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[Money Today] Cube Ent to Acquire Chinese KPOP Academy “To Create Hallyu Landmark”

Cube Entertainment has revealed, on 5th October, that they plan to acquire KPOP Academy in China.

On this day, Cube Entertainment has signed an MoU with Hangzhou Gold Coast Cultural Development Co. Limited (shorten as ‘Gold Coast Co. Ltd.’) to acquire ‘China KPOP Academy Franchise Business’.

Gold Coast Pvt. Ltd. is specialised in organizing cultural performance and has 16 performing theaters around major cities of China, including Shanghai and Hangzhou.

With the acquired academy, Cube Entertainment shall provide idol education programs, while providing further training and post-management for graduates of the academy in Korea.

This business agreement is expected to bring in the following:
△ Enhance corporate value of Cube Entertainment in China market
△ Generating sources of income through brands and education programs
△ Establishing a new business model

After the signing of agreement, a gradual phase of training centers, management business, cafe, merchandising plans shall be carried out. A one-stop Hallyu landmark from training to hallyu culture consumption shall be established.

CEO of Cube Entertainment, Park ChungMin stated, “Through KPOP Academy franchise business, we will be able to meet the requirement of China’s enthusiasm for education while, creating an optimized contents, thus revealing a new side of Hallyu culture.”

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Source: Money Today

[CUBE] Roh JiHoon – 2nd Mini Album ‘感‘ Tracklist

  1. I Can’t Recall
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, PABAKI
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by Yoo Jungho
    Description: Expresses the emotions of a man who returns to his ordinary life and emptiness felt after a breakup with his lover.
  2. If I Were You
    Composed, Arranged by Breadbeat, Sinho, WONDERKID
    Lyrics by LUVAN
    Description: R&B Pop Style. Honest and overwhelming lyrics for his lover. Gentle vocals and emotional melody that suits the autumn. A song that appeals the sweet charms of Roh JiHoon, as a ‘Ballad Male God’
  3. Sweet Girl
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, FERDY
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by FERDY
    Description: A lovely love song to capture the girl he has fallen in love with, at first sight.
  4. 7th September
    Composed by SYNC PROJECT, Roh JiHoon
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by SYNC PROJECT
    Description: A song that is likened to a letter after a man sends a precious person away.
  5. A Song For You (Feat Shorry)
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, GEN NEO (Of Noizebank)
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon, Shorry
    Arranged by GEN NEO (Of Noizebank)

The album revolves around the main theme ‘Love’, which includes honest stories of ‘Fluttering’, ‘Departure’ and ‘Pain’.

Cube Male Trainees


bName: 이회택 Lee HwiTaek/Lee HuiTaek
Age: 23 (93-liner)
1. Modern K Academy 14th Batch
2. Auditioned for JYP 7th Audition Final Round in 2010 (Vocal Team) – WON #1 Best Male Vocal
(Audition ClipTeam – #31, Duet – #31, Congratulatory Message)
3. In an open audition in 2013, he was the only one selected by all three entertainment agencies. (Cube, Sonic Music, and Nega Network)
4. Participated in Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
5. Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
6. Appeared in Rain’s ‘Rain Effect’ Ep3


cName: 강형구 Kang Hyunggu
Age: ?
1. MC for Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
2. Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
3. Appeared in Rain’s Rain Effect’ Ep3


fName: 김효종 Kim HyoJong
Age: ?
Skills: Rap, Composing/Writing
1. Auditioned for JYP 9th Audition Final Round in 2012 (Dance Team) –
(Audition ClipDance Team – #25, Ceci Sketch)
2. Conducted an interview as a Cube trainee
3. Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
4. Appeared in Rain’s ‘Rain Effect’ Ep3
5. Performed on Hyuna’s performance stages


Name: 여창구 Yeo ChangGu
Age: ?
1. Participated in Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
2. Modelled alongside Hyuna on CLRIDE.N
3. (Unconfirmed) Appeared in G.NA’s Secret MV and performance stages


eName: 양홍석 Yang HongSeok

Age: 22  (April 17, 1994)
1. Auditioned for JYP 9th Audition Final Round in 2012 (Model Team/Vocal Team) –
(Audition Clip, Model Team – #3, Ceci Sketch)
2. Appeared on Mix and Match (Compilation Video)


Name: 이연성 Lee YeonSung
Age: ?
1. Modern K Academy 17th Batch
2. Appeared in G.NA’s Secret MV and performance stages


Other Media:

Rainbow Concert (Kang Hyunggu, Yeo Changgu, Lee Hwitaek) (0:56 onwards)

CLC Love Chemistry Ep 2 (15:19 onwards)

[Sports Seoul] Cube Entertainment Aims to be a Global Brand

Cube Entertainment is filled with aspirations to secure new growth-oriented driving force through Chinese advancement and a new TV channel.

On April earlier this year, Cube Entertainment was listed on KOSDAQ following after its merger with SPAC. This listing debut has pushed Cube Entertainment as one of the ‘Big 5’ of the local entertainment agencies, alongside SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and FNC Entertainment.

Established in 2008, Cube Entertainment started recording a profit since 2009. Last year, its revenue recorded at 21.1b Won, operating profit of 2.35b Won, and a net profit of 1.8b Won. Cube, being an affiliate of iHQ, has gained investment capital to enhance its music business and plans to establish itself as an undisputed global K-POP brand.


◇ Retains Signature Idols and Stable Contents are Cube’s Strength

Cube Entertainment holds the characteristics of ‘killer contents’. It’s rare for a company to have both prominent male and female idol groups in the market, but for Cube Entertainment, they have BEAST and 4minute. Moreover, the inclusion of actor-singer ‘World Star’ Rain widens a stable set of ‘portfolios’, which forms the core strength of Cube Entertainment. The 3rd quarter of last year (July~September) had recorded a revenue of 14.2b Won and operating profit of 1.7b Won. Last year’s income can further be broken down into Music (30%), Concerts (21%), Royalties (18%), CF and other broadcast appearance (14%). Its local and foreign income was in a ratio of 71% and 29% respectively.

Cube Entertainment’s signature star is definitely BEAST. Debuted in 2009, BEAST is a team that is responsible of 50% of the total revenue. Last year, BEAST was chosen by Billboard as ‘KPOP Top Artist’ and its fancafe members recorded at more than 250,000  members. They are active in Japan activities as well. For three consecutive years, they have held arena tours. Next year, they aim to performe on a Dome Tour. Also, BEAST established label ‘BEAST MUSIC’ and will release a song a month in Japan. Member Son Dongwoon too, is currently preparing for a solo album in Japan as well.

4minute who debuted in the same year as BEAST, too, are active in promotions as well. Earlier this year, in February, 4minute released album titled ‘Crazy’ and has recorded 22 million views on Youtube within 4 months. 4minute’s signature star Hyuna further secured its position. Last year, she released solo track ‘Red’ and left a strong impression among fans. Hyuna is currently in works to prepare for a solo comeback in the second half-year.

Following after BEAST and 4minute, Cube’s latest team includes male group BTOB (debuted in 2012) and female group CLC (debuted this year). In particular, BTOB member Yook Sungjae has recently gained the spotlight for his variety and drama skills, which prompts the group on a rising trend.

Singer and actor Rain, gagman Kim Giri, actor Na JongChan, soloist G.NA, Shin JiHoon, Roh JiHoon are also under Cube.


◇ New Driving Force #1 ‘Rain-BEAST-4minute Triangular Formation into China Market’

The listing has provided Cube Entertainment 14.2b Won of ‘bullets’. These funds are for the purpose of talent development, training facilities for artists and trainees, overseas market advancement and other areas. Cube placed the most emphasis on China market as part of their strategy. Starting from this year, Cube will enter into the Chinese market, and are currently in discussion with 2~3 local firms. The first frontier for Chinese advancement is Rain. Rain’s 6b Won of appearance fees for 40-episodes Chinese drama ‘Diamond Lover’ will be aired around August~September. Rain has further established himself in the Asian market. He gained various awards and had built a demand for his Chinese activities, including a model advertisement as well.

BEAST and 4minute too, are accelerating into the Chinese market. BEAST has up to 530,000 members in China’s famous portal site, Baidu. This year, they shall start with a tour and visit 100,000 fans at 5 stops. 4minute too have charted at #1 for 10 consecutive weeks, a hot response from local fans. 4minute’s Baidu members have exceeded 250,000 members. Recently, 4minute has gone on a few activities in China. BEAST and 4minute members have also received acting proposals in China as well, according to Cube.

Rookie girl group CLC are aiming for both Chinese and South East Asian market. CLC member Sorn is a Thai member and had won audition program ‘KPOP Star’ which was held over 5 countries.

◇New Driving Force #2 ‘First in the industry – Launch of Cube TV, Enhanced Contents’

Among the Cube’s latest list of new items, ‘CUBE TV’ which is set to launch on 1 July, is the most attention-grabbing. CUBETV is a 24-hours channel where Cube will be involved directly in producing and organizing its contents, while actively showing Cube’s artists looks. Not only through TV, CUBETV will also be aired on Cable TVs and IPTV as well.

CUBETV, one of the channels of CUMedia (which operates channels such as DramaX and ComedyTV and K-Star), is the first ever channel created between a broadcast channel and an entertainment agency. From Cube’s point of view,  as it receives support from iHQ in terms of production staff and expertise, it is a rather cost-effective investment for Cube. Meanwhile, it increases the value of Cube brand while serves as a window of opportunity to diversify its business portfolios. Although the target for revenue this year is low, anticipation is rising as this investment could potentially turn out to be a major source of revenue starting from next year. As part of CUBETV launching program, BEAST member-and-producer Yong JunHyung ‘Yong JunHyung’s Good Life’, BTOB’s own variety show ‘BTOB SHOW’ and girl group CLC’s real variety ‘Beautiful Mission’ will be aired.

This year, Cube will strengthen their Merchandising (MD) business. In 2014, MD was 5.9% of the total revenue but there are plans to diversify products and distribution channels. To achieve this, Cube has recently set up a task force for this purpose.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports Seoul

[StarNews] CLC’s Summer Look

Upon moving into Summer, we took the chance to meet up with five girls in denim. CLC who has just debuted not long ago talks about their wishes of becoming a group that receives everlasting love, just like ‘denim’ which is timeless and always chic. (Please click here for pictures)



“I recommend wearing thin knits over denim pants to give out a feminine denim look. Add a refreshing straw hat on top and you’ll have a romantic vacation look. Like the charms of a denim, in the future too, I will show myself with many charms.”

Birthday: 12 August 1996
Nicknames: Rabbit, Yu-mouse
Favorite food: Healthy Korean food
Precious item: My handphone and mp3
Charms: Lively and bright charms like cider
Future goals: I will work even harder so that my past 4 trainee life will shine brightly. When all the 5 of us are together, I believe we will do well wherever we are.


“I enjoy casual denim look with eyelet blouse  and a T-shirt. The fact that denim could match with whatever fashion reminds me of CLC members. Because the five of us perfects the stage as one even though we are 5 individuals.

Birthday: 10 October 1995
Nickname: 오리다 ‘It’s a Duck’  [T/N: ‘Oh’ represents Seunghee’s surname, ‘Rida’ means ‘leader’, but 오리다 altogether is ‘It’s a Duck’]
Favorite food: Pizza
Precious Item: Notebook is everything to me, since I do not have a handphone
Charms: I look cold on the outside, but I’m really a girl who is lively and silly
Future goals: Debut is not the end, but a start. I want to be CLC that will learn and do whatever with the most diligence.



“I like wearing white T-shirt with torn long pants or short denim pants. It’s a simple yet pretty look, so it is a style I like. The charms of being cute and mature at the same time… it seems like the various charms of denim is similar to mine.

Birthday: 10 August 1998
Nickname: Good example 짱예 [T/N: 짱 means ‘Best’, 예 (Yeeeun’s name) means ‘Example’]
Favorite food: Watermelon, Spicy rice cake
Precious Item: Fans’ letters that feels with thankful messages
Charms: The maturity of a ‘Reversal Maknae’ unlike her age
Future goals: To be a musician that communicates with fans. I want to show music that everyone can relate to.


“My favorite denim look is high-waist denim pants and short cropped T-shirt. It looks amazing with this combination. Like the timeless ‘Hot’ denim look, CLC, too, wants to be that group that receives many loves.”

Birthday: 18 November 1996
Nickname: Clever Sorn
Favorite food: Chicken
Precious Item: Tint that gives the best brightness
Charms: Clever Sorn that knows 4 languages, dance, singing and variety
Future goals: I want to be a capable singer that is known not just in Korea, but also worldwide.


“Denim hot pants complements the summer looks the most. It is a must to be always bright and having a bold energy. Style is my secret to my confidence.

Birthday: 6 November 1996
Nickname: SeungMong, SeungMonkey, Mongkey
Favorite food: Pizza, spring roll
Precious Item: iPad which I had won from a game
Charms:Bold confidence anywhere, anytime
Future goals: To bring out CLC and Jang Seungyeon’s very own colors.

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Source: StarNews

[Sports KH] iHQ-CUBE to Launch Specialized KPOP Channel CUBE TV

On the soon to come July 1st, iHQ will launch its very first KPOP specialized channel ‘CUBE TV’.

iHQ media director Jeon YongJu expressed, “The newly launched CUBE TV will be a globalized channel in regard to the growing popularity of the global KPOP wave, hence the slogan ‘Beat to the World’. In particular, we aim to capture viewers in their 10s~20s through various platforms, such as mobile and web that optimizes a responsive real-time broadcast.”

CUBE TV is a production with iHQ’s subsidiary Cube Entertainment. It is a program that will focus on many domestic artists who are at their pinnacle. Moreover, it is the first ever collaboration between a broadcast company and an entertainment agency.

Founded in 2008, Cube Entertainment houses artists BEAST, 4minute, BTOB, CLC and gagman Kim Kiri and is now one of the major entertainment agencies of Korea. In 2013, it sealed a strategic alliance with iHQ, and had recently made their debut on KOSDAQ.

Park ChungMin, the CEO of Cube Entertainment expressed, “On CUBE TV, we firmly believe that the synergy generated with our artists will be great” and, “By meeting KPOP demands in the global market, we look forward to CUBE TV as it brings us closer to be a global entertainment company.”

Meanwhile, as part of CUBE TV launching program, fans can look forward to idol group BEAST member-and-producer Yong JunHyung and his musical journey with his buddies in ‘Yong JunHyung’s Good Life’, BTOB’s very own variety show ‘BTOB SHOW’ and the real and raw variety show of Cube’s latest family addition, CLC, in ‘Beautiful Mission’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports KH

[CECI] Curious about CLC’s summer!

‘CLC (CrystaL Clear)’ carries the meaning of bring as clear as a crystal and to show an unchanging charms like crystals. It came to our attention that the members dedicated to practice playing instruments for their busking performances. Not only that they emancipate an always bright and lively energy, they are a group with great musicality. (Photos)

CECI: Today’s concept for our pictorial is ‘Summer Vacation’. What do you think about it?

Seunghee: It’s summer, and I wanted to go and have fun. Through this shoot, it seems like I have that feeling, and therefore, I feel good about it. I think it is healing.

Yeeun: Last summer, we went to Gapyeong and stayed in a pension house together. (Today’s shoot) Felt like this.

CECI: Prior to your debut, you’ve shot uniform CFs, and lately you shot for a beauty CF too. There are many girl groups, so what do you think is the reason for CLC receiving so much love?

Seunghee: Prior to our debut, we performed at Hongdae walkway. We carry out busking project to raise funds for children with mental disabilities. However, as we felt that we weren’t able to help much with our strength alone, we looked out for sponsors who are willing to cooperate with us. That was when we created our relationship with the brand ‘Shoemarker’, and even shot a CF together. The same goes for SMART uniform too.

CECI: Wow, it seems like the saying ‘repayment come back to you when you do good deeds’ comes true here. How/when did you thought of starting the busking project?

Yujin: When we were trainees, we did many charitable works. We picked up litter around Han River, delivered charcoal briquettes and went to nursery centers. So, one day we got to know about children with mental disabilities at a private hospital in Seoul. Music is what we do best, so, we started busking.

CECI: If you were to choose the most memorable performance?

Yujin: We hold our busking event every Sunday. There are times where it’s snowing and sometimes the temperature drops to -12 Celsius. But we still did it since it’s a promise we made with those who come to our performance.

Yeeun: On that cold day, there were 8 fans who came to watch his. Now, too, we still see them at our fan signs. They are like family to us.

CECI: The busking experience could be a competitive edge of CLC over other girl groups.

Sorn: When we prepared for busking, I and Seungyeon play the guitar, Yeeun takes over the Djembe, Yujin with the percussions and Seunghee handled the piano. We worked really hard in practicing.

Seungyeon: It’s our first time busking, so there are times where it was difficult for us to match with each other when we are practicing. We became sensitive and cried many times too.

Yujin: Therefore, we became even stronger. All of us have a strong greed for music. Having able to grow closer with fans and communicate with them at a short distance and perform.. it became a better opportunity for us to do so.

CECI: How was it like standing on the real stage after debut?

Sorn: We practiced the choreograph before debut. As we monitor our first stage, it felt like expressions are really important. We realize the need to have acting skills.

Seungyeon: Fans would cheer our names when we are on stage. Listening to my name being called out was such an amazing thing (laughs)

CECI: There must be lots of advises given by your outstanding Cube seniors?

Yeeun: All five of us were back dancers for G.NA-sunbaenim’s song ‘G.NA’s Secret’. G.NA taught us what to do in order to appear pretty on camera.

Seunghee: BTOB Jung IlHoon-sunbaenim wrote our album track ‘Caffe Mocha, Please’ and ‘Close the Windows’ while Rain-sunbaenim gave us ideas to our choreograph.

CECI: Sorn, you’re from Thailand, but you are very good with your Korean.

Seungyeon: Sorn is really good in language. She knows Mandarin, Thai, English and Korean.

Yeeun: When we first met, we converse using body language, but now she’s really good at it.

Sorn: If I want to show that I am good at, I would need to learn the Korean language first. Therefore, I worked very hard for it.

CECI: All of you are living together in a dorm?

Yeeun: Yes. It felt like we’re on a school trip. Especially Seungyeon-unnie who will show many different sides of herself in the dorm. She’s the atmosphere-maker. On stage, she is filled with charisma, but she’s a comedian in the dorm.

Sorn: We watch movies till late nights and have conversations while hugging our pillows.

Yujin: If we need to resolve any misunderstandings, we would gather around and talk until 6 in the morning.

CECI: What roles do you play in the dorm?

Yeeun: Seunghee-unnie likes cleaning, so she is in charge of clearing the fridge. (laughs)

Sorn: She’s in charge of fashion. Before leaving the dorm, we would always ask her. ‘Unnie, is this okay on me?’ and she would give her advice, whether to wear or not to wear them.

Yujin: When we were trainees and there’s month-end evaluations, the five of us need to choose our own outfits. Every time then, Sorn will rummage through her closet.

Seungyeon: Sorn’s closet is like Doraemon’s pocket. She has many outfits that look like stage outfits. Yeeun and Seunghee-unnie would be in charge of cooking!

CECI: What type of dishes? Girl groups might have a hard time, given their strict diet plans.

Seungyeon: We focus around diet food. Chicken breast with fried rice or marinated Konjac of similar things like that. (Every time they cook), it would be like party time.

Seunghee: My proper dishes other than diet dishes can’t make their debut. (laughs)

CECI: How was the members’ responses?

In unison: It’s really delicious.

Yeeun: Honestly I take a long time when preparing dishes. (Laughs)

Seungyeon: There was once where she wanted to buy chicken slices so she want to the mart and bought bread crumbs and other ingredients. For a long while, the oil smell was all over the dorm and we just couldn’t stop asking when can we eat.

CECI: Maknae Yeeun’s emancipates a vibe like an adult.

Seungyeon: Yeeun is different from normal maknaes. She has a very strong sense of responsibilities. She’s always, “Unnie, let me do it!’.

Seunghee: There’s a video where she said to her fans, ‘Cars are passing by, be careful.’

CECI: Wow, a style that everyone wants to befriend with. (laughs)

Yeeun: I feel that I need to take care of things around me. In the dorm too, I would sleep at the door. In case if a thief runs in, I would stop him as fast as possible (Laughs)

Seungyeon: Maknae is CLC’s reliable ‘father’.

CECI: So who is the ‘mother’ of CLC?

Seungyeon: Seunghee unnie!

Seunghee: If I am the mother, Seungyeon is the eldest daughter who do things sincerely. Sometimes, she’s determined to do it. Well done, my daughter.

Seungyeon: Yes, Omma! (Laughs) Yujin triggers our intention to protect her, so she’s a maknae who needs care, while Sorn, she is a cute puppy. (Laughs)

CECI: What are your hobby when you’re at home?

Seungyeon: I don’t like staying quiet. Even when I am receiving my make up, I would move all the time. I climb mountains on my rest days.

Yujin: I want to be feminine so I would go to coffee shop or bakeries and study there. I have a weak body, so I would make detox juice too. Seunghee unnie likes to read poetry.

CECI: Each of you have a variety of charms. So, what is the color of the group CLC?

Yeeun: Pastel or vivid color that suits everyone and to be a group that is always cheerful.

CECI: Lastly, what is your aspiration for your debuting for 50 days?

Seunghee: We will definitely do everything with our earnest will. Lately, we are thinking of showing what type of looks for our next album.

Please look forward to the newly returned CLC!

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: CECI