Rookies PENTAGON “The reason for smiling on debut stage…”


Debuting only 5 days apart, SF9 and PENTAGON are already a topic as they start their first promotions. Recently, we met up with both teams at a similar location. Even though we gave the same questions, the answers were different. How do SF9 and PENTAGON think of each other? What is the reason why PENTAGON could smile on their first stage?

Q: You have performed the title track on your first music show, what are your thoughts?

Hui: “Today, we made our first debut stage. Everyone was very nervous, so even during rehearsals, we were serious and awkward. But we really practiced a lot for it. Although it can’t be perfect yet, perhaps it’s because we practiced in order to be closer to perfection, we find ourselves immediately more relaxed on stage than expected. We need to know (how we did) after monitoring, but we performed it interestingly. We hope that we can develop even more in the future, and show our more comfortable sides.

Q: If you were to evaluate yourselves on the debut stage? How much would you give out of 10?

Hui: If we were to give it generously, perhaps 80 marks.

Q: What are your thoughts for debuting and are a part of the lineup on music shows?

Yeo One: When we were waiting in the waiting room, our reality to debut just came so suddenly. We are worried if we could do better, but we look forward to it as well.

Q:It is 5 days after your debut, what is the most interesting part about debuting?

Jinho: The most interesting and happy event is, thankfully, wherever we go, our fans are always there (to see us). During rehearsals, because of the nervousness, we have hardened expressions. But when we are on stage, fans came to support us. Noticing the members’ expressions, that was when we start to smile. We have fun with these things, and it’s something we are thankful about.

Q: The hardest point after debut?

Kino: It’s our 5th day after debut, but this is our first music broadcast. At first, looking at the camera was really difficult. When we are doing our parts, we have to look at the camera that has the light on. But since it’s our first time, it was quite difficult for all of us. But after a few rehearsals, thoughts of ‘practice makes perfect’ came to mind.

Q: When was the first time you felt that you have debuted?

Shinwon: I think it’s definitely today. By far, we have only showed our stages to fans, but today, through music shows, we are giving our greeting to even more viewers. During ‘Pentagon Maker’, we went to the broadcast station before, but the mood was totally different as compared to now. Today, there’s a stage for us, fans were there, as well as many sunbaes in the waiting room and staff too… the  debut reality came to us then.

Q: Right next to your waiting room, there’s SF9. How do you feel upon hearing ‘rivalry between SF9’?

Hui: We debut at the same time, so I guess that’s why there are such talks. When our agencies were nearby, we hang out quite frequently, and I have a close friend among them too. As much as debuting at the same time, although we would need to have a friendly competition, we hope that we could also maintain a good relationship as colleagues. I think there will be many aspects where we could rely and help each other in the future.

Q: How would you think of SF9’s performances?

Hui: First of all, we think that their diligent efforts from practicing showed in their stages. The overall appearance of the stage was solid that it was really amazing.

펜타곤(PENTAGON) / 서울, 톱스타뉴스 조슬기 기자

Q: What would be PENTAGON’s strength that differentiates the team from the rest?

Hui: Perhaps our strength is that we personally participate in the album and performance stages. Member Kino personally involved in the choreography this time too. We have members who write, and these tracks are included in the album. I believe we will be even more involved in future albums. I think that PENTAGON knows their colors the best. Our strength is that we have the ability to create amazing music that suits only PENTAGON, and from our very own hands.

Kino: We made choreographs for ‘Wake Up’, ‘PENTAGON’ and ‘Gorilla’ for this album, but other than ‘Wake Up’, I’ve participated in the choreographs of the other two songs.

Q: Do you have any greed for rookie awards that could only come once in your life?

Hui: If they are giving us one, we will be really thankful, of course. But, truthfully, we don’t know now. It is our first time showing ourselves to the public, and we are happy enough just to hear them say ‘Who are they? They’re good’. We did our best for this album, but we are not immediately greedy right now. Because I think we will be a team that grows and develop even more in the future.

Q: What sort of singers PENTAGON wants to be a year later?

Hui: A year later… I think we would be greedy (then) and it would be good if we could get #1. First off, our goal is to have #1 on music shows. It would be better if a year later, PENTAGON can become singers who are capable of creating our own stage 100%. By then, I hope we could have our very own distinctive colors, more than now.


Source: KukiNews

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