(②) UPR3 Jeon Soyeon, “Tight schedules? I’m well aware of it”

I heard that UPR3 schedules are quite packed. Especially during mission tracks, the better you fare, the more you have to prepare, for recordings and then for the next mission at the same time.

JSY: I am aware that it will be difficult when I (first decided) to go on the show. It was fine. When I was recording for ‘Scary’, I was preparing for ‘Sticky’ at the same time too. Nada Unnie and I were like ‘Ah, how could this be’. But Nada Unnie must have been more difficult, since I was always eliminated at the last track missions. (Laughs)

If you were to name a producer track that you didn’t want to miss out?

JSY: Swings-nim. He was really cool on SMTM2. And since young, I’ve been listening to his music and followed his music style. So it’s really amazing how I could see him on UPR3.

I heard that Swings gave much compliments for your team diss battle with Nada?

JSY: That’s true. Actually, we were busy because we had to prepare for ‘Scary’ stage on Mcountdown. Even then, it was really exciting for me because I was doing it with Nada Unnie.

Your 1v1 diss battle with CoolKid left a strong impression.

JSY: It was my first diss battle. I was worried as I did not have much information about Coolkid Unnie. Also, when Coolkid Unnie was decided as my diss target, we mentioned about not getting hurt with the disses, so I prepared very much for it.

That time, Coolkid wasn’t able to show her skills.

JSY: The most unfortunate part of Coolkid Unnie is that she had to prepare for the diss battle within two or four days. And also because we had to diss and look into each other’s eyes, we must be prepared and fully memorize the lyrics. It was Coolkid Unnie’s first mission after she joined the cast, so it must be difficult for her.


I think this would be the most wondered question by the audience. How is the real relationship among the candidates of UPR3?

JSY: We are all close. Personally, Nada Unnie, Giant Pink Unnie and Jidam Unnie are the closest with me. Since we all have a common interest in rap, we are even closer than when I was on P101. Our messenger group chat is still ongoing. Of course, during times for recording, we would do our best. In fact, I think of diss battle as a game. We tried not to worry too much about the other party.

You have a same-age friend, Janey with you.

JSY: I am close with Janey too. It seems like it’s hard on Janey. During the final stage, Janey hugged me and told me that I did well. We are of the same age, so it felt like she had that ‘you had it more difficult than I did’. She’s a bright and kind friend.

When was your most favorite UPR3 mission?

JSY: Gil producer-nim’s ‘A Guy’s Story’, ‘always being thoughtless’ is the verse of my lyrics. ‘I want to do music because I love music’, ‘my dream is to have fun while I work’. I wrote these lyrics and I really felt for it. (Laughs) Things that I really want to do the most.

For every mission, you were always on top spots, but do you have stage with regrets?

JSY: During Dean Producer-nim’s track mission, my in-ear had an issue. I kept listening to weird voices over my ears. I tried to focus on the stage, but it felt like I didn’t do my best, so it’s regretful.

Was that so? But from the broadcast, we didn’t know about it. Even during SanE’s ‘Sticky’ mission, your gaze changed even though you didn’t know what ‘Sticky’ meant. (Laughs)

JSY: That was also a broadcast… (Laughs) I know what it means, the sticky part too. (Laughs) But, it was difficult to express in lyrics. It’s not hard for me to write something that I know. But I do not know how to write from that meaning itself. But since I’ve thrown the bet that ‘there is no unnie here’, and because it was a survival, I had to do my best.

Personally, I really liked ‘Smile’ the most.

JSY: ‘Smile’ is a song that talks about my reality. I started wanting to write something light, but the second verse onward, it became a little bit more intense than I expected.

Jeon Soyeon’s story has what sort of story?

I still want to have more stories as a student. Because it is something that I can do until this year ends.

After this year, you’d be an adult. What sort of stories you would like to share?

JSY: Hmm… (Soyeon thinks for quite a while). Things that Unnie has expressed? I am pretty, all of the opposite sex likes me, things like this? (Laughs) I still don’t know actually.

What sort of singer would you want to be in the future?

JSY: An artist. Like its literal meaning, an artist, a person who does arts. I want to be someone who creates something. My stage, or my stage, I want to try creating everything. Music, rap, atmosphere, character, choreograph etc, I want to be a person who can does everything of that. I want to be a person who can express my own thoughts. That is also the reason why I like rapping.

Lastly, what would you like to say?

JSY: I have UPR3 concerts left, so I am practicing for it now. Please give your support.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia


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