[Interview] Pentagon, “We Cried together after Debut Showcase”

“For fans who have waited for us, we want to show even better stages.”

At the end of all twists and turns, finally, they have realized their ‘singer debut’ dream that was in their heart for many years. Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, E’Dawn, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok, are finally entering the music industry with the release of their first mini album ‘PENTAGON’ on 10 October.

Made up of 10 members, PENTAGON revealed their names first through Cube’s boy group debut project reality program ‘Pentagon Maker’ which was aired in May. The name ‘PENTAGON’ suggests ambitious aspirations of the team with the members possessing the five main elements of an idol – Vocals and Raps, Dance, Teamwork, Variety and Mind,

Initially, among 10 members, some of them were confirmed as members, while some were eliminated, after the elimination and with the requests of the members, the company eventually decided to have all 10 members to stand on stage.

After the cold survival and debut confirmation, the team gathered and shred much sweat into their album productions, in which its quality, unlike a rookie, that they have proudly created and boasted. The album has 7 tracks, but they were involved in lyrics writing and composing in 5 tracks, proving their musicality and PENTAGON’s endless potential.

In particular, they showcased the members’ charming vocals and impressive performances in the magnificent and strong beat sound of Hip Hop genre title track ‘Gorilla’. In the past week, PENTAGON has been going onto various music shows and performing ‘Gorilla’, gradually expanding their fan base. On 20 October, we met up with PENTAGON and talked about their debut thoughts as well as future activities in plan.

Q: It has already been 2 weeks since your debut. How do you feel after making your official debut?

Hui: First off, we are still new after debut, so everything still looks new and interesting. We are enjoying it very much. Truthfully, we still have many worries and are careful at everything, but I think we can find more freedom in the future. We are working our best now.

Q: Are there any areas which are different from what you’d think during your trainee times?

Hui: The stages for music broadcasts are really different. (When we were trainees) We would monitor the broadcast and prepare our best to bring out an amazing stage. But, in fact, we actually have to take into consideration of much more aspects.

Q: It’s amazing how you have gained good comments about your performance and live skills that are unlike rookies.

Yeo One: We are really thankful for talks like these. We want to try our best to show more amazing looks in the future. We want to show our amazing looks as much as how everyone praised us. We will do our best so that we could hear more compliments like ‘they are rookie monsters that are unlike newbie’ for our next album and performance.

Q:  Although the title track ‘Gorilla’ is amazing, there are also good responses for album tracks ‘PENTAGON’ and ‘Lukewarm’. What sort of genres do you wish to attempt next?

Hui: All of us like album tracks like ‘Lukewarm’ a lot, aside from the title track. We want to try out on many genres in the future. Actually, we are a team that is confident in both performances and vocals. Other than Hip Hop style ‘Gorilla’, we want to try new-style dance tracks like ‘Lukewarm’ and (also songs that) show ourselves as vocalists. We have greed in musicality. As the members personally write for songs, we are very well aware of what sort of songs that suit us the best. We want to create music that fits us, like an outfit that fits ourselves.

Kino: I hope that we could have a genre known as PENTAGON, like whoever listens to the song, they would think of PENTAGON.

Jinho: We want to be groups like BTOB-sunbaenim and Big Bang-sunbaenim who have their own distinctive colors.

Q: With your high album sales, you are currently showing your strong presence in the entertainment industry despite much competition. What do you think, is the secret to PENTAGON’s popularity?

Jinho: Although we have shown ourselves first through ‘Pentagon Maker’, even though we did not become a hit like others said, we really worked very hard to show ourselves. Perhaps, our fans love this side of us. So, I wondered if that’s the reason why we are receiving loves from them. We created our own stage, and showed how we play in the program. As we prepare for debut, we also experienced heartbreaking events too. Perhaps that is the reason why fans who experienced this with us, give us even more love.

Q: You are a group with quite a number of members. Are there any difficulties as you promote as 10?

Hui: Our strength is that we are solid and strong. Rather than 5 or 6 members, because we are promoting as 10, among ourselves too, it’s fun and exciting. And also, it’s nice that we can fill up the stage. I feel that the energy on stage could be felt only when we are all together. The disadvantage (of having 10 members) is that, it’s hard to gather all of us because we go to toilet often (at different times)

Hongseok: Disadvantage is that, it is very difficult to order food. I think all the minor things are the disadvantages. (Laughs)

Q: On 10 October, during your debut showcase, you have mentioned that sunbae group BTOB has given much advice. What sort of advice are those?

Hui: We spoke a lot with Seo Eunkwang-hyung, he didn’t give us specific advices like ‘you have to be like to be a singer’ but he did give very detailed advice. Like, how should we look after newly grown fans, and what should we do at the broadcast stations and many others general information. We are thankful for that.

Q: What would you like to tell your fans who have cheered and waited for you for a long time?

Kino: We met our fans again after 2~3 months during our showcase stage. The front audience kept on crying. When I saw their crying looks, I felt pain in my heart and tears followed. Even so, we are singers and so, we could repay those who came by performing our performance successfully, and so we did our best. We are really touched that they waited for us and they gave us their love. When we left the stage, the members all cried altogether. Our intention to work hard for those who have waited once again came to us, and I think that’s the reason why we could conclude our first week music broadcasts successfully. We plan to work harder in the future.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen

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