[Announcement] LIDC Is Back!


Dear LIDC readers, LIDC  is glad to announce that Love IN DA CUBE is no longer on hiatus!

Articles will be up starting from 9th January 2013 onwards!

Once again, LIDC hopes that readers will give endless support to LIDC and Cubies!

#Special additional announcement: It’s 4minute’s Nam JiHyun’s  birthday on 9th January. Please give much warmth and love to our kind leader on this very special occasion. For those with Twitter accounts, do participate in trending #NamLeaderDay starting from 11PM KST on 8th January 2013. Let’s make it a memorable one! ^^ 



[!!!] LIDC News Rules


1. Proper Credits (Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com) to translations or articles taken out from LIDC.

2. Do always include a link to LIDC as reference.

  • For Facebook, do post links to LIDC.
  • For Tumblrs/blogs, do hyperlink links to LIDC.

3. Fanbases that translate LIDC articles to other languages need not request permission from LIDC, but please credit accordingly (LIDC must be included)

4. Do take note, unless articles are taken from other sources, ‘ via/credit to LIDC ‘ is not needed, but always do remember to credit that particular source.

5. Respect translator’s work as a basic courtesy.

Please do give loves to LIDC in the future too. =)


LIDC is currently on a HIATUS mode!

Not many articles will be translated but will compensate any interesting interviews after this hiatus.

Hope for your continuous love and support



[Announcement] Amendments to previous article “Weekly Idol Yoon Doojoon embarrassed, BEAST members reveal as the strongest member”

Towards the article, titled “[TV Daily] Weekly Idol Yoon Doojoon embarrassed, BEAST members reveal as the strongest member”, MrsDooB2uty wishes to express her deep apologies for the mistranslation of the article.

Correct Headlines should be, “[TV Daily] Weekly Idol Yoon Doojoon embarrassed, BEAST members intense exposure

Please take note of the changes in the contents.

Once again, Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

– MrsDooB2uty  @Loveindacube.wordpress.com


[Announcement] Back from semi-hiatus! And Selamat Hari Raya (In advance ㅋ)


I’m happy to announce that, Love IN DA CUBE is back from her semi-hiatus!

MrsDooB2uty is done with her exams, and would like to thanks those who visit Love IN DA CUBE during this period.

I’ll be more active in translating news (Both CN-EN and KR-EN), now that it’s my sem break! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

In the mean time, it’s almost Hari Raya! (A major festival celebrated by our fellow Malaysians)

So, I would take this opportunity to wish all my Malay friends in advance, Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!

Travel safely and spend some quality time with family and friends!!

Meanwhile, collect more duit raya.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And since today is the day our BEAST, 4Minute and A Pink making the list as TOP Best Friendship Groups,

and BEAST winning their triple crown on MCountdown

Congrats Congrats!


[Announcement] Love IN DA CUBE on Semi-Hiatus!

As finals are drawing near (4 more weeks), I, too, will be on semi-hiatus for a period.

Semi-hiatus because, I know I can never be 100% hiatus -_-”

But due to exams and studying, I have no choice but to semi-break away from updating news.

Semi-hiatus means that,

  1. I will only translate news that have never been translated before on other sites.
  2. News that I think is necessary.
  3. News might be slower and could be incomplete.

– Will announce the official end-of-semi-hiatus date at a later time.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please continue to support Love In Da Cube =)


-MrsDooB2uty ♥

[Announcement] Love IN DA CUBE is back!!

Dear Cubies,

Love IN DA CUBE is officially back from hiatus!

Thank you for your continuous support during this short period 

Please give more loves to Love IN DA CUBE as well as all the AWESOOM artists IN DA CUBE in the future too!


And also a short reminder:

Please do credit whenever taking any posts from this site  

I, MrsDooB2uty, appreciate your cooperation and thank you for always respecting Love IN DA CUBE rules! 



[Announcement] Love IN DA CUBE will be on a short hiatus

Dear Cubies

Due to busy personal schedules, Love IN DA CUBE will be on hiatus until mid of next week. During this time, no/lesser news will be updated on this site. Towards this, I express my sincerest apology for causing inconvenience. However, I may update some brief updates on twitter, @mrsdoob2uty, so do follow if you want to know what’s happening IN DA CUBE.

As such, I thank those who continue to support and love this site, and artists who are IN DA CUBE.

Have a nice day!


-MrsDooB2uty =)