[Sports KyeongHyang] Gaon Chart Weekly Top 10 (BEAST, G.NA)

The results of digital sales for June 10 till June 16 has been revealed!

BEAST’s new OST “Hateful Person” charted at #9

while G.NA’s 2HOT dropped by one spot, but still managed to be on the #10 of the chart

Congrats to both Cubies!


[Hankooki] G.NA ‘2HOT’ reached 1 million views… Youtube explodes!

Soloist G.Na’s latest song “2HOT” MV’s  has been receiving hot reactions.

G.NA recently made her comeback on the 24th with a 3rd mini album “Bloom” and title track 2HOT. Her title track’s MV has managed to breakthrough 1 million views within 4 days since it was revealed. Unlike idol groups, it is very much unlikely for a soloist to hit 1 million views within a week.

“2HOT” is G.Na’s first attempt in a sexy dance track. Ahead of the release, G.NA has exposed a little of skins (in the teaser) and had already captured the attention of fans.

When the official music video was released, rather than the exposure of her body, the choreography was the one that attracted more attention. The highlights of her video includes her bootylicious body and dance movements. Although there wasn’t much exposure on her body, she was able to pull out a sexy image, and that has gained male fans’ attention.

Her company expressed, “We have focused very much on G.Na’s very own charms,” and, “We have received hot responses from local and overseas fans.”


Trans: @Mrsdoob2uty @ LoveInDaCube




[Monkey Music Chart for 3rd week of May] G.Na enters top 10 chart + Good Boy ranking 2nd!

Monkey Music Chart for 3rd week of May (120521~120527)

  1. 태티서/트윙클
  2. 백지영/굿보이 (Baek Jiyoung – Good Boy)
  3. 리쌍/너에게 배운다
  4. 용감한 녀석들/I 돈 Care
  5. 아이유/하루 끝
  6. 지나/2HOT (G.NA – 2HOT)
  7. 지나/오빠, 동생 (G.NA – Oppa, Dongsaeng)
  8. 울랄라세션/아름다운 밤
  9. 티아라/빙글빙글
  10. 백지영/목소리

Additional information:

G.Na immediately took the top 10 spot with both 2HOT and Oppa, Dongsaeng, which are included in her new album “Bloom”


cr: Clubcity


[Herald DM] ‘Comeback’ G.NA ‘2HOT’, greedy from style to music, everything!

Singer G.Na expressed her thoughts on her comeback.

Recently, we met up with G.NA and she said, “For this time, I’ve changed a lot in both my style and music. I had lots of desires.”

She followed with, “The desire I have was so much that I had to do it diligently. During this period, I wanted to try to make  rhythms with some slightly strong beat. I wanted to do R&B, Hip hop, and even try to change the way I sing. Especially when I participated in composing and writing lyrics, I’ve learnt even more about music.”

“Also, my hair color changed a lot. To be honest,  I was a little worried at how people will look at my  new style. But there were many who said they like it, and that gave me strength” said smiling G.Na.

She continued, “The song that I’ve composed, ‘Green Light’ has Jay Park featuring in it. It seems that I can express myself slowly,” showing her satisfaction.

Lastly, “with the good response I had received about “2HOT”, I felt more confident and I will work harder to show a hot stage. Compared to the first stage, I will show you a better stage slowly,” and “G.Na who gave a cute image last time, through this ‘2HOT’, you will see a more feminine and mature look of myself,” she said.

Meanwhile, her new song “2HOT” is composed by a combination of 2 composers (Kim DoHyun, Lee HyunSeung). Through this song, G.Na will be showing her charms with her explosive singing capabilities and showing a mature and feminine side of herself.


Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Love In Da Cube

Source: Herald DM


[Star News] G.NA Comeback, to show a healthy image, abs exercise and gained 5kg

Sexy soloist G.Na is bringing her mature sexiness back to the entertainment industry.

On the 25th, G.NA successfully made her comeback on KBS2 TV’s “Music Bank”

On that day, G.NA sang “Summer Star” which is included in her 3rd mini album “Bloom”, and it is followed by title track “2HOT” which has managed to attract attention from the public.

After ending her stage, G.NA sat down for a chat with Star News, she said: “Before this, I always give a feeling as a chubby girl, this time, I want to show a successful female image,” and “Having my concept changed, I was worried at the start, but at the same time, I’m happy that I can show a beautiful side of myself.”

Followed that, G.NA reminded, “Although the feel isn’t there yet, I will show you a better me after 1 week of monitoring. So, please anticipate”

Meanwhile, G.Na will be announcing her comeback on “Show! Music Core” on the 26th.



KR-CN: GNA崔智娜香港後援會

CN-EN: MrsDooB2uty @ LoveInDaCube.wordpress.com

[G.NA 120525 Fancafe Post] I’ve returned with 2HOT

My Babies Love!!! G.NIs!!! It’s really been awhile,right? keke My G.Nis whom I love… during this period, did you guys live well?

To tell the truth, I actually have forgotten the cafe ID and password…

So, I couldn’t write anything at all!!! ^^; I’ve been busy preparing for this comeback, so I’m really tired too

But you know I really do miss you guys right???!!!! keke

It’s really my comeback today…

I was shaking…and afraid… I’m nervous inside, and a little of anticipating it. keke

To show you guys a cool image, I’ve been working hard.

…TT; But the image I’ve shown is far from cool… *sigh*~~ TT

Mcountdown’s  pre-recordings.. it was much  earlier (than before).

G.Nis weren’t able to come… it’s quite empty… T__T

But… tomorrow…it’s Music Bank!!!! We can be together!!!

Give me strength, my G.Nis that I love… Those who can’t come, you guys will cheer for me too right?

I trust you guys…!!! This time.. we will have to rely on you guys!!!

Those passionate G.NIs who support me till the end, you are my motivation…

Although it’s me alone… I will never feel lonely, sad or tired! ^^ Really Thank you! I love you all!!!

I’ve been preparing this album with lots of hard work, so please do listen to it!!! I will be a more improved and mature G.NA… In the future too, we will rely on each other, and run together to the end!!! This is a promise!!!

Please give lots of love to title track 2HOT!!! And please give G.NA lots of love!!!! I will do my best!!!!

G.NIs, I couldn’t wait till the weekends so I can meet you!!!! =) Music Bank! Music Core!!! Inkigayo!!! And also, if there is this chance… if all G.Nis are present… I will want to meet you all!!! MUST!!! ke

So then.. I should… sleep!!! Everybody.. please do sleep early too!!! I miss you guys!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤

Hope everybody will be healthy Hwaaaaaaaaaaaiting!!!!! =)

R U READY?! let’s go G.NIs!!

Really, it’s starting… again….

I love you all!


love always,



KR-CN: GNA崔智娜香港後援會

CN-EN: MrsDooB2uty @ LoveInDaCube.wordpress.com