Jeon Soyeon “Not interested in people picking on visuals” [Interview ②]

Cube Entertainment trainee Jeon Soyeon was recognized for her rap skills after appearing on Mnet ‘UPR3’. She has gathered great interest for her cast on UPR3. Subsequently, she rose to semifinal spots, and successfully stood on the same stage with experienced rappers.

“I dislike being comforted. Perhaps because of the impression I gave during ‘P101’, that ‘I am ugly’, somehow people seems to always be comforting me. (Laughs) I’m fine. I don’t have much attention to people nitpicking on my looks. Rather than that, I’d be more ‘emotional’ if I get picked on my rap skills instead. I think all rappers feel the same? When I see replies like ‘I understand why she’s just a trainee’, I wanted to leave a reply. But in the end, I’ve only clicked ‘dislike.”

Even then, the three months on ‘UPR3’ was one of the happiest and memorable moments for Jeon Soyeon. Soyeon expressed that it was her happiest moment throughout 19 years of her life.

“I think it is the best 3 months of my lifetime. All performance stages are precious and I like them all. I think I will still remember these 3 months in the future too. It was a program that allowed me to create my stage, my performance, write for songs and everything else. If UPR4 casting is proposed to me, or before that, if a chance to be on SMTM6 came, I will definitely want to go for it again. I want to have the opportunity to create my own stage again.”

Through ‘UPR3’, Soyeon even get the chance to have a collaboration stage with CJamm. And also, she mentioned her next hope is to have a collaboration with rapper and actor Yang Donggeun. Yang Donggeun came to know the UPR3 contestants as he MC-ed through the program.

“(Yang Donggeun) Has a free soul and I really like it. It’s the path which I want to pursue too. I respect Yang Donggeun, but if I have the chance to have a collaboration with him, I’d really want to try. Truthfully, I like and respect everyone who does music. (laughs)”

Currently, the I.O.I members are promoting actively and took #1 on stage while also appearing on variety shows. When asked if Soyeon is jealous of that, she answered, “It’s not all out ‘jealous’ though. Rather than I.O.I, I’m actually more envious of Eunbin getting to join and debut as a CLC member. She’s a person who is close to me like family. We are close to the point we meet and hangout every day. When she was announced going to debut, I was really envious. So, relatively, I’m not that jealous when I see I.O.I debut.”


Source: OSEN

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