierarchy and sequences, to BTOB, these are just luxuries. This is because of leader Seo Eunkwang’s (25 years old) charisma that allows a harmonious family-like atmosphere among the members. He revealed, that he’s always the ‘last’ in terms of sequence in the team.

On the 22nd, ‘Sports Seoul’ made a sudden attack to BTOB’s practice room in Cube Entertainment. The seven members said they were late on schedules, although it was revealed that they are practicing for next month’s Dream Concert.  It was a difficult practice session, but the members were always bloomed with laughter. The leader is the motivation for BTOB.

서은광(오른쪽)이 연습 후 지친 멤버들에게 물을 건네며 격려하고 있다. /남윤호 기자


In midst of practices, Seo Eunkwang would prepare beverages for his teammates. Although they’re just mineral water that costs 800 Won, it was like an oasis in the dessert for the members. Seo Eunkwang distributed the water bottles and made pats on his members’ shoulders. The members acted as if they were touched by their caring leader, which lead Seo Eunkwang to burst out in laughter. The practice room that was filled with singing are now surrounded by laughter.

The seven members then gathered and took their seats. At first glance, it looks like a school gathering. But in fact, it was an ‘Appreciation Session’ for leader Seo Eunkwang. Lee MinHyuk who is of the same age, spoke about Seo Eunkwang, “He’s a extremely nice leader”. “He’s the type of leader that pushes the team from behind.” He then looks at Eunkwang, “It must be hard for him to always standing behind”, with a sense of humor.

‘Seo Eunkwang Diss’ started with MinHyuk. Maknae Yook Sungjae, “Leader-hyung said he wants to be closer to the six of us. He would even go to toilets together,” he said. Lee Changsub continued, “Our leader takes time to buffer. It seems like he thinks a lot.” Im Hyunsik even gifted Seo Eunkwang a book that titled ‘What is a leader’. Jung IlHoon and Peniel too, gave their testimonials, “There are times where we would be frustrated of the leader”, they complained.

리더 서은광(맨 위)을 두고 멤버들의 앞담화가 시작됐다. /남윤호 기자

Seo Eunkwang has never scolded his members although being a leader even before their early debut times. Th members explained that Eunkwang is a ‘prince-like’ leader. When asked, “If you don’t control them, won’t your members take over your place?”, Seo Eunkwang said, “The dongsaengs doesn’t take over,” he said.

After being ‘dissed’, his members started their sincere praises. Lee Changsub said, “I can’t think of any other members to be the leader. Seo Eunkwang is the best candidate as our team’s leader. During critical times, we would follow leader’s decision. We trust him to that extent.” Lee MinHyuk continued, “Our leader is the best. For our team, the leader style that suits the best is definitely Eunkwang,” showing his affection for his leader.

비투비 멤버들이 드림콘서트 무대를 위해 열심히 연습하면서도 센스만점 웃음꽃을 피우고 있다. /남윤호 기자

But the praises didn’t last long. When asked what do the members look for in a leader, maknae said, “Honestly, I’m jealous of EXO. I heard that the leader, Suho-hyung, always buy their members food”, which drawing his fist. Jung IlHoon said, “When we’re eating together, he would proposed ‘Rock-Scissors-Paper’ to decide. The problem is, he doesn’t lose at all,” He emphasized.

EXO’s leader Suho is the ‘wallet’ among members. He would satisfied his members. That said, BTOB’s situation is a little different from them. The members revealed that Sungjae and Peniel treats the members the most, and Seo Eunkwang could only laugh hysterically at one corner.

“What is the most expensive thing that you’ve received from the leader?”, and the members revealed, “Two years ago, on his very own birthday, he treated us salad bar in a family restaurant. Of course, he forbid us from ordering steak.” Upon hearing complaints from his members, Seo Eunkwang promised that he would treat them steak on his birthday this year. The members laughed with satisfaction.

These talks came out naturally is definitely due to BTOB’s unique teamwork. Among idol groups, there isn’t many that open up and to ‘diss’ their leader. The seven members said in consensus, “Because we are BTOB, therefore it is possible. We’re not just team members, but also a real family. We believe that we won’t lack behind from other teams if we compare from this aspect,” expressing their confidence.

리더 서은광(맨 위 왼쪽)을 향해 멤버들이 하트를 날리고 있다. /남윤호 기자

It was ‘warm’ till the very end. The six members were half joking half serious as they throw  ‘hearts’ to their leader.  Although their feet were all curled up, we see true love and respect among the members.

We understand that the members were happy to have Seo Eunkwang. Lastly, he left a wise saying, “It’s like we are a real family. In my next life, I would want to stay with my members too. Even if I’m reborn again, I want to be together as a BTOB member. Until we become successful singers, let’s go hand in hand with our arms around. Let’s leave everlasting memories to fans as BTOB. Till the end, let’s not let go of each other’s hands. When you’re tired or when you feel like letting go your hand, I will hold them even tighter” he shouted. There were vague tears settled in the members’ eyes.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul


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