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[E Daily] HK Securities, “Cube Ent’s strong revenue, BUY”


Following the Q3 Report of Cube Entertainment, Heungkok Securities (HK Securities) expressed their anticipation for Cube Entertainment owing to strong revenue growth coming from BEAST and Hyuna’s comeback as well as the increasing revenue from Japan. HK Securities expressed a ‘BUY’ with a target price of ₩4,000.


HK Securities, “Although BEAST and Hyuna’s comeback in Jul~Aug had contributed to a huge increase in revenue, due to the decision to set up a Japanese subsidiary and other staffing needs, operating profit sees a slight decline. In the first half year, a commission fees of ₩ 200mil, merger fees of ₩ 2.3bil, adjustment fees for convertible bonds of ₩3.5bil were incurred.

After taking into consideration of listing expenses, although this year’s net profit will see a loss, as Cube’s artists’ active activities until December, we can look forward to strong external growth as well as vast improvement on its operating profit.

Cube Entertainment houses boy group BEAST and female group 4minute, both of which are successful in the domestic entertainment industry, thus, Cube Ent is a well-established agency. In terms of revenue, 50% comes from Beast, 15% from 4minute and 9% from BTOB. Apart from this, BTOB’s revenue proportions are seeing a gradual increase.”

“BEAST will be holding 8 Japan concerts until December as well as other concert schedules in other countries, while BTOB will be holding 2 domestic concerts and 3 in South East Asia. With 4minute’s particular popularity in South America, they will be holding 6 concerts in South America which are currently taking place.”

“As Japan subsidiary sets up, Beast and other artists will expect an increase of sales under a minimum guarantee for their Japanese concerts. In 2016, a minimum guarantee of ₩2Bil is expected for Beast’s smallest-scale concert activities in China which will increase based on the number of concerts, thus, we look forward to the incremental revenue.”


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: E Daily

[Herald Financial] Cube Ent, Revenue ₩7.7Bil… 22%↑ from last year

Cube’s Q3 Financial Report:

  • Revenue: ₩ 7,717,650,000
  • Operating Profit ₩ 650,230,000
  • Net Profit ₩ 702,800,000


  • Compared to Q3 2015 (same quarter last year), Revenue increased by 22.4%
    Compared to Q2 2016, Revenue increased by 45%
  • Revenue (accumulated up to Q3) is ₩ 16,386,850,000 (15.5% higher than last year same period)
    Operating Profit (accumulated up to Q3) is ₩ 1,005,760,000


Cube Entetainment expressed, “In the first half year, due to a one-off fees for SPAC merger and other listing processes, the operating profit had seen a loss. If to take that out, the Q3 position of the company is extremely positive.”

On their Q3 Financial Report, “As a result of active promotions of our main artists and revenue generation from other new businesses, as compared to first half year where we focused mainly on rookie artists, in the 3rd quarter, Beast, BTOB, Hyuna and other main artists are actively promoting in and out of Korea.”

“Recently, BTOB, which houses trendy idol Yook Sungjae, have been gaining strong domestic fandoms and CF love calls. Their successful Japanese activities further adds to a better results. In addition, CUBETV which was launched on 1st July this year have been seeing revenue generation, thus facilitating a stronger growth in revenue.”

Meanwhile, Cube Ent plans to have over 20 overseas concert in the 4th Quarter for their main artists. Cube Ent also expressed aspiration to see a stronger revenue from video production business (ie CUBETV). Furthermore, the establishment of Cube Japan, Free-Duty Merchandising agreement and China Local KPOP Academy launch, shall see a positive increase in coming performance.

CEO Park ChungMin expressed, “After our first year report announcement, we promised that Q3 will see a turnaround, and we have fulfilled that promise. In the future too, in order to meet shareholders’ expectation and trust, we will focus on accelerating our efforts for Cube Ent to be a robust industry player.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Herald Financial

[Xports News] ‘URS2’ Jeon Jiyoon’s unfortunate leave despite strong growth

5A weak start but a perfect ending as she tells the world not to change yourselves.

In the previous episode of ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’, Jeon Jiyoon stood on stage with BTOB Jung IlHoon and rapped to ‘This Ain’t Me’. Although she was defeated by KittiB, her energetic rap stage was memorable.

Having to join the cast abruptly in the mid-phase of  ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’, Jeon Jiyoon’s ‘Cube title’ and ‘Naega, Naega Hae’ had led to concerns among netizens. Unlike season 1, season 2 sees more of idol cast like Wonder Girl’s Yoobin and Sistar’s Hyorin. As a result, her appearance was not happily welcomed. In fact, Jeon Jiyoon was on the brink of elimination.

Regardless of her troubled situation, Jeon Jiyoon walked the road of endurance. To Jeon Jiyoon, her innocent charms caught attention of the viewers, although her rap skills were not as amazing as the other rappers.

Jeon Jiyoon lived up to viewers’ expectation. Within a few episodes, Jeon Jiyoon became the most improved contestant. Her teamwork with Yoobin in the battle mission overturned her dark history of ‘Naega, Naega Hae’ and had led them to the coveted #1.

Her latest performance, ‘This Ain’t Me’, is the product of her growth. ‘Do not change yourselves because of others’ perception’, ‘You said boldly to take off the colored glasses on idols, but people will only tint their colored glasses even more. I will accept myself, that is my strongest weapon’ and other honest raps that viewers could relate to.

Although she was eliminated at the semi finals, Jeon Jiyoon’s challenge to be on the show is filled with meaning. There are no other rapper in the cast that could develop tremendously in this short period of time, which is why, Jiyoon’s leave from the show is even more unfortunate.

(+ Comments)

Jeon Jiyoon’s improvement in every episode is really amazing. Yesterday’s stage was really cool. Also, I think there are many things for me to learn from. Because of her strong mentality, she isn’t defeated easily and has positively showing a better look. I felt that she’s a really amazing person. I will support you!!

Because of her fast growth, I’ve been watching the show continuously. I liked Jeon Jiyoon’s stage more than KittiB’s so it’s sad. Look forward for you in the future!

I’m honestly a fan of Jeon Jiyoon after watching this season of Unpretty Rapstar. She did not give up and was determined, cool and looks kind too. Her dumb charms are unlike any celebrity, it makes me smile. Hope she would continue to develop further! I will support you, Hwaiting!

Although I’m sad that you were eliminated, you did well!! I’ll be looking forward to your better look. Seedy Hwaiting!!

It’s not evil editing, but perhaps it’s because she was her true self, kind Jiyoon tends to show!!! Hope you will do well!

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Xports News

[Vogue Girl] CLC Maknae Jang YeEun

1Maknae’s Age:

18 years old

Maknae’s Personal Belongings:

I’ve only brought along my tumbler with me. It is a present from our leader unnie. I like cold water. I brought it filled with water and ice from the dorm.

Maknae’s Recent Activity:

Because it isn’t our promotion period, we had spent time more easily. I’m practicing rap and singing, as well as working out. Sometimes, I spend time with my family and meet friends if I’m in school. I am a second year high-schooler. I like talking with friends at school, to share interesting talks. I am amazed when friends personally arrange and covering songs or music instruments.

Maknae’s Blood Type:

B blood type. All the unnies are A type. I am more comfortable at talking straightforwardly. If there are anything unnies would want to talk to me, they would consult each other, so that I won’t be hurt.

Maknae’s Role:

Everyone’s vitamin? I have a bright side, so people around me would be excited if I am excited. The unnies said I’m like a father too. It seems like I am taking care of the unnies. “It’s okay, just trust and follow me.” Like this. Looking at how gentle the unnies have become, there are people who often ask if I am the leader.The good thing about being a maknae, rather than ‘because she’s the maknae’, I could enjoy people saying ‘although she’s the maknae.’ The unnies would always give me chance to choose something first. I think that our unnies are the best. I am always thankful.

Maknae’s Playlist:

I’ve just realized it recently, that I have 15 songs from IU sunbaenim. I like songs that gently moves your heart. I also would like to recommend songs like ‘Your Meaning (‘너의 의미’) and ‘If Love Passes’ (‘사랑이 지나가면’). Not just IU-sunbaenim’s songs, but also the original song as well.

Maknae’s Ideal Type:

A person that gives you a good vibe at first impression. There are people who would get close to you easily even if they are strangers.

Maknae’s Dream:

That are many things I want to do. Compose, music broadcast MC, acting and more. But, now it’s CLC first. I hope that the day to hold a CLC concert would come soon. Another small wish other than activities, is to visit different landmarks. Although I am not good in history, I like learning about them through visiting historical sites and palaces. Yesterday on a date with my mother, we went to ChangGyungGong too.

Maknae’s Viamin:

My family. I rely more on my family than friends. Although I would love to meet all family members, meeting alternately and going to different places one at a time with my mother, father, and sister is fun too.

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Source: Vogue Girl

[E Daily] Jeon Jiyoon regrets making an appearance on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’?


The following were delivered by Jeon JiYoon’s agency, Cube Entertainment. Currently, Jeon JiYoon is part of the rappers cast on Mnet survival program ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’. Jiyoon, who is a rapper of girl group, 4minute, bets her pride in the rap survival program

Jeon Jiyoon is preparing for a fierce return. While she was on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’ all this while, she wasn’t been able to show a noticeable success. It is true that it is disappointing. During her first appearance on the show, the rap she had showcased, ‘I’ll be, I’ll be, the winner’ made the other participants laughed. In episode 7, Jiyoon received the lowest score in a team battle with rappers Exy and Kasper. In an instant, KPOP top girl group 4minute’s rapper has slumped to being labelled as the worst rapper. Pride dropped instantaneously as well. Some even argued that her image was damaged for being on the program.

Cube Entertainment was in a mess as well. Despite strong determination, the results reaped were not as expected. On another note, ‘evil editing’ became an issue of its own.

Jeon Jiyoon’s response was surprising. Although receiving harsh ‘below expectations’ response, she is on fire. A representative from her agency spoke to E Daily Starin, “Since her first recording on the show, she clearly understands that the results were far than satisfying. She is also fully aware of the bad responses she is getting from the viewers. However, she’s sharpening her knives in order to make a grand reversal,” they expressed. Jeon Jiyoon is not regretting going on the show, instead, it is revealed that she is persevering through the competition.

“Jeon Jiyoon has that type of personality, that she won’t give up mid-way even if she’s unhappy with the results. It is not a full death yet. She is ready to show her true self in the remaining episodes.”

In a recording that took place recently, noticeable results were shown. Jeon Jiyoon’s story for her lackluster performance so far as a girl group representative was heard on the recording site. It was hinted that she look back at herself calmly and raps the process of overcoming her hardships while being on the show. In fact, Jeon Jiyoon garnered good comments during a previous 1:1 diss battle with Kasper, even though she was announced to be the loser then.

‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’ is now moving towards the end. There isn’t many battles left. Will Jeon Jiyoon draw a full-stop with her disappointing results, or will she be the hero of a successful reversal?

(+ Comments)

Her raps are lacking but her mental and perseverance, a different side of hers other than results, is amazingly attractive.

She’s cute. Good, work hard for it in the future

Wow… Jeon JiYoon’s personality is really really really really attractive. She has a strong mindset… I find Jeon JiYoon’s raps fine and good though.. Regardless of how the results are, have strength till the end!!! Good Luck, it will turn out fine!!

She has a good personality, a pretty face too. I’m looking forward.

Wow, her mentality is the best. Really good personality.

Giving up means he/she acknowledges her lack of skills, but working even harder will grow your skills little by little. And one day, he/she is definitely going to have great skills. I like her mentality. Hwaiting!

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: E Daily

[Money Today] Cube Ent to Acquire Chinese KPOP Academy “To Create Hallyu Landmark”

Cube Entertainment has revealed, on 5th October, that they plan to acquire KPOP Academy in China.

On this day, Cube Entertainment has signed an MoU with Hangzhou Gold Coast Cultural Development Co. Limited (shorten as ‘Gold Coast Co. Ltd.’) to acquire ‘China KPOP Academy Franchise Business’.

Gold Coast Pvt. Ltd. is specialised in organizing cultural performance and has 16 performing theaters around major cities of China, including Shanghai and Hangzhou.

With the acquired academy, Cube Entertainment shall provide idol education programs, while providing further training and post-management for graduates of the academy in Korea.

This business agreement is expected to bring in the following:
△ Enhance corporate value of Cube Entertainment in China market
△ Generating sources of income through brands and education programs
△ Establishing a new business model

After the signing of agreement, a gradual phase of training centers, management business, cafe, merchandising plans shall be carried out. A one-stop Hallyu landmark from training to hallyu culture consumption shall be established.

CEO of Cube Entertainment, Park ChungMin stated, “Through KPOP Academy franchise business, we will be able to meet the requirement of China’s enthusiasm for education while, creating an optimized contents, thus revealing a new side of Hallyu culture.”

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Money Today

[CUBE] Roh JiHoon – 2nd Mini Album ‘感‘ Tracklist

  1. I Can’t Recall
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, PABAKI
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by Yoo Jungho
    Description: Expresses the emotions of a man who returns to his ordinary life and emptiness felt after a breakup with his lover.
  2. If I Were You
    Composed, Arranged by Breadbeat, Sinho, WONDERKID
    Lyrics by LUVAN
    Description: R&B Pop Style. Honest and overwhelming lyrics for his lover. Gentle vocals and emotional melody that suits the autumn. A song that appeals the sweet charms of Roh JiHoon, as a ‘Ballad Male God’
  3. Sweet Girl
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, FERDY
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by FERDY
    Description: A lovely love song to capture the girl he has fallen in love with, at first sight.
  4. 7th September
    Composed by SYNC PROJECT, Roh JiHoon
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by SYNC PROJECT
    Description: A song that is likened to a letter after a man sends a precious person away.
  5. A Song For You (Feat Shorry)
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, GEN NEO (Of Noizebank)
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon, Shorry
    Arranged by GEN NEO (Of Noizebank)

The album revolves around the main theme ‘Love’, which includes honest stories of ‘Fluttering’, ‘Departure’ and ‘Pain’.