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Pentagon Maker premiered its first episode online on May 2nd.
Reruns will air on TV May 17th onward.

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Pentagon Members:

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Real Name: Jo JinHo (조진호)
Birthday: 17 April 1992
Position: Eldest Hyung / Main Vocalist
Training Length: 8 years (Enters SM in 2008; Enters Cube in 2015)
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Former SM trainee
  • Former SM The Ballad member, under stage name Jino and released album ‘S.M. The Ballad Vol. 1’ in November 2010
  • Appeared on ‘Miss You’ and ‘Hot Times’ MV and performance stages.




Stage Name: HUI (후이)
Real Name: Lee HoeTaek (이회택)
Birthday: 28 August 1993
Position: Leader / Main Vocalist
Training Length: 6 years (Enters JYP in 2010, Enters Cube in 2013)
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Modern K Academy 14th Batch
  • Auditioned for JYP 7th Audition Final Round in 2010 (Vocal Team) – WON #1 Best Male Vocal
  • The only participant selected by three entertainment agencies. (Cube, Sonic Music, and Nega Network) in 2013 Open Auditions
  • Participated in Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
  • Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
  • Appeared in Rain’s reality show ‘Rain Effect’ EP3


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Real Name: Yang HongSeok (양홍석)
Birthday: 17 April 1994
Position: Vocalist
Training Length: (At least) 2 years (Enters YG in 2014, Enters Cube in 2015)
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Auditioned for JYP 9th Audition Final Round in 2012 (Model Team/Vocal Team)
  • Appeared and eliminated on audition program Mix and Match
  • Attended Cube Japan incorporation ceremony with G.NA and CLC Yoojin.
  • Modeled alongside Hyuna on CLRIDE.N



Stage Name: E’DAWN (이던)
Real Name: Kim HyoJong (김효종)
Birthday: 1 June 1994
Position: Rapper / Dancer
Training Length: (At least) 3 years
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Auditioned for JYP 9th Audition Final Round in 2012 (Dance Team)
  • Had an interview as a Cube trainee
  • Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
  • Appeared in Rain’s reality show ‘Rain Effect’ EP3
  • Appeared on Hyuna’s ‘Roll Deep’ choreography video and performance stages


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Real Name: Ko ShinWon (고신원)
Birthday: 11 December 1995
Position: Vocalist / Visual
Training Length: Unknown
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Worked part time in BWCW store
  • Was cast as street model for LEFAS

Yeo One.png

Stage Name: Yeo One (여원)
Real Name: Yeo ChangGu (여창구)
Birthday: 27 March 1996
Position: Vocalist
Training Length: (At least) 3 years
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Participated in Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
  • Modeled alongside Hyuna on CLRIDE.N
  • Appeared in G.NA’s Secret MV and performance stages

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YAN AN.png
Real Name: Yan An (옌안)
Nationality: Chinese (Shanghai)
Birthday: 25 October 1996
Position: Vocalist / Visual
Training Length: Unknown


Real Name: Yuto Adachi (유토 아다치)
Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: 23 January 1998
Position: Rapper
Training Length: Unknown
Pre-Debut Activities:

  • Appeared on ISAC 2015 Chuseok Specials with BEAST Doojoon Yoseob and Roh JiHoon
  • Attended Cube Japan incorporation ceremony with G.NA, CLC Yoojin and Yang Hongseok

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Stage Name: Kino (키노)
Real Name: Kang Hyunggu (강형구)
Birthday: 27 January 1998
Position: Vocalist / Dancer
Training Length: 3 years (Enters Cube in 2013)
Pre-Debut Activities:

  • MC for Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
  • Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
  • Appeared in Rain’s reality show ‘Rain Effect’ EP3
  • Joins Cube in April 2013


Real Name: Jung WooSeok (정우석)
Birthday: 31 January 1998
Position: Rapper
Training Length: Unknown

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[BTOB’s 1480-Days Miracle] BTOB’s Beagle-ness is Proven!

Idol group BTOB has recently got their first #1 on public broadcast since their debut. Amidst the success, BTOB’s reality show that accentuates their ‘Beagle-ness’ is a strong force for their first #1.

BTOB’s self-produced reality show is positioned as one of the most influential (among many idol reality shows). They have attempted many forms of reality shows, from seasonal reality shows ‘BTOB The Beat’, ‘I will be your Melody’, and even short clips in ‘The Beat Extra’. Their Beagle-ness in reality shows, that is a total opposite of BTOB’s professionalism on stage, created a stronger synergy for the team.

Indeed, are BTOB’s beagle-ness stays even when the cameras are off? We ask Cube Entertainment’s video team leader, Lee JiSun to verify on their real personalities.


BTOB finally crowned #1 on KBS2 Music Bank on 8th April. It must be an influx of emotions for staff as well?
It is something that I have hoped for desperately for five years in Cube, so it is even more touching for me. It is a win that was achieved after a very long wait. Rather than seeing the members’ happy and bright looks, they have shown a calm reaction…somehow, I feel sad too. It feels like this #1 will be a turning point, a step front for BTOB, so I am happy with it. I want to help them until BTOB rise to the top.

BTOB took their first win on ‘Show Champion’, how was it?
During that time, staff cried more than the members themselves, so the members couldn’t cry. (laugh) The lineup was strong then, so we didn’t think that BTOB will get #1, but when they were announced first, we cried along with fans. It feels like those around BTOB cried more than the artists. This shows that there are many people rooting and wishing for BTOB to be successful. They are a team that really does their best, so I was even sadder when they couldn’t shine. Even off stage, they are a team that works diligently.

You have been working with BTOB even before their debut in 2011. It’s not a short period, how did you hang in there?
There’s nothing but the hopes for them to do well. I was assigned to BTOB since their debut. BTOB did not do well in the beginning, so I just hoped for them to be successful…that was how I came this far.

BTOB is a group known as ‘Beagle-dols’. You must have looked over them before and after debut. Were there prominent differences?
They have become mentally more distracting? (Laughs) They are always kindhearted, but previously they had awkward personalities (when being in front of the camera). Lately, they are more comfortable when shooting, so the audios always overlap in the video. The question that I asked frequently, ‘Is there anyone normal here?’ but nobody would claim that they are normal. (Laughs).

There must be times where you can’t manage their overflowing beagle-ness?
I hope there are more cameras around. There are times where there are lots of shoots needed to be done at the same time at different places. Even then, even with one camera around, the members would know and gather around that it. So, video contents for the reality shows are easily available anywhere anytime.

기자회견 포토타임에서도 비글미를 발산하는 비투비

In which aspect is BTOB better as compared to other idols?
They are like friends from the neighborhood. It’s the same regardless if the cameras are around or not. They are always funny and always kindhearted too. They are times where they’re stupidly kindhearted as well. I can say this honestly but because they are too kind and easily soften in the inside, there are times where people around them would feel upset for them.

What are the charms of each individual member when shooting?
Seo Eunkwang is really stupidly kind. He’s not afraid of ruining himself. He takes jokes easily from his dongsaengs. Lee Changsub is a real man to a heavenly extent. He has that humane beauty in him too. Even if he did nothing wrong, he would just apologize to lighten the mood. Lee Minhyuk has a meticulous side to him. He is a perfectionist and always has the awareness to perform professionally. Jung IlHoon looks as if he’s a chic guy, but he’s a mischievous person, like a real dongsaeng. IlHoon is also the most hardworking one when filming. Im Hyunsik is a real mischief too, but not many know about it. Playing a ‘sunbae’ is his concept. Peniel is an extremely mischievous person. He is a overflowing with jokes. It’s hard to gauge with Yook Sungjae. He is always here and there, uncertain when and where he would bounce out. He should be considerate to his body because of his popularity (due to busy schedules), but his mischief has gotten worse. He really likes his nickname ‘Yook-Jal-Ddo’. When the camera is rolling, the person who bring laughter to his Hyung’s is Yook Sungjae.

The member with the most beagle-ness?
What’s amazing is that, even off camera, BTOB’s order (in terms of beagle-ness) is the same as on camera. Yook Sungjae is a wall. Sungjae also helped created Changsub’s character. The most normal ones would be Lee Minhyuk and Peniel. Im Hyunsik’s beagle-ness is strong too. He’s the style that would bring laughter to everyone in a still room. Not many knows about Hyunsik’s beagle-ness. This year, I intend to make it Hyunsik’s year. If last year was Changsub’s year, this year, it will be Im Hyunsik’s.

What is the secret to BTOB’s first #1 win after four years?
They worked hard as a team and they did not give up. During the album productions, they give their everything for all songs. They are always giving ideas and always funny. It is hard for us to withstand from not laughing when filming them. We must bite our tongues regardless how. When it’s really difficult for us, we might laughed too. It happened before.

With this opportunity, what would you say to BTOB publicly?
You are always working hard, so even if you stay like this, I am really thankful too. And I hope you won’t be pressurized as well. Just say honestly if you have anything to say and thank you for always doing your best.

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[BTOB’s 1480-Days Miracle] The Motivation to Achieve #1 on Public Broadcast


Idol group BTOB has created miracle for winning their first #1 on public broadcast station, 1480 days since their debut.

On April 8th, BTOB took their first #1 trophy on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ with title track ‘Remember That’. Last year, BTOB charted #1 on digital charts for ‘It’s Okay’ for the very first time, followed by their first #1 on music shows with ‘Way Back Home’ and now, on public broadcast.

BTOB took 1480 days to achieve their first win (on public broadcast) and is the longest among many idol groups. Before BTOB, girl group Girls’ Day held the longest record of 1095 days for their first win on 2013. We once again witness BTOB’s growth as they climb the stairs with their efforts for every small step. Furthermore, BTOB has found their colors as ‘Healing-Dols’ with the success of their third ballad track that follows after ‘It’s Okay’ and ‘Way Back Home’.

Making their debut in 2012 with ‘Insane’, BTOB made their way up and attempted various concepts for ‘WOW’, ‘Second Confession’, ‘Thriller’ , ‘You’re So Fly’ and more. Sadly, they did not attract as much popularity as expected. In February 2014, BTOB was first nominated on music show with ‘Beep Beep’, but they were much later than colleagues who debuted at the same period.

BTOB did not give up. In 2015, Yook Sungjae shot to popularity with his appearance on MBC ‘Mask King’ and KBS2 drama ‘Who Are You – School 2015’, and had led BTOB under the spotlight. With cover videos they have done since debut, BTOB’s skills were recognized and with their diligence, they started receiving explosive responses. And they finally shine on 8 April 2016, a turning point after a very long wait.


BTOB expressed their #1 thoughts, “Even though we have out first #1, it’s still unbelievable till now too. We’re really thankful, and fans seemed to anticipate us crying..(but) #1 after four years.. It is indeed something worth crying for, but because our happiness is even larger, we laughed instead. After so many years of not getting #1, there’s not much feels lingering (to get #1). For a 4-years-old group, isn’t it difficult to be normal? If we were 2 or 3 years old group, perhaps we would be overwhelmed. But, now, we are simply happy.”

Cube Entertainment that has been witnessing BTOB’s first win on their public broadcast expressed their thoughts through a representative, “They are diligent in singing, diligent in acting, as well as in individual activities… those are impossible to be achieved by one person’s effort, but efforts from all of the members to reach the goals of BTOB as a team. There are no trees that can’t be cut after 10 chops (T/N: Idiom that says that with hard work, anything is possible).”

Most of the idol groups took their first win after growing their fandoms within the first 2~3 years of their debut. If they can’t shine within 3 years, their attention will be shifted to new boy groups – that’s the law of the jungle. BTOB has become the idol group that broke that law and recreated miracle. They have proven that perseverance and hard work will lead them to the top.


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Source: 10Asia

[10Asia] Cube’s Video Team Leader, “There are pressures to be funny”

What are the efforts put in by the video teams when producing a reality shot for idols? To know more of this, we have met up with Lee JiSun, the team leader of Cube Entertainment’s video team. Lee JiSun has been working with BTOB since 2011, and is the person for the birth of almost all BTOB’s videos.

The most important thing in video production is editing. Where do you place your focus in editing?
I don’t make BTOB funny. There are pressure for BTOB to be funny, so do I. I mainly elaborate on scenes that are funny. Since the members themselves have funny personalities, I tried to save that in the videos. Subtitles and sounds too, contains a ‘BTOB feel’. I want to show the dynamics when viewers read the subtitles,

If you were to choose the best video so far?
It would be ‘trying not to laugh’ game during ‘Thriller’ promotions. It was inspired from a video where mid-schoolers were trying not to laugh. The video was edited without subtitles but fans included subtitles in the video. Currently the video had 1.5m views. I’m really thankful to the fan who made it.

Fans’ re-edited the contents of the video is also an advantage of a reality show?
In the past, videos are wholly made up of behind the scenes clips. But with fans re-editing the videos, it creates a marketing effect in which we are greatly inspired from, thus we tried adding subtitles and sound effects to make it more exciting, like a variety program. ‘The Beat’ series started out like that too. There are many talents among fans too. We are aware that points which were not captured in the video was re-edited and eventually, showing the charms of the members. There are many times where fans discovered something exciting where I couldn’t see. It felt like there’s a cooperation built up between us. We get the ideas from fans, while also monitoring all videos made by fans.

As you film for the reality shows, you must have found more charms of the artists
That’s the reason why we developed into movie contents. For ‘I will be your Melody’s case, it was tailor made to enhance BTOB’s strength. We have pride in ‘I will be your Melody’. It is a program where BTOB really concentrate on. For the latest season, we intended to skip Sungjae’s cover since he was busy, but he said he wanted to do it first.

There must be vast volume of footage, it’s sad that not all can be shown.
There are many of those which were not aired. (Laugh). From ‘The Beat’, there are bonus cuts, including those makings that were not released but was revealed through a story-telling manner. Honestly, there are high volume of videos, but we can’t release all of them. We have chosen from the vast amount effectively.

There could be much changes with the increased usage of portal sites, internet and smartphones.
We are always keeping abreast of it. As the season upgrades, so are the members too, but we have to be upgraded too. In ‘The Beat’s case, we are taking a rest for this promotions, and we plan to release the videos in an ‘extra-cut’ manner. Like how ‘snack culture’ is growing, we will release videos of 3 to 5 minutes, little by little.

The video team must have worked a lot to make it funny.
When we were in Japan, there is a large grocery store called Don Quixote and there are many interesting props there. We brought the members there, and bought toys like mic and dodge ball with our personal budget. For more expensive items, we would claim from the company but we usually buy the smaller items. Regardless the size of the items, BTOB would just make full use of them. They are a team that can create laughter just with a piece of paper.

If you have a word to the fans who watch the videos?
We are working hard to upload more videos, so we hope that you won’t hate us. If we were to simply release all videos, it would not be a well-made video. We think a lot for BTOB as well. We will be doing better, so please look after prettily. We are doing it diligently. It won’t be done if we don’t have passion for it. We are happy when you leave comments like ‘ㅋㅋㅋ’

Give an advice to those who would want to venture into this field.
It is not an easy job. You will suffer even more if you come in just to look at celebrities. It would be great if you start out by loving videos (editing). Once you are longer in the industry, cooperating with the artists becomes important. If there is no cooperation, it would be awkward for the person filming, same goes to the person being filmed.

Cube is creating an in-house video system too. What would you hope from the company?
Due to tight schedules, there are many videos that were made under tense time constraint. It would affect the quality of the videos too. It would be a pity to rush for deadlines. We hope that they will be able to provide a little more time so that we can increase the quality of the videos. We hope they give the support to raise the quality of videos.

Lastly, what is the aim of the video team?
We dream of producing a solo variety show on broadcast with BTOB as the leads. For me, BTOB fills up the table, and I would just need to decorate it. (T/N: A proverb that says, not much needed to be done because it is prepared/provided)

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Source: 10Asia

[FocusNews] BTOB Yook Sungjae, “I think of my grandmother whenever it’s Lunar New Year”

Boy group BTOB member Yook Sungjae expressed his loving heart to his grandmother. On the 4th January, just two days before the Lunar New Year, Yook Sungjae who is busy shooting for ZUSSIX at a studio in NohHyun-Dong said,“Debut up till now, it seems as though I did not spent much time with my family at home/hometown. Therefore, for the Lunar New Year this time round, I must and planned to spend time with my family.”

Among his family, grandmother’s presence is the largest source of energy for Yook Sungjae. While both of his parents were working, younger Yook Sungjae spent most of his time with his grandmother. “When I was young, I had an uncle who had passed away, and that uncle looked exactly like me. I was surprised too. My grandmother said, ‘It feels as though your uncle has returned to life’, so she looks after me a lot. Whenever I think of my grandmother, regardless if it’s Lunar New Year or just normal days, I’d feel energized.”

환하게 웃는 육성재

Last year, Yook Sungjae showed success in singing, acting and in variety scenes, one of the reasons why he was successful is because he met good people. When asked who he would want to bow three times during Lunar New Year, Yook Sungjae answered, “There are too many of them.”

After putting slight thoughts, Yook Sungjae chose actor Kim Minjae and sunbae singers. “First of all, Kim Minjae sunbae and I appeared on ‘Village’ together and I learned a lot (from him) then. He’s a Hyung that I’m really thankful to. Another would be JunJin sunbaenim. Although I met him for a short while when he was a special MC, we contacted each other continuously. Whenever we talk, he would give advice on teamwork and on life philosophy. I am really grateful to him.”

When asked about his hopes that have yet to be fulfilled last year, he said, “You’re referring to my wish as an individual, right? Then, it would be a solo album. Lately there are many remakes of songs from the 80s~90s. My type of music is kinda old-fashioned. Therefore, I hope to release a remake album too. It’s fine with BTOB too. Or, singing a touching ballad that would melt the cold winter.”

Embedded image permalink

Towards the end, Yook Sungjae gave his greetings to Focus News’ readers. “Everyone, 2016 Lunar New Year is just around the corner. I hope that you’d enjoy delicious food and spend the new year with an fluttering heart. With that in mind, I hope that everyone would work even harder for the whole year of 2016. I, too, will work even harder in 2016, so please look after me. Happy New Year!”


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Source: Focus News

[MBN] BEAST Son Dongwoon, Matures though musicals

“2015 remains a year where I’m extremely satisfied with. I don’t know how everyone sees it but personally, I studied and took vocal lessons which I’ve been wanting to do and more than anything, it’s because I was given an opportunity that allow myself to do the best. Regardless of what the results are, I had fun.”

The maknae of idol group BEAST, Son Dongwoon, once again stand on the musical stage. It is his first musical since his last ‘Catch Me If You Can’ which was 3 years ago. Son Dongwoon who returns to the musical stage, is even more sincere for this production. He has increased time on stage, and is currently showing a mature self while interacting with colleagues in the waiting room.

Despite BEAST’s overseas schedules, Dongwoon did not neglect his musical performance ‘The Great Gatsby’ at all. Son Dongwoon show smiles within the tiring schedules, telling his determination to fare better in the musical.

“It seems like I put all efforts into musical practice from early September until November. Even right before the musical is about to start, I had no idea that there were this many Japanese schedules. Fortunately, there were no disruptions during the practice period, so I did both performances and schedules at the same time. Initially, I started without knowing (about the Japanese schedules). Perhaps, because of not knowing, which had allowed me to attempt this musical (laughs).”

Son Dongwoon’s appearance on ‘The Great Gatsby’ was surprising. Unlike ‘Catch Me If You Can’, ‘The Great Gatsby’ is a musical for small theaters. As a result, it didn’t have many idol singers in its lineup, unlike ‘Catch Me If You Can’. In fact, Son Dongwoon is the only idol currently active in the musical. Son Dongwoon who seemingly did not fit with ‘The Great Gatsby’ in many ways was vested with trust by the musical’s director Byun JungJu.

“When the musical proposal came to me, I met director-nim. He has the charisma to attract people. I was persuaded by his charisma, eventually, I’ve become a part of ‘The Great Gatsby'”.

‘The Great Gatsby’ is not an easy production. It requires singing numerous high notes and acting powerful scenes continuously . If there isn’t a strong foundation of skills, there is a high possibility that it would ruin the character of the musical. As compared to musical actors Kang KiDong or Jung Donghwa who plays the same role, although Son Dongwoon is still inexperienced, he is attracting the audience with his way of portraying ‘Gatsby’. Because of his good looks, when 페르수 asked for a breakup, Gatsby Son Dongwoon’s “I am ugly, is it?” can’t be easily changed nor understood. Just that he’s a handsome yet simple Gatsby, has turned to become his charms.

“Since I am a singer, I thought that I could act while singing, which makes it even better and more comfortable for me. But it wasn’t that way after I have started it. (Musicals) Are not done just by good singing skills, it needs emotions and expressions. As a result, it was really difficult. In order to sing songs like reading its lines, I did much effort in hopes to deliver the right emotions.”

All these while, Son Dongwoon is far from acting. As mentioned earlier, his acting experience was up to ‘Catch Me If You Can’ before ‘The Great Gatsby’ came. He had no other experience in drama or movies, not even webdramas which are popular among idols nowadays. Although it’s a ‘Song Through’ musical, the emotions of a character in ‘The Great Gatsby’ varies greatly. It is a production that requires not just good singing skills, but pronunciation and acting skills as well. For Son Dongwoon who had almost zero acting experience. ‘The Great Gatsby’ was nonetheless a difficult production for him.

“The mood changes are quick, and those parts are really difficult. There are exhausting times right after acting those scenes. Since these are scenes that links to another scene, instead of going back stage after one scene, there are many times where there is another scene and another situation on the same stage. These connecting scenes aren’t easy at all. There are times where it felt so difficult because I wasn’t able to deliver the contents of the script.”

Son Dongwoon shows his genuine side for this production. Standing on the musical stage after 3 years, Son Dongwoon is comparatively more positive and had gained stronger skills. He received recognition for his strong singing skills on ‘Mask King’, which once again gave him the help he needed for this musical.

“Previously, I would only want to show myself more frequently from time to time. But this time round, I put in my best efforts to concentrate. Since it is a production with many good singers, comparatively, I am fully aware that I am very much lacking with other actors in terms of voice volume and acting. Because of this, I learn something through the production everyday, to see if I’ve improved even a little for every step I’ve taken. In reality, I am the youngest among all the actors, so Hyungs and Noonas helped me in a kind manner, thus, I could enjoy the production.”

He is a young adult below the average age of the cast in ‘The Great Gatsby’. While Gatsby is a young man who had many downturns in life. As the maknae of a popular idol group, it is hard to find similarities between Son Dongwoon and the character he’s playing, but among experienced actors, he is named as having the charms of a ‘kind Gatsby’.

“To be honest, I am nothing similar to Gatsby. I have a ‘follower’ personality, which is unlike Gatsby, neither do I had experience in emotion acting that changes very fast. I had times like this when I was younger as a trainee, but thankfully, I lived through that and received many loves from people too. I did not think much about it after I have started working. I did not have a passionate love experience like Gatsby too. As there were little relevance with my character and ‘Gatsby’, it is definitely hard to be close to the role. Even so, as I am given the chance to act this role, it became even more interesting and amazing. The Gatsby I see, is a kind person. He’s kind yet selfish at times too. I don’t know if I showed that in my acting, but I practiced acting with that as a starting point.”

Like how Son Dongwoon himself points it out, Gatsby and Son Dongwoon are different not just from the visual perspective. He had nothing in common with Gatsby in terms of personality. For Son Dongwoon who has been blessed with love all these while, it will be difficult for him to wear the shoes of Gatsby for the very first time.

Among BEAST members, Son Dongwoon is not the only member who had musical attempts. Member Yang Yoseob was in prominent productions like ‘Joseph Amazing’ ,’Robin Hood’, ‘Cinderella’, collecting an increasingly wide filmography of his own as he gains recognition. In fact, Son Dongwoon and Yang Yoseob, both are having their musicals at the same period with ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Cinderella’.

“We didn’t share much of talks of support with each other. Rather than that, we share stories of each other’s working environment and directors as well as the story plot of the musicals. Just by that, we could gain strength.”

25 years old Son Dongwoon spent his 2015 to his fullest. Although there is nothing spectacular in regards to the results of his musicals, he felt satisfied with the efforts he had made.

“Not just 2016, if I have a long-term wish for the future, I hope to be a recognized singer, and to be a recognized actor through good productions. Musical attempts in the future? If (directors) look for me, I’ll be happy to be a part of it. If I have a good opportunity, I have the greed to stand on stage with a high quality production.”


Source: MBN

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