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About Cube Entertainment

CUBE Entertainment (큐브 엔터테인먼트) is one of the top celebrity agencies in South Korea. The agency was established in April 2008 by Hong SeungSong (Former co-representative of  JYP Entertainment). Subsidiary label A Cube Entertainment was formed in 2011. Both Cube Entertainment and A Cube Entertainment share the same headquarter. In 2012, Cube Entertainment established subsidiary label Cube DC Entertainment and Japan branch, Cube Japan Entertainment.

Particular Matters

  • Cube Entertainment is established by Hong Seung Song, former co-representative of JYP Entertainment.
  • Many trainees are transferred from JYP Entertainment
  • Cube Entertainment is sub-divided into music label A Cube Entertainment, Cube DC, and music production label Music Cube.

Cube Entertainment Group

Scope: Talent management, performance organization, digital releases, album production, artists management

Founder: Hong SeungSong

Notable figures: 

  • Hong SeungSong(President)
  • Park ChungMin (Cube Entertainment President)
  • Noh HyunTae (Cube Entertainment Vice President)
  • Choi JinHo (A CUBE representative)
  • Monica Shin Jung Hwa (Music Cube representative)

Key personnel (subject to changes):

  • Talent recruitment team/director (ModernK Academy) : Kim Hyungkyu
  • Performance/chreography director (Star System): Kim SeHwan 
  • Marketing team leader: Ahn HyoJin
  • Acting department head: Jang ChulHan

Major Shareholders (After Listing)

  • Sidus HQ (iHQ)  – 36.05% (Persons & Shareholdings affliated with iHQ: Jung HoonTak – 3.08%, Jeon YongJu – 0.52%)
  • Hong Seung Song – 15.91%

Cube Entertainment Group composition

Cube Entertainment: Headquarter of Cube Entertainment group. (Formerly known as Play Cube)

  • Responsibility: Control tower for Cube Entertainment Group
  • Scope: Audio production and artist management

Music Cube: South Korea’s best, most and largest house for producers, composers, and lyricists.

  • Responsibility: Audio publishing and producing
  • Scope: Provides recording, producing services, composing, album planning services and more.
  • To note: Music Cube houses many entertainment presidents such as FNC Entertainment’s Han SeungHo and AB Entertainment S.Tiger.

A Cube Entertainment: Cube Entertainment’s independent music label

  • Responsibility: First management  subsidiary of Cube Entertainment
  • Scope: Audio production and artist management

Cube DC: Cube Entertainment’s music label (Paper label)

  • Responsibility: Management subsidiary
  • Scope: Audio production and artist management

Cube Scholarship Foundation (To be established): Cube Entertainment social service organization

  • Responsibility: Financial scholarship to youths and providing counselling services to Cube Entertainment artists.
  • Scope: Youth scholarship foundation



(Information in Detail)

Cube Entertainment

  • 4minute
  • G.NA
  • BTOB
  • CLC
  • Oh Yeri
  • Rain (Jung JiHoon)
  • Roh JiHoon
  • Shin JiHoon
  • Kwak SeungNam (actor)
  • Kim KiRi (gagman)
  • Na JongChan (musical actor/actor)
  • Jo SeoHa (actress)

A Cube Entertainment

  • A Pink
  • Huh Gak

Cube – XingTian Collaboration group (T/N: Cube may have stopped relationship with XingTian)

  • M4M (Contract Termination)

Project Groups

  • Cube Voice Project
  • Trouble Maker (BEAST HyunSeung and 4minute Hyuna)
  • 2YOON (4minute Heo GaYoon and Jeon JiYoon)
  • BEAST Yang Yoseob Solo
  • BEAST Yong Junhyung Solo
  • BEAST Jang Hyunseung Solo

Linked Companies

Rainbow Bridge Agency: Specialized artist Incubating company established by Cube Entertainment Hong SeungSong Representative, producers Kim DoHoon, Tiger Shinsadong, Choi KapWon, Hwang SungJin, Modern K Music Academy Kim Hyunggyu Representative (current director of Cube Entertainment), Rainbow Bridge Agency Kim JinWoo Representative (former director of Cube Entertainment) and more.

WA Entertainment: Company established by Music Cube Executive Producer Kim DoHoon (producer cum composer)

K-Note Music Academy: Practical music school established by Music Cube producer cum composer Kim HyungSuk.

Kiwi Music Entertainment: Company established by Music Cube producer cum composer Kim Hyungsuk.

Jelly Fish Entertainment: Company established by Music Cube producer cum composer Hwang SeJun

Former trainees/members

  • Mario
  • Soyu (Current Sistar member)
  • JaeHyo (Current Block B member)
  • LE, Hani, HyeRin, JungHwa (Current EXID member)
  • Yuji, Dami, Hyeryung (Former EXID member, current BESTie member)
  • Hong YooKyung (Former A Pink member)
  • MinWoo aka T.K (Current C-Clown member)
  • Ashley Choi BitNa (Current Ladies Code member)


Recent Updates:

150501 [Money Today] Cube CEO, “To Raise Vietnam version ‘BEAST and Thailand version ‘4minute’”
150409 Korea Exchange (KRX) welcomes Cube to KOSDAQ Market 

150226 Cube-WooriSpac2 Merger Approved… KOSDAQ Listing Confirmed
140120 IM Investment Co., “IHQ could be the ‘New Big 3 Entertainment’ with BEAST and Kim WooBin Effect”
140117 ‘Golden Disk Award’ Cube Hong SeungSong bags Best Producer Award… 

131216 TOP 15 Entertainment Agencies of 2013 – Cube Entertainment
131114  Representative of Cube Ent Park ChungMin, “To be a global entertainment agency”
131001 Background and future prospects of Cube-iHQ
130917 Strategic Partnership with iHQ 
130916 Rain signs under Cube DC
130817 Cube fights Digital ManipulationRepresentative Hong Speaks out on Digital Manipulation
130801 Cube Entertainment collaborates with Korea College of Media Arts
130328 Cube Artists participate in Nepal School of Hope project
130130 Hong Representative battles Lou Gehrig disease
121018 Cube signs with Rainbow Bridge Agency in Indonesia

Trans/Compiled by: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Sources: Wikipedia, Korea Wikipedia, Baidu Baike 


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