Jeon Soyeon “Cruel ‘UPR3’ more than ‘P101’… It fits me” [Interview ①]

When Mnet ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ lineup was revealed, if we were to choose a participant that grabbed attention the most, that would definitely be Jeon Soyeon. An inexperience singer, an underage and moreover, a trainee under Cube Entertainment who was once one of the 101 girls on ‘Produce 101’, Jeon Soyeon’s experience was just that much.

‘What can she do?’ was one of the perceptions. As part of the special gig on ‘SMTM5’, and also ‘There’s no unnie here’ on the first episode on UPR3 made everyone turned eyes. More so, when she dissed an experienced rapper Wassup’s Nada that made viewers surprise. When ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ ended, despite many days have passed, Jeon Soyeon still has much to say. After leaving the stage, she is the same as any other third year high school girl, like her 98-peers.

“I am the closest with Nada during the broadcast. Actually, before we were close, she was really scary. (Laughs) I love Nada’s mixtape the most, but when she messed up the lyrics, I was disappointed. I apologized to Nada separately. Nada getting 4 rings on UPR3 wasn’t just luck, she’s really capable and she did well, that’s why. Her performance is strong, and has a strong identity. Yet, she has a feminine style and her lyrics are not boring at all. She’s not scared to try new things too.”

Other than Nada, Soyeon chose Grace as the rapper who left the strongest impression, as well as Miryo, being a big sunbae of the entertainment industry.

“Grace really left a strong impression. I think it is possible to improve your rap skills but to have a style of your own is obviously more difficult to do. She is a rapper who definitely has her own skills. I learned a lot from Miryo too. Her stages are not just any stages, she is a person who knows exactly the lighting and effects to have on stage. All of the contestants are close to each other. I think overall, we are more harmonious if compared throughout all seasons. We have a group chat room and will still share talks there now too.”

Jeon Soyeon fell short of debut when she failed to make it into the TOP 11 in ‘Produce 101’. To have a survival after another survival, perhaps burden may well grow onto anyone first, but for Jeon Soyeon, her dramatic role took center of attention through UPR3

“I am nervous for both shows. ‘Produce 101’ was my very first program, so I was nervous. In ‘UPR3’, as I wanted to show a better rap, nervousness hit me. I have a shy personality, so it is hard for me to be in between 101 contestants. In ‘Produce 101’, everyone has a feminine or a girlish style, unlike UPR3, we had to fight eye to eye and boldly. However, this suits me better. If I were to choose which show I am more comfortable with, it would be ‘UPR3’”

Soyeon who has shown her potential fully on ‘UPR3’ made it to the semi-finals but lost to Nada. Although Nada took 4 rings and won over Jeon Soyeon, she was eliminated by Giant Pink at the edge of winning. Jeon Soyeon expressed that she felt unfortunate for the lose.

“I am amazed that I made it this far. I wanted to try out for ‘Produce 101’, but was even worried if I couldn’t appear as part of the cast of ‘UPR3’. But to reach this far, I am satisfied. I am really happy for being able to be on a stage that I like.”


Source: OSEN

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