[OSEN] Nam JiHyun to make special cameo in the last episode of ‘MONSTAR’

Girl group 4minute’s Nam JiHyun, singer Kim JinPyo and actor Noh MinWoo will be making a special cameo in the last episode of music drama ‘MONSTAR’.

‘MONSTAR’ production crew revealed the news on the 31st, “In the 12th episode of ‘MONSTAR’,  Kim JinPyo, 4minute’s Nam JiHyun and icon Noh MinWoo will make a special appearance”.

Yoon HyunGi PD expressed, “Nam JiHyun and Noh MinWoo will be playing an important role in the last episode of MONSTAR. Although we couldn’t reveal how crucial the role is, the two of them will be showing a look that maximizes their charms the most”, he revealed.

Meanwhile, the last episode of MONSTAR will  be broadcast on 2nd August 9.50PM,

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[Newsen] 4minute Nam JiHyun revealed to be the most popular member in clubs

Girl group 4minute’s Nam JiHyun was revealedto be the most popular member in clubs.

During the broadcast of ‘Kiss the Radio’ on the 13th, when asked by DJ Ryeowook, “Who is the most popular member in clubs?”, Hyuna replied “JiHyun unnie”.

Hyuna explained, “We’ve been to the clubs together. Many guys came over and linked their hands around JiHyun’s. In order to prevent them from doing so, I stayed by JiHyun’s side to protect her.”

Followed this, Nam JiHyun expressed, “Many approached me because they didn’t know that I’m a member of 4minute” and, “I don’t know if this is a good thing”. DJ Ryeowook commented, “It’s a good thing. You’ll be good with your marriage later on”, causing laughter in the room.

The member who loves skinship was member Hyuna whereas the member who handles fishery the best was maknae SoHyun.

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[The Star] M4M ‘When You Leave Me’ #1 on MV Chart.. 4minute JiHyun’s MV appearance a ‘Hot Issue’

엠포엠 '네가 떠날때' 뮤비 캡처 / 사진 : 큐브 제공

Cube Entertainment’s co-produced Korean-Chinese group M4M have released their second title track ‘When You Leave Me’ and had charted first on the China’s most popular music video site, YinYueTai.

M4M released ‘When You Leave Me’ MV on the 17th in China. Two hours after its release, the song has grabbed the top  spot on the music video chart, and that record continues even today.

4minute’s leader Nam JiHyun acted as the female lead in ‘When You Leave Me’ MV , and cooperated with M4M’s leader Jimmy. After news of 4minute Nam JiHyun’s MV appearance broke out, it immediately became a hot topic, proving their popularity with ‘What’s Your Name’ in China.

XingTian and Cube Entertainment collaborated project M4M had visited Korea for ‘When You Leave Me’ MV shoot, showing a different mature and gentle side of themselves, instead of their powerful concept.

After the release of their album in China, M4M have been actively promoting for various performance. Them taking the number 1 spots in C-POP monthly charts further gives a more meaningful achievement to them.

Meanwhile, M4M will be starting promotional activities for ‘When You Leave Me’ in China.

엠포엠 '네가 떠날때' 뮤비 캡처

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[Yue IFeng] More M4M ‘When You Leave Me’ MV BTS released! ‘Intimate Bed Scenes’

Co-produced by XingTian Media and Cube Entertainment, 3 months after their debut, M4M has enjoyed a high popularity with Chinese and Korean fans. The release of their first mini album ‘Mystic Formula’ has also attracted attention. It is reported that M4M will be promoting the ballad track ‘When You Leave Me’ from the album as a second title track. They have returned to Korea for this MV shoot, and will be revealing the said MV in the mid-month of June. Today, M4M’s leader Jimmy and female lead 4minute’s Nam JiHyun’s intimate bed scenes were surfaced on the net, further increasing the anticipation for the MV.

As the sole slow track from their new MV, ‘When You Leave Me’ not only has a different style than the fast-tempo ‘Sadness’, the MV contents differs very much from ‘Sadness’ as well. In M4M’s ‘When You Leave Me’ MV, M4M will be presenting themselves with a Prince-like image while every members of M4M will be acting out a man’s longing sorrowful emotions for his ex-lover.

The BTS pictures revealed today includes Jimmy and Nam JiHyun’s hands-holding and sweet whispers, intimate hug on the bed, as well as their loving gaze at each other. It was reported that Jimmy and Nam JiHyun had quite a number of intimate scenes. Since it was their first cooperation, in order to avoid any awkwardness, the two came earlier to set. They’ve chatted to get closer to each other while making preparations for the MV shoot. When the shoot started, Jimmy and Nam JiHyun ended up laughing at each other. But with the remaining shoots, the two became coordinated and cooperated well which has surprised the production crew. The MV will be meeting everyone in mid-June soon. So please anticipate!

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[WangYi] M4M Reveals MV BTS for ‘When You Leave Me’, Couple act with Nam JiHyun

Recently, popular male idol group M4M has shot for their second title track ‘When You Leave Me’ MV. The female lead for the MV is none other than famous 4minute leader Nam JiHyun whereas the male lead is the leader of M4M, Jimmy. It was reported that M4M had ended shootings for the MV last week and had returned to China. It is expected that a high quality ‘When You Leave Me’ MV will soon to meet everyone. Meanwhile, in order to satisfy fans’ expectation, M4M have revealed a little bit of behind the scenes which include Jimmy and Nam JiHyun’s interaction scenes.

As M4M’s leader, the reliable Jimmy has always played the role of an elder brother in the team. Not only had he taken care of the members, during training and schedules, he would often remind and advise the members, bringing warmth to the team. After knowing that he’ll be taking on the lead role in the MV, and to act with senior Nam JiHyun, Jimmy expressed his expectation, and even took time to practice his acting skills. During the MV shoot, Jimmy’s gentle and natural act further won praises of the director.

In today’s MV BTS pictures, Jimmy and Nam JiHyun were seen gazing at each other lovingly while holding hands, sitting together at a piano, leading to curiosity as to how the MV will turn out. It is believed that answers will be found through the upcoming release of more BTS pictures soon.

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[Sina] M4M to shoot MV in Korea, 4minute Nam JiHyun takes female lead


Boy group M4M has recently released their first mini album ‘Mystic Formula’ and has gone to Korea to produce an MV for their upcoming  second title track ‘When You Leave Me’. It was told that the MV female lead is none other than 4minute’s leader Nam JiHyun.

Unlike ‘Sadness’, ‘When You Leave Me’ is a slow ballad song, which portrays the sad and sorrowful emotions of a man after his lover had left him.

‘When You Leave Me’ MV production will be undertaken by Cube Entertainment in Korea. In the MV, the four members of M4M will be meeting everyone with an all-new image. Moreover, one of the member will be having quite some ‘intimate’ scenes with the female lead. The mysterious female lead is revealed to be M4M’s senior group 4minute’s leader, Nam JiHyun.


Since M4M’s trainee days, 4minute have been taking good care of them. Nam JiHyun who had witnessed the growth of M4M has always have a high expectation on them. Knowing that she’ll be taking on the lead role in their MV, Nam JiHyun expressed that she looks forward to the filming session. Not only had she canceled her activities in Korea, so to have more time for the MV, she had also started making early preparations for the shoot. With senior Nam JiHyun’s support and encouragement, M4M has gained much more confidence. They even revealed that during the shooting process, Nam JiHyun has given them quite a lot of advice.

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[OSEN] Nam JiHyun reveals, “Received many indirect confessions”

Girl group 4minute’s Nam JiHyun has revealed that she dislikes arranged meetings because it’s too awkward and that she had received more indirect confessions than direct ones.

Nam JiHyun has recently shot for fashion magazine CeCi June photoshoot. In the interview, she revealed, “Rather than personally receiving confessions, I had experienced receiving confessions passed from people around”.

She continued, “I’m usually close to the members only, so I don’t have the chance to let others know about my contact information. Also, blind dates are awkward, so I don’t really like to do so”, she added.

The photoshoot this time round shows off the members’ femininity with ‘4minute morning look’ concept, emancipating their sweet young charms in laces and white dresses, while portraying their daily morning activities.

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