[OSEN] 4minute, First girl group to hold solo concert in Spain… ‘Loves from local fans!’

The meeting between KPOP girl group 4minute and Spain was hot.

4minute held their solo concert on 23rd May (local time) in Barcelona, Spain. Their solo concert, titled ‘2014 4minute Fan Bash in Barcelona 2014’ was held in Club Razzmatazz

They are the very first girl group to have a solo concert in the Europe continent. Fans from Italy, France, England as well as Brazil, Peru came to Barcelona in order to get seats into 4minute’s concert. It was reported that fans waited a long queue outside the concert venue since early in the morning.

Fans gathered from various places waited for the concert. They danced and sing to 4minute’s song and even greeted each other in Korean. This was the positive and passionate atmosphere seen for 4minute’s first Europe solo concert.

4minute started with ‘What’s Your Name’ together with DJschedule1’s DJ-ing as part of a special performance. The concert started out glamorously with the strong electronic sound in the Europe continent.

‘Whatcha You Doin” followed after and fans followed in their singing as well. About 1,000 fans shouted and cheered ‘Daebak’ for 4minute’s performance.

As soon 4minute greeted in Spanish, fans response was at its peak. As they finished off their greetings, fans presented surprise gifts to Gayoon, whose birthday was celebrated not long ago. They sang Gayoon a birthday song on the spot and she was seen moved by their actions.

4minute continued with their performances, including ‘Muzik’, ‘Mirror Mirror’, ‘Volume Up’, Heart2Heart’ with a new touch of remix sounds together with their powerful performance. Their charisma captured attention from the crowd. The stage was filled with ballads and dance songs.

Moreover, Hyuna performed a few of her solo tracks while unit 2YOON went on stage with all members, which had garnered claps from below. Gayoon and Hyuna even performed ‘Come In’ and JiHyun, SoHyun, Jiyoon performed ‘I’ll let you know’, which have earned equally passionate cheers from fans.

A fan who came to Barcelona from Brazil Sao Paulo, Kaiki (20) delivered his thoughts, “I’ve been attracted to 4minute’s glamorous performance and fresh new style when they first debut” and, “I was moved when I saw 4minute’s stage in United Cube Concert in Brazil in 2011, I can never forget that moment.” And, “4minute’s thrilling performance and style made them one of the most unique styles in KPOP. I wish to hear Gayoon’s beautiful vocals in Brazil,” he expressed.

A university student Leo Rindo (21) came to the venue early in the morning and danced KPOP dances while speaking in Korean to friends around. “Since Hot Issue, 4minute’s songs have been fun and it has an addictive charms to it. Their performance are really stylish and I follow after them a lot”, “When it was announced that they will be coming to Barcelona, it was like a miracle.”

Meanwhile, 4minute flaunted their skills in Spanish with ‘I Love You’ and ‘I missed you’ in the native language, which has further garnered cheers from fans. 4minute even had variety of talk time to interact with fans.

Even after the concert has ended, fans of 4minute were filled with unwavering passion. 4minute members once again came on stage for an encore stage. The members of 4minute even personally left precious memories with fans on their own SNS as gratitude to the audience.

The concert lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes. 4minute started their Europe solo concert with Spain, and will soon move to Sweden Stockholm for ‘4minute Fan Bash in Stockholm’. 4minute will be departing Spain on the 24th, to continue with more solo concerts in the Europe continent.


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN



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