[Interview] Pentagon, “We Cried together after Debut Showcase”

“For fans who have waited for us, we want to show even better stages.”

At the end of all twists and turns, finally, they have realized their ‘singer debut’ dream that was in their heart for many years. Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, E’Dawn, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok, are finally entering the music industry with the release of their first mini album ‘PENTAGON’ on 10 October.

Made up of 10 members, PENTAGON revealed their names first through Cube’s boy group debut project reality program ‘Pentagon Maker’ which was aired in May. The name ‘PENTAGON’ suggests ambitious aspirations of the team with the members possessing the five main elements of an idol – Vocals and Raps, Dance, Teamwork, Variety and Mind,

Initially, among 10 members, some of them were confirmed as members, while some were eliminated, after the elimination and with the requests of the members, the company eventually decided to have all 10 members to stand on stage.

After the cold survival and debut confirmation, the team gathered and shred much sweat into their album productions, in which its quality, unlike a rookie, that they have proudly created and boasted. The album has 7 tracks, but they were involved in lyrics writing and composing in 5 tracks, proving their musicality and PENTAGON’s endless potential.

In particular, they showcased the members’ charming vocals and impressive performances in the magnificent and strong beat sound of Hip Hop genre title track ‘Gorilla’. In the past week, PENTAGON has been going onto various music shows and performing ‘Gorilla’, gradually expanding their fan base. On 20 October, we met up with PENTAGON and talked about their debut thoughts as well as future activities in plan.

Q: It has already been 2 weeks since your debut. How do you feel after making your official debut?

Hui: First off, we are still new after debut, so everything still looks new and interesting. We are enjoying it very much. Truthfully, we still have many worries and are careful at everything, but I think we can find more freedom in the future. We are working our best now.

Q: Are there any areas which are different from what you’d think during your trainee times?

Hui: The stages for music broadcasts are really different. (When we were trainees) We would monitor the broadcast and prepare our best to bring out an amazing stage. But, in fact, we actually have to take into consideration of much more aspects.

Q: It’s amazing how you have gained good comments about your performance and live skills that are unlike rookies.

Yeo One: We are really thankful for talks like these. We want to try our best to show more amazing looks in the future. We want to show our amazing looks as much as how everyone praised us. We will do our best so that we could hear more compliments like ‘they are rookie monsters that are unlike newbie’ for our next album and performance.

Q:  Although the title track ‘Gorilla’ is amazing, there are also good responses for album tracks ‘PENTAGON’ and ‘Lukewarm’. What sort of genres do you wish to attempt next?

Hui: All of us like album tracks like ‘Lukewarm’ a lot, aside from the title track. We want to try out on many genres in the future. Actually, we are a team that is confident in both performances and vocals. Other than Hip Hop style ‘Gorilla’, we want to try new-style dance tracks like ‘Lukewarm’ and (also songs that) show ourselves as vocalists. We have greed in musicality. As the members personally write for songs, we are very well aware of what sort of songs that suit us the best. We want to create music that fits us, like an outfit that fits ourselves.

Kino: I hope that we could have a genre known as PENTAGON, like whoever listens to the song, they would think of PENTAGON.

Jinho: We want to be groups like BTOB-sunbaenim and Big Bang-sunbaenim who have their own distinctive colors.

Q: With your high album sales, you are currently showing your strong presence in the entertainment industry despite much competition. What do you think, is the secret to PENTAGON’s popularity?

Jinho: Although we have shown ourselves first through ‘Pentagon Maker’, even though we did not become a hit like others said, we really worked very hard to show ourselves. Perhaps, our fans love this side of us. So, I wondered if that’s the reason why we are receiving loves from them. We created our own stage, and showed how we play in the program. As we prepare for debut, we also experienced heartbreaking events too. Perhaps that is the reason why fans who experienced this with us, give us even more love.

Q: You are a group with quite a number of members. Are there any difficulties as you promote as 10?

Hui: Our strength is that we are solid and strong. Rather than 5 or 6 members, because we are promoting as 10, among ourselves too, it’s fun and exciting. And also, it’s nice that we can fill up the stage. I feel that the energy on stage could be felt only when we are all together. The disadvantage (of having 10 members) is that, it’s hard to gather all of us because we go to toilet often (at different times)

Hongseok: Disadvantage is that, it is very difficult to order food. I think all the minor things are the disadvantages. (Laughs)

Q: On 10 October, during your debut showcase, you have mentioned that sunbae group BTOB has given much advice. What sort of advice are those?

Hui: We spoke a lot with Seo Eunkwang-hyung, he didn’t give us specific advices like ‘you have to be like to be a singer’ but he did give very detailed advice. Like, how should we look after newly grown fans, and what should we do at the broadcast stations and many others general information. We are thankful for that.

Q: What would you like to tell your fans who have cheered and waited for you for a long time?

Kino: We met our fans again after 2~3 months during our showcase stage. The front audience kept on crying. When I saw their crying looks, I felt pain in my heart and tears followed. Even so, we are singers and so, we could repay those who came by performing our performance successfully, and so we did our best. We are really touched that they waited for us and they gave us their love. When we left the stage, the members all cried altogether. Our intention to work hard for those who have waited once again came to us, and I think that’s the reason why we could conclude our first week music broadcasts successfully. We plan to work harder in the future.

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Jeon Soyeon “Not interested in people picking on visuals” [Interview ②]

Cube Entertainment trainee Jeon Soyeon was recognized for her rap skills after appearing on Mnet ‘UPR3’. She has gathered great interest for her cast on UPR3. Subsequently, she rose to semifinal spots, and successfully stood on the same stage with experienced rappers.

“I dislike being comforted. Perhaps because of the impression I gave during ‘P101’, that ‘I am ugly’, somehow people seems to always be comforting me. (Laughs) I’m fine. I don’t have much attention to people nitpicking on my looks. Rather than that, I’d be more ‘emotional’ if I get picked on my rap skills instead. I think all rappers feel the same? When I see replies like ‘I understand why she’s just a trainee’, I wanted to leave a reply. But in the end, I’ve only clicked ‘dislike.”

Even then, the three months on ‘UPR3’ was one of the happiest and memorable moments for Jeon Soyeon. Soyeon expressed that it was her happiest moment throughout 19 years of her life.

“I think it is the best 3 months of my lifetime. All performance stages are precious and I like them all. I think I will still remember these 3 months in the future too. It was a program that allowed me to create my stage, my performance, write for songs and everything else. If UPR4 casting is proposed to me, or before that, if a chance to be on SMTM6 came, I will definitely want to go for it again. I want to have the opportunity to create my own stage again.”

Through ‘UPR3’, Soyeon even get the chance to have a collaboration stage with CJamm. And also, she mentioned her next hope is to have a collaboration with rapper and actor Yang Donggeun. Yang Donggeun came to know the UPR3 contestants as he MC-ed through the program.

“(Yang Donggeun) Has a free soul and I really like it. It’s the path which I want to pursue too. I respect Yang Donggeun, but if I have the chance to have a collaboration with him, I’d really want to try. Truthfully, I like and respect everyone who does music. (laughs)”

Currently, the I.O.I members are promoting actively and took #1 on stage while also appearing on variety shows. When asked if Soyeon is jealous of that, she answered, “It’s not all out ‘jealous’ though. Rather than I.O.I, I’m actually more envious of Eunbin getting to join and debut as a CLC member. She’s a person who is close to me like family. We are close to the point we meet and hangout every day. When she was announced going to debut, I was really envious. So, relatively, I’m not that jealous when I see I.O.I debut.”

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Jeon Soyeon “Cruel ‘UPR3’ more than ‘P101’… It fits me” [Interview ①]

When Mnet ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ lineup was revealed, if we were to choose a participant that grabbed attention the most, that would definitely be Jeon Soyeon. An inexperience singer, an underage and moreover, a trainee under Cube Entertainment who was once one of the 101 girls on ‘Produce 101’, Jeon Soyeon’s experience was just that much.

‘What can she do?’ was one of the perceptions. As part of the special gig on ‘SMTM5’, and also ‘There’s no unnie here’ on the first episode on UPR3 made everyone turned eyes. More so, when she dissed an experienced rapper Wassup’s Nada that made viewers surprise. When ‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ ended, despite many days have passed, Jeon Soyeon still has much to say. After leaving the stage, she is the same as any other third year high school girl, like her 98-peers.

“I am the closest with Nada during the broadcast. Actually, before we were close, she was really scary. (Laughs) I love Nada’s mixtape the most, but when she messed up the lyrics, I was disappointed. I apologized to Nada separately. Nada getting 4 rings on UPR3 wasn’t just luck, she’s really capable and she did well, that’s why. Her performance is strong, and has a strong identity. Yet, she has a feminine style and her lyrics are not boring at all. She’s not scared to try new things too.”

Other than Nada, Soyeon chose Grace as the rapper who left the strongest impression, as well as Miryo, being a big sunbae of the entertainment industry.

“Grace really left a strong impression. I think it is possible to improve your rap skills but to have a style of your own is obviously more difficult to do. She is a rapper who definitely has her own skills. I learned a lot from Miryo too. Her stages are not just any stages, she is a person who knows exactly the lighting and effects to have on stage. All of the contestants are close to each other. I think overall, we are more harmonious if compared throughout all seasons. We have a group chat room and will still share talks there now too.”

Jeon Soyeon fell short of debut when she failed to make it into the TOP 11 in ‘Produce 101’. To have a survival after another survival, perhaps burden may well grow onto anyone first, but for Jeon Soyeon, her dramatic role took center of attention through UPR3

“I am nervous for both shows. ‘Produce 101’ was my very first program, so I was nervous. In ‘UPR3’, as I wanted to show a better rap, nervousness hit me. I have a shy personality, so it is hard for me to be in between 101 contestants. In ‘Produce 101’, everyone has a feminine or a girlish style, unlike UPR3, we had to fight eye to eye and boldly. However, this suits me better. If I were to choose which show I am more comfortable with, it would be ‘UPR3’”

Soyeon who has shown her potential fully on ‘UPR3’ made it to the semi-finals but lost to Nada. Although Nada took 4 rings and won over Jeon Soyeon, she was eliminated by Giant Pink at the edge of winning. Jeon Soyeon expressed that she felt unfortunate for the lose.

“I am amazed that I made it this far. I wanted to try out for ‘Produce 101’, but was even worried if I couldn’t appear as part of the cast of ‘UPR3’. But to reach this far, I am satisfied. I am really happy for being able to be on a stage that I like.”

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Rookies PENTAGON “The reason for smiling on debut stage…”


Debuting only 5 days apart, SF9 and PENTAGON are already a topic as they start their first promotions. Recently, we met up with both teams at a similar location. Even though we gave the same questions, the answers were different. How do SF9 and PENTAGON think of each other? What is the reason why PENTAGON could smile on their first stage?

Q: You have performed the title track on your first music show, what are your thoughts?

Hui: “Today, we made our first debut stage. Everyone was very nervous, so even during rehearsals, we were serious and awkward. But we really practiced a lot for it. Although it can’t be perfect yet, perhaps it’s because we practiced in order to be closer to perfection, we find ourselves immediately more relaxed on stage than expected. We need to know (how we did) after monitoring, but we performed it interestingly. We hope that we can develop even more in the future, and show our more comfortable sides.

Q: If you were to evaluate yourselves on the debut stage? How much would you give out of 10?

Hui: If we were to give it generously, perhaps 80 marks.

Q: What are your thoughts for debuting and are a part of the lineup on music shows?

Yeo One: When we were waiting in the waiting room, our reality to debut just came so suddenly. We are worried if we could do better, but we look forward to it as well.

Q:It is 5 days after your debut, what is the most interesting part about debuting?

Jinho: The most interesting and happy event is, thankfully, wherever we go, our fans are always there (to see us). During rehearsals, because of the nervousness, we have hardened expressions. But when we are on stage, fans came to support us. Noticing the members’ expressions, that was when we start to smile. We have fun with these things, and it’s something we are thankful about.

Q: The hardest point after debut?

Kino: It’s our 5th day after debut, but this is our first music broadcast. At first, looking at the camera was really difficult. When we are doing our parts, we have to look at the camera that has the light on. But since it’s our first time, it was quite difficult for all of us. But after a few rehearsals, thoughts of ‘practice makes perfect’ came to mind.

Q: When was the first time you felt that you have debuted?

Shinwon: I think it’s definitely today. By far, we have only showed our stages to fans, but today, through music shows, we are giving our greeting to even more viewers. During ‘Pentagon Maker’, we went to the broadcast station before, but the mood was totally different as compared to now. Today, there’s a stage for us, fans were there, as well as many sunbaes in the waiting room and staff too… the  debut reality came to us then.

Q: Right next to your waiting room, there’s SF9. How do you feel upon hearing ‘rivalry between SF9’?

Hui: We debut at the same time, so I guess that’s why there are such talks. When our agencies were nearby, we hang out quite frequently, and I have a close friend among them too. As much as debuting at the same time, although we would need to have a friendly competition, we hope that we could also maintain a good relationship as colleagues. I think there will be many aspects where we could rely and help each other in the future.

Q: How would you think of SF9’s performances?

Hui: First of all, we think that their diligent efforts from practicing showed in their stages. The overall appearance of the stage was solid that it was really amazing.

펜타곤(PENTAGON) / 서울, 톱스타뉴스 조슬기 기자

Q: What would be PENTAGON’s strength that differentiates the team from the rest?

Hui: Perhaps our strength is that we personally participate in the album and performance stages. Member Kino personally involved in the choreography this time too. We have members who write, and these tracks are included in the album. I believe we will be even more involved in future albums. I think that PENTAGON knows their colors the best. Our strength is that we have the ability to create amazing music that suits only PENTAGON, and from our very own hands.

Kino: We made choreographs for ‘Wake Up’, ‘PENTAGON’ and ‘Gorilla’ for this album, but other than ‘Wake Up’, I’ve participated in the choreographs of the other two songs.

Q: Do you have any greed for rookie awards that could only come once in your life?

Hui: If they are giving us one, we will be really thankful, of course. But, truthfully, we don’t know now. It is our first time showing ourselves to the public, and we are happy enough just to hear them say ‘Who are they? They’re good’. We did our best for this album, but we are not immediately greedy right now. Because I think we will be a team that grows and develop even more in the future.

Q: What sort of singers PENTAGON wants to be a year later?

Hui: A year later… I think we would be greedy (then) and it would be good if we could get #1. First off, our goal is to have #1 on music shows. It would be better if a year later, PENTAGON can become singers who are capable of creating our own stage 100%. By then, I hope we could have our very own distinctive colors, more than now.

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(②) UPR3 Jeon Soyeon, “Tight schedules? I’m well aware of it”

I heard that UPR3 schedules are quite packed. Especially during mission tracks, the better you fare, the more you have to prepare, for recordings and then for the next mission at the same time.

JSY: I am aware that it will be difficult when I (first decided) to go on the show. It was fine. When I was recording for ‘Scary’, I was preparing for ‘Sticky’ at the same time too. Nada Unnie and I were like ‘Ah, how could this be’. But Nada Unnie must have been more difficult, since I was always eliminated at the last track missions. (Laughs)

If you were to name a producer track that you didn’t want to miss out?

JSY: Swings-nim. He was really cool on SMTM2. And since young, I’ve been listening to his music and followed his music style. So it’s really amazing how I could see him on UPR3.

I heard that Swings gave much compliments for your team diss battle with Nada?

JSY: That’s true. Actually, we were busy because we had to prepare for ‘Scary’ stage on Mcountdown. Even then, it was really exciting for me because I was doing it with Nada Unnie.

Your 1v1 diss battle with CoolKid left a strong impression.

JSY: It was my first diss battle. I was worried as I did not have much information about Coolkid Unnie. Also, when Coolkid Unnie was decided as my diss target, we mentioned about not getting hurt with the disses, so I prepared very much for it.

That time, Coolkid wasn’t able to show her skills.

JSY: The most unfortunate part of Coolkid Unnie is that she had to prepare for the diss battle within two or four days. And also because we had to diss and look into each other’s eyes, we must be prepared and fully memorize the lyrics. It was Coolkid Unnie’s first mission after she joined the cast, so it must be difficult for her.


I think this would be the most wondered question by the audience. How is the real relationship among the candidates of UPR3?

JSY: We are all close. Personally, Nada Unnie, Giant Pink Unnie and Jidam Unnie are the closest with me. Since we all have a common interest in rap, we are even closer than when I was on P101. Our messenger group chat is still ongoing. Of course, during times for recording, we would do our best. In fact, I think of diss battle as a game. We tried not to worry too much about the other party.

You have a same-age friend, Janey with you.

JSY: I am close with Janey too. It seems like it’s hard on Janey. During the final stage, Janey hugged me and told me that I did well. We are of the same age, so it felt like she had that ‘you had it more difficult than I did’. She’s a bright and kind friend.

When was your most favorite UPR3 mission?

JSY: Gil producer-nim’s ‘A Guy’s Story’, ‘always being thoughtless’ is the verse of my lyrics. ‘I want to do music because I love music’, ‘my dream is to have fun while I work’. I wrote these lyrics and I really felt for it. (Laughs) Things that I really want to do the most.

For every mission, you were always on top spots, but do you have stage with regrets?

JSY: During Dean Producer-nim’s track mission, my in-ear had an issue. I kept listening to weird voices over my ears. I tried to focus on the stage, but it felt like I didn’t do my best, so it’s regretful.

Was that so? But from the broadcast, we didn’t know about it. Even during SanE’s ‘Sticky’ mission, your gaze changed even though you didn’t know what ‘Sticky’ meant. (Laughs)

JSY: That was also a broadcast… (Laughs) I know what it means, the sticky part too. (Laughs) But, it was difficult to express in lyrics. It’s not hard for me to write something that I know. But I do not know how to write from that meaning itself. But since I’ve thrown the bet that ‘there is no unnie here’, and because it was a survival, I had to do my best.

Personally, I really liked ‘Smile’ the most.

JSY: ‘Smile’ is a song that talks about my reality. I started wanting to write something light, but the second verse onward, it became a little bit more intense than I expected.

Jeon Soyeon’s story has what sort of story?

I still want to have more stories as a student. Because it is something that I can do until this year ends.

After this year, you’d be an adult. What sort of stories you would like to share?

JSY: Hmm… (Soyeon thinks for quite a while). Things that Unnie has expressed? I am pretty, all of the opposite sex likes me, things like this? (Laughs) I still don’t know actually.

What sort of singer would you want to be in the future?

JSY: An artist. Like its literal meaning, an artist, a person who does arts. I want to be someone who creates something. My stage, or my stage, I want to try creating everything. Music, rap, atmosphere, character, choreograph etc, I want to be a person who can does everything of that. I want to be a person who can express my own thoughts. That is also the reason why I like rapping.

Lastly, what would you like to say?

JSY: I have UPR3 concerts left, so I am practicing for it now. Please give your support.

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(①) From ‘Produce 101’ to ‘Unpretty Rapstar3’… Professional trainee Jeon Soyeon

To survive and compete among 101 girls itself is a difficult feat, more so when she joined the ‘fierce unnies’ right immediately. Showing her face on Mnet ‘Produce 101’ (short as ‘P101’) and subsequently ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ (short as ‘UPR3’) is the story of Cube Entertainment’s trainee Jeon Soyeon. Despite her famous quote “If unnie is based on skills, then I have no unnie here”, since it was her first interview, the true 19 years old Jeon Soyeon was shy when she had her very first interview. Even so, when asked if she’s nervous on stage, Jeon Soyeon and her brightest eyes replied, “Because I can’t show my nervousness on stage,” indeed a girl with high professionalism.

I heard that you’re having this interview after class? (Interview was held in the afternoon of 4th October, after Jeon Soyeon’s class). Do you not feel tired for having both school life and broadcast activity progressing in parallel?

JSY: It’d be 6PM when I go for practice after my classes end, so there weren’t much time for practice, other than night time.

You must have worked hard. How have you been doing after ‘UPR3’ ended?

JSY: I had my very first one-week holiday. I went to Japan with my cousin sister. I first had an overseas holiday when I was a girl scout during elementary school. So, it’s my second time taking the plane. I went to Osaka, but it felt as though it’s filled with Korean tourists. (Laughs) Many of them recognized me. I don’t really travel outside Korea, so it’s really fascinating.

I bet you felt your popularity after going to Japan. (Laughs)

JSY: I was shocked because I thought they were foreigners. But when I learn more about it, they were all Koreans. (Laughs) Still, it was fascinating. I am really thankful that they recognized me even during on a vacation and that they treated me well too.

In the early parts of ‘UPR3’, it was ‘Popularity = Jeon Soyeon’. It was known that you were more popular than candidates debuted from girl groups.

JSY: I can’t really fathom it. When I first stood on stage for ‘UPR3’ mission, nobody from the crowd knew me. (Laughs) Miryo Unnie and Jooyeon Unnie’s popularity were amazing. But I’m really fascinated that I had 600 votes from the live elimination mission. I wondered when have I become someone with such popularity.

There were many instances where the reactions during the live shoot and broadcast are different. Do you have any scenes where you felt disappointed?

JSY: During ‘Scary’ track mission. The producer, Kush-nim, chose me and I came first in the audience as well. But in the broadcast scene, (only scenes) where I came first was shown. ‘Scary’ as a hook is easy to follow, so many people sang along. But in the interview clip, it was as though I won #1 audience vote because of popularity, I was a bit saddened by it.

There are many fans who have shown support to you after you’ve shown a good results on ‘P101’. From P101 to UPR3, what is the turning point for having to attempt at a survival program again?

JSY: When I did P101, I wanted to do UPR3 too. The PD-nims were the same PD’s. So I was waiting to be on UPR3. I received a call from them a month before the shoot. After that, I went to their 3rd stage of audition. I thought to myself that I must not fail, so I really did my best for it. More than #1, being on UPR3 is of huge significance to me. Because I gained the opportunity to show my raps.

I think you have shown well. You did so well without showing signs of nervousness?

JSY: That’s not true. I trembled a lot during my first stage on P101. And because UPR3 is a program that I wanted to show my rapping skills, I was even more nervous.

But there wasn’t any nervousness felt to Jeon Soyeon on stage?

JSY: Because I cannot show my nervousness. I’m a person who’s really nervous usually. On the day of broadcast, I couldn’t eat much too.

It could be that you are nervous because of UPR3 filming atmosphere?

JSY: Truthfully, we are all close (off camera). Even then, when the camera is on for UPR3, we were very much focused. We talked straightforwardly and showed our own greed, it’s like you show everything of yourself.

Looking back at UPR3 first episode, who was the most shocking contestant?

JSY: Perhaps everyone would say Jidam Unnie, since she was on season 1 of UPR and again on UPR3.

That time, you’ve shown your disappointment at Wassup Nada. (Laughs)

JSY: I actually liked her mixtape a lot. As I listened, I felt that she’s a person who loves hip hop. But during the freestyle rap battle, we were told to talk about first impression, so I did it against Nada Unnie. Nobody stood up, and the atmosphere was down, that’s why I headed for it.

But it feels like you’ve become the closest with Nada now?

JSY: After the freestyle rap, I immediately apologized to Nada Unnie. Nada Unnie has a good personality, and she said it’s fine. We usually talk a lot about Hip Hop. I don’t have many people who can do so with me. So I’m really happy that I can speak to Nada Unnie about it.

When did you start liking Hip Hop?

JSY: Since I was in elementary school. I liked Supreme Team. Their ‘Ddaeng Ddaeng Ddaeng’ and ‘Superman’ were famous back then. Rather than the key turning point to be a rapper, it felt like I somehow started writing raps as I continuously listen to Hip Hop music.

Truthfully speaking, Cube is not a company that emphasizes on Hip Hop.

JSY: Before this, I was in another small company. I did not know where to start, how to do Hip Hop or how to rap, there was nobody to show me. So, I went for auditions without preparations and somehow I came to Cube. I don’t really remember how many times I went for auditions, but I think there were 50~60 times.

After going through all that, now you have become a trainee with two years experience.

JSY: As I went through this trainee period, if I really want to do something, I felt as though I need popularity. I thought a lot about ‘I need to let myself known first’. So, even if it’s not my specialized area, I’d try to listen and learn from it.


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