[Interview] Pentagon, “We Cried together after Debut Showcase”

“For fans who have waited for us, we want to show even better stages.”

At the end of all twists and turns, finally, they have realized their ‘singer debut’ dream that was in their heart for many years. Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, E’Dawn, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok, are finally entering the music industry with the release of their first mini album ‘PENTAGON’ on 10 October.

Made up of 10 members, PENTAGON revealed their names first through Cube’s boy group debut project reality program ‘Pentagon Maker’ which was aired in May. The name ‘PENTAGON’ suggests ambitious aspirations of the team with the members possessing the five main elements of an idol – Vocals and Raps, Dance, Teamwork, Variety and Mind,

Initially, among 10 members, some of them were confirmed as members, while some were eliminated, after the elimination and with the requests of the members, the company eventually decided to have all 10 members to stand on stage.

After the cold survival and debut confirmation, the team gathered and shred much sweat into their album productions, in which its quality, unlike a rookie, that they have proudly created and boasted. The album has 7 tracks, but they were involved in lyrics writing and composing in 5 tracks, proving their musicality and PENTAGON’s endless potential.

In particular, they showcased the members’ charming vocals and impressive performances in the magnificent and strong beat sound of Hip Hop genre title track ‘Gorilla’. In the past week, PENTAGON has been going onto various music shows and performing ‘Gorilla’, gradually expanding their fan base. On 20 October, we met up with PENTAGON and talked about their debut thoughts as well as future activities in plan.

Q: It has already been 2 weeks since your debut. How do you feel after making your official debut?

Hui: First off, we are still new after debut, so everything still looks new and interesting. We are enjoying it very much. Truthfully, we still have many worries and are careful at everything, but I think we can find more freedom in the future. We are working our best now.

Q: Are there any areas which are different from what you’d think during your trainee times?

Hui: The stages for music broadcasts are really different. (When we were trainees) We would monitor the broadcast and prepare our best to bring out an amazing stage. But, in fact, we actually have to take into consideration of much more aspects.

Q: It’s amazing how you have gained good comments about your performance and live skills that are unlike rookies.

Yeo One: We are really thankful for talks like these. We want to try our best to show more amazing looks in the future. We want to show our amazing looks as much as how everyone praised us. We will do our best so that we could hear more compliments like ‘they are rookie monsters that are unlike newbie’ for our next album and performance.

Q:  Although the title track ‘Gorilla’ is amazing, there are also good responses for album tracks ‘PENTAGON’ and ‘Lukewarm’. What sort of genres do you wish to attempt next?

Hui: All of us like album tracks like ‘Lukewarm’ a lot, aside from the title track. We want to try out on many genres in the future. Actually, we are a team that is confident in both performances and vocals. Other than Hip Hop style ‘Gorilla’, we want to try new-style dance tracks like ‘Lukewarm’ and (also songs that) show ourselves as vocalists. We have greed in musicality. As the members personally write for songs, we are very well aware of what sort of songs that suit us the best. We want to create music that fits us, like an outfit that fits ourselves.

Kino: I hope that we could have a genre known as PENTAGON, like whoever listens to the song, they would think of PENTAGON.

Jinho: We want to be groups like BTOB-sunbaenim and Big Bang-sunbaenim who have their own distinctive colors.

Q: With your high album sales, you are currently showing your strong presence in the entertainment industry despite much competition. What do you think, is the secret to PENTAGON’s popularity?

Jinho: Although we have shown ourselves first through ‘Pentagon Maker’, even though we did not become a hit like others said, we really worked very hard to show ourselves. Perhaps, our fans love this side of us. So, I wondered if that’s the reason why we are receiving loves from them. We created our own stage, and showed how we play in the program. As we prepare for debut, we also experienced heartbreaking events too. Perhaps that is the reason why fans who experienced this with us, give us even more love.

Q: You are a group with quite a number of members. Are there any difficulties as you promote as 10?

Hui: Our strength is that we are solid and strong. Rather than 5 or 6 members, because we are promoting as 10, among ourselves too, it’s fun and exciting. And also, it’s nice that we can fill up the stage. I feel that the energy on stage could be felt only when we are all together. The disadvantage (of having 10 members) is that, it’s hard to gather all of us because we go to toilet often (at different times)

Hongseok: Disadvantage is that, it is very difficult to order food. I think all the minor things are the disadvantages. (Laughs)

Q: On 10 October, during your debut showcase, you have mentioned that sunbae group BTOB has given much advice. What sort of advice are those?

Hui: We spoke a lot with Seo Eunkwang-hyung, he didn’t give us specific advices like ‘you have to be like to be a singer’ but he did give very detailed advice. Like, how should we look after newly grown fans, and what should we do at the broadcast stations and many others general information. We are thankful for that.

Q: What would you like to tell your fans who have cheered and waited for you for a long time?

Kino: We met our fans again after 2~3 months during our showcase stage. The front audience kept on crying. When I saw their crying looks, I felt pain in my heart and tears followed. Even so, we are singers and so, we could repay those who came by performing our performance successfully, and so we did our best. We are really touched that they waited for us and they gave us their love. When we left the stage, the members all cried altogether. Our intention to work hard for those who have waited once again came to us, and I think that’s the reason why we could conclude our first week music broadcasts successfully. We plan to work harder in the future.

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Broadcast Details:

Pentagon Maker airs every Monday and Tuesday 7AM KST on TVCast and Youtube for 12 weeks.
However, only TVCast views are accounted for the members’ scores. (Read Rules)
Pentagon Maker premiered its first episode online on May 2nd.
Reruns will air on TV May 17th onward.

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Pentagon Maker Guide / Rules:

Pentagon Members:

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Real Name: Jo JinHo (조진호)
Birthday: 17 April 1992
Position: Eldest Hyung / Main Vocalist
Training Length: 8 years (Enters SM in 2008; Enters Cube in 2015)
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Former SM trainee
  • Former SM The Ballad member, under stage name Jino and released album ‘S.M. The Ballad Vol. 1’ in November 2010
  • Appeared on ‘Miss You’ and ‘Hot Times’ MV and performance stages.




Stage Name: HUI (후이)
Real Name: Lee HoeTaek (이회택)
Birthday: 28 August 1993
Position: Leader / Main Vocalist
Training Length: 6 years (Enters JYP in 2010, Enters Cube in 2013)
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Modern K Academy 14th Batch
  • Auditioned for JYP 7th Audition Final Round in 2010 (Vocal Team) – WON #1 Best Male Vocal
  • The only participant selected by three entertainment agencies. (Cube, Sonic Music, and Nega Network) in 2013 Open Auditions
  • Participated in Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
  • Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
  • Appeared in Rain’s reality show ‘Rain Effect’ EP3


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Real Name: Yang HongSeok (양홍석)
Birthday: 17 April 1994
Position: Vocalist
Training Length: (At least) 2 years (Enters YG in 2014, Enters Cube in 2015)
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Auditioned for JYP 9th Audition Final Round in 2012 (Model Team/Vocal Team)
  • Appeared and eliminated on audition program Mix and Match
  • Attended Cube Japan incorporation ceremony with G.NA and CLC Yoojin.
  • Modeled alongside Hyuna on CLRIDE.N



Stage Name: E’DAWN (이던)
Real Name: Kim HyoJong (김효종)
Birthday: 1 June 1994
Position: Rapper / Dancer
Training Length: (At least) 3 years
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Auditioned for JYP 9th Audition Final Round in 2012 (Dance Team)
  • Had an interview as a Cube trainee
  • Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
  • Appeared in Rain’s reality show ‘Rain Effect’ EP3
  • Appeared on Hyuna’s ‘Roll Deep’ choreography video and performance stages


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Real Name: Ko ShinWon (고신원)
Birthday: 11 December 1995
Position: Vocalist / Visual
Training Length: Unknown
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Worked part time in BWCW store
  • Was cast as street model for LEFAS

Yeo One.png

Stage Name: Yeo One (여원)
Real Name: Yeo ChangGu (여창구)
Birthday: 27 March 1996
Position: Vocalist
Training Length: (At least) 3 years
Pre-debut Activities:

  • Participated in Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
  • Modeled alongside Hyuna on CLRIDE.N
  • Appeared in G.NA’s Secret MV and performance stages

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YAN AN.png
Real Name: Yan An (옌안)
Nationality: Chinese (Shanghai)
Birthday: 25 October 1996
Position: Vocalist / Visual
Training Length: Unknown


Real Name: Yuto Adachi (유토 아다치)
Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: 23 January 1998
Position: Rapper
Training Length: Unknown
Pre-Debut Activities:

  • Appeared on ISAC 2015 Chuseok Specials with BEAST Doojoon Yoseob and Roh JiHoon
  • Attended Cube Japan incorporation ceremony with G.NA, CLC Yoojin and Yang Hongseok

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Stage Name: Kino (키노)
Real Name: Kang Hyunggu (강형구)
Birthday: 27 January 1998
Position: Vocalist / Dancer
Training Length: 3 years (Enters Cube in 2013)
Pre-Debut Activities:

  • MC for Rainbow Concert (held for mentally disabled children)
  • Appeared in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV and performance stages
  • Appeared in Rain’s reality show ‘Rain Effect’ EP3
  • Joins Cube in April 2013


Real Name: Jung WooSeok (정우석)
Birthday: 31 January 1998
Position: Rapper
Training Length: Unknown

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[DAUM] CUBE’s System that Raises BEAST-4minute

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During a survey done in a fandom interview, Cube Entertainment was chosen as the ‘Good Agency‘ by having the most votes.

Cube Entertainment was established in 2008 August and is currently house to singer-actor Rain, BEAST, 4minute, G.NA, BTOB and many more artists. Most of the artists holds strong popularity and are also artists that ventures across nations to raise the KPOP awareness. Girl group A Pink too, were also trainees under Cube Entertainment before their debut.

With the potential it has raised through BEAST, 4minute and BTOB, Cube Entertainment are about to make its debut on the KOSDAQ listing on April 9th. Also, it was revealed that they are preparing for a new 5-members girl group, CLC’s debut.

The attempt was proudly stemmed from the company’s employees and trainees. After looking into Cube Entertainment’s system, I felt strongly that now, it’s not artist benchmarking, but rather, it should be system benchmarking that is required.


The most unique point about Cube Entertainment (short as Cube) system, is in its humanity education. It is not just any humanity education, but one that incorporates many aspect of humanity. Including the basic psychological consulting, it also teaches on sex education, SNS etiquette education, global etiquette and many more, as well as doing long term charity activities.

It’s not just any paper-work humanity education, they also provide practical opportunities with spontaneous activities. In fact, in BEAST’s case, they have been secretly carrying out charity works for SeungGaWon (an organization for disabled children) for more than five years. Following artists’ footsteps, fans for these artists also started charity work, thus fueling the continuity of the ‘Miracle Project’ (a movement for mentally disabled children).

Trainees too, are highly encouraged to go to nursery schools and centers to donate their talents as part of the charity work.

Companies and artists’ strong trust relationships are also built up through humanity education. Disputes between artists and company are often due to a lack of trust.

In order to prevent any discords and to foster a strong trust relationship, Cube provides trainings for their staffs.

A representative from Cube explained, “In the company, there are staffs that do his/her various roles. To show our respect and to increase their understanding in their roles, we would often hold lectures for them” and, “We don’t just do it after the artists have debuted, we do it even before that.”

Although the success of an artists depends very much on his/her talents, staffs’ hardworking support too, is essential to form a mutual understanding.


Personalized training is yet another strength of Cube. Although trainees are required to learn the basics, such as dance, singing, acting, linguistic skills, Cube often are supportive towards trainees’ strength and interest.

Cube representatives explained, “The training process is a process for trainees to rediscover their very own talent” and, “Although the basics are important, there are many trainees who are uncertain of what potentials they have. The Talent Development Team plays a role to discover the talents of these children.”

Cube’s personalized training and free training atmosphere switches on the spontaneity of trainees.

The representative expressed, “We would first ask trainees to produce songs even before trainees know they can. At every month end, they could show it to anyone in Cube. Normally, people would think that the evaluation song selected would be those routinized cover songs, but in Cube’s case, trainees really do have to try out many various missions. This is to build up their creativity and spontaneity.

Cube also hold weekly evaluations. During these evaluations, trainees are required to participate in stages and even lighting production. These are opportunities for them to unleash their creativity. While honing their skills, Cube also tries its best to gives spontaneous trainings.

Other than this, trainees were given lectures on acoustic and on how to use mics, helping them to build interest in specialized lessons. Lately, in order to segment lessons through music genres, Cube has started their first step in the early audition stage. Cube artists audition are not limited to just raps and blind vocals, but also on trot auditions as well.

The representative expressed, “We will give something that participants will never thought about. With this, rather than showing what they have prepared, it’s important to also see how they adapt to something different. You will see the best of them when they are the least prepared.”

In fact, one of Cube trainees , Kim HyoJong-gun, who has trained for two years revealed, “It’s not like all of us take the same lessons. The lessons we take match to each individual color. We take lessons that we want or one that we suits the most. When I first started out, I just wanted to be a celebrity. But entering here, I learned music to its core. I started producing, singing and expressing to the song. This is what really makes me want to be a singer,” expressing his thoughts on his very own transformation.

Cube’s style of personalized training could be seen through artists who are promoting right now. BEAST, 4minute, BTOB, all of them released self-composed songs and have shown a wide knowledge of music.

In BEAST’s case, member Yong JunHyung took on a lead role in producing the whole album of BEAST. Last year, Yong JunHyung produced title tracks ‘Good Luck’ and ’12:30′ that have bagged 19 trophies on music shows. Those are present gifted from their trainee period.


Most of the idol artists sign a 7-years  contract. That’s the longest contract period set down by legal authorities to avoid the controversial slave contracts.

“It is the role of the company to help them to groom into a better adult”

Cube emphasizes on the life after 7 years as well. Ahn HyoJin, marketing team leader expressed, “President Hong SeungSong often talks about (their) life after 7 years” and, “After 7 years, what should they do. Those are the aims of our company. Since trainee periods, they were given opportunities and support at a young age. And that will help to further develop artists as they go on.”

He continued, “Artists contract spans for 7 years, during this period they do what is required. 7 years later, the training process that they had gone through will help them to decide on their pathway.  It’s the company’s role to raise the youngs to be a better adult, rather than just to be an artist.”

Cube stresses on humanity, spirit and passion.

Ahn HyoJin marketing leader delivered, “During their trainee times, if those were 40%~50%, then the rest shall be perfected after their debut” and, “The training period equips them with what they need so to grab a sense of what its like before debut. Humanity, spirit and passion should be there in whatever they do. It’s not that the strongest will live. It’s the living that are the strongest.”

Their life after the 7 years period are also part and parcel created by both the artist and the company. Cube is not just a short-term company that aims for mere debut, but they also showed a diligent look to produce good contents and also till the extent of taking care of idols’ future. Having such philosophy and practicality is what that creates the passion within these children.

Ahn HyoJin Marketing Leader expressed, “I’ve seen many talented, kind and seemingly would do well children to leave the company as they couldn’t pass through the hurdle. It’s not just about doing well. We would like to see children with strong determination and courage to be in our company.”

As I was covering on Cube’s system, the statement that left the deepest impression was, “As this is a place like school, like house, like a workplace, so, you should fill up wherever lacking.”

Trainees are mostly in their 10s~20s, the golden age of a person’s life. They are young students who invested their time in hopes to be a celebrity. Those in their teens, who were initially just attending schools, are accumulating precious experience to produce promising results through Cube’s very own humanity education system.

A representative said, “In order to raise a star, to create a gateway to success, it shouldn’t be just equipment, but it is the process of raising these children to bring joy to other people that is important.”

Cube’s system has already gained recognition from worldwide. Thailand superstar James Ji, too, went to Korea and accepted Cube’s training system despite already a star in his homeland.

“What is the ideal humane system for Cube?”

Cube expressed, “Every time they dreamed that their first stage would be the most successful stage. But rather than becoming a singer because they love to sing, isn’t it more important to have system that would influence their thoughts, on why they want to do it, how they want to do it, what they want to do?” and, “At the end of it, it is the goal to gain recognition that is the most important. In Cube’s case, even with that goal, we are a company with great success record. It is important to fulfill the satisfaction of artists themselves. We are a company that hopes that the more they are satisfied, the greater their competence can be raised.”

Every year, many teams of idols make their debut. But only a few made it successfully. Not everyone can make it. There are even more that were scarred because of this. Ahn HyoJin marketing leader gave his two cents to those who wish to be a singer.

I hope that they don’t take it easily. I hope they don’t come here thinking that they look fine and comparable with celebrities. The most important time of life, is the moment when they begin it. I really hope that all children here will be able to do well. A celebrity by itself is public figure that can exert an influence on the society. And because of this, they have to bear the responsibility and should not take any of it lightly. They have to be responsible for every action. Also, I hope these children could come here with a dream. Not just a one-hit dream but a solid dream to show the look of an artist that knows how to carry him/herself on stage. That is the way to continuously satisfy oneself. Children with their goals should come. I’ve seen way too many children who have the potential, the kindness and seeming may do well but chose to leave because of hardships. It’s not just something that you will be successful once you do it. There must be determination and courage to come with it.”


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[MBN Star] Cube trainee, Kim HyoJong discovered different charms through back dancer experience

“As I experience the stage as a trainee, I’ve found my undiscovered charms.”

Cube Entertainment that houses BEAST, 4minute and G.NA, has recently garnered attention for having trainees to promote alongside their artists. Their pretty visuals and slender bodies had garnered strong attention from the public. The same goes for G.NA’s male back dancers as well.

Among the many of them, Kim HyoJong (20 years old) expressed the reason of being a back dancer, the process and also his thoughts on concluding the promotions. Kim HyoJong has been with Cube for more than a year, attending specific classes and training during his year as a trainee.

 기사의 0번째 이미지

As he receives lessons on a variety of aspects – vocals, raps, dance, acting, English, and health management, Kim HyoJong gave his best every day even though the possibility of debuting in the music industry is still a far-away unknown. But Kim HyoJong sees his trainee life as an enjoyment rather than an obligation.

“There are always interesting happenings. I trained with friends that are trainees like me, and it is an interesting experience. We have weekly and monthly evaluations, where we will be given a mission. As we complete these missions, we would communicate with each other and talk about music… I like it and it’s always very joyful.”

He did not want to be a singer from the start. But as he danced and developed his self-confidence on music in his schooling days, Kim HyoJong eventually started to have keen interest on music. He was eliminated from the first Cube Entertainment audition, but his dedication allowed him to earn a place as a trainee in the following audition. Kim HyoJong, who intends on entering Cube Entertainment, is confident that his personally-produced music will be presented to the mainstream audience.

“Of course I want to debut soon. I have no idea when is that, but I’m going to find my own identity. I’m interested in producing, so I’ve been practicing on writing and composing songs. I’m putting in my full efforts for now… as I wait for that day to come.”

 기사의 1번째 이미지

The opportunity to stand on stage doesn’t come easily and is never in line with the hard efforts they’ve given. But Cube had allowed them to earn these experience by providing them the chance to work with sunbaes of the same company. Kim HyoJung, too, has gained this special opportunity to work with G.NA as her back dancer.

“It’s really different seeing in reality and seeing through cameras. I think we have learnt a little on how to portray ourselves on TV, like which hairstyle to choose, how should we smile on stage. My parents watched my performance, and commented that my expression was weird. They joked over it and also gave useful tips to me.”

It’s important to work with colleagues of the same company. Seniors have to practice and help the juniors to portray themselves on stage. In particular, G.NA had given plenty of advice to backdancer-cum-junior-and-trainee Kim HyoJong. She is a senior that approaches trainees like their siblings.

“I’m really thankful to G.NA-sunbae. We don’t see much of artists yet, but they seemed to be friendly people. (G.NA) Has treated us like younger siblings, and had even shared valuable advice when she was a trainee, and things that need to be considered after debut. Of course, I will never forget about all the meals she had treated us (laughs). Next time round, I would want to stand on the same stage as G.NA-senior. Not as a trainee,  but as a real singer.”

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Source: MBN Star