[ON+ Interview] After a rain, the ground BEAST stands on is even firmer

Idol group BEAST has returned after a year of hiatus, and to them, many changes took place within the year. After member Jang Hyunseung’s withdrawal from the team, the initial 6-members BEAST is now a 5-members group. Also, they took up the challenge to head for a lyrical genre in their 3rd full length album, a move different from their usual performance-oriented comebacks.

“This is a comeback after a year. We have become 5 members few months ago, and we’re still awkward with the reorganization. We hope that those who look out for us will feel the absence lesser, so we have prepared our best for this. We hope people will look generously on us.”

“Now that we have (to promote) as five, I personally feel that we need to work even harder. Even if we can’t fill 100% of it, we will do our best to do so. I am involved in producing but I did not use much elements. I tried to compose a song that every members can fill in (for their parts).” (Junhyung)

“Whenever it’s our comeback, we always wanted to show our new selves. This time round, because we have five members now, rather than the feeling excited, worries are even larger. Hyunseung’s position was a lead vocal and in BEAST, he is a person who dances very well. Because of that, the remaining members have to share and fill that position. This is an album where we have produced it from head to tail. So it is even more precious to us, and we hope this album will do well. (Yoseob)

Lately, Jang Hyunseung announced his decision to part ways with the members. During the period, the members and the company representatives have discussed for a very long time before coming to the decision.

“It is not totally Hyunseung’s decision. We shared about our opinions and thought that if we could cheer and support for each other even if we take on different roads, wouldn’t it be a more beautiful (solution). Not just us, the company took some time to accept that music preference is not something wrong, but differences that needed to be recognized and resolved. One thing’s for definite, we see it as a right decision and we believe it will be a beautiful decision. With that mindset, the five of us will do our best, and Hyunseung too, will be able to show an amazing look that can show his true capabilities.” (Yoseob)

The five members of BEAST once again stand in front of the starting line. In order to repay disappointed fans, their only way is to release good music and put on good performances. In order to show the growth of individual members, Beast is even closer than ever.

“As we grow older, we carry a little bit more thoughts, and we want to show our maturer looks through music. The rookies are powerful and cool. Rather than squeezing between them, we thought if showing our emotions might be a better choice. As such, we decided to go with ‘Ribbon’ as the title track of our album this time round. Rather than not being able to do powerful performances, it’s just us doing what we do best.” (Junhyung).

“We recognize the speed of time passing by, and we think that it takes courage to exclude ourselves from things we can’t do. We don’t know how long more does idol group BEAST’s image will appeal to the public, but we accept that time goes by and that we think there might be more other things that we can do.” (Yoseob)

Will BEAST’s wave hit the public? Prior to the release of their full length album, BEAST released ‘Butterfly’ and charted #1 on music sites, once again proving the solid power of BEAST. Moreover, the song ‘Butterfly’ somehow seemed to be tied with the situation BEAST is currently in right now. There were opinions suggesting that the flying butterfly in the song refers to member Jang Hyunseung’s withdrawal from the group.

“‘Butterfly’ was produced a year ago. We didn’t include the song as our album song because of the circumstances, but rather, it seems to be song that could relate our emotions in many situations. It was not intentional. We hope fans do not take it as ‘let’s be sad together, it hurts’ but rather see it as a comfort as they listen to the song.” (Junhyung)

Yong Junhyung also revealed that before he made this song, he had watched many dramas or movies and read many books, so that he could fulfill the ’emotion’ aspect of the song. He explained that he would listen to other people’s hardships and experiences as inspiration.

“When I’m producing, my main priority is to ensure that people would be able to draw out a picture when they listen to the song. I worked on it on the basis that irregardless of who listens to the song, they will be able to relate to it and be comforted with it. (Junhyung)

BEAST has been producing and promoting as long as 6 years. Label mates 4minute had recently announced their disbandment and very soon, BEAST’s contract with Cube Entertainment will come to an end this year as well.

“You may see it as irresponsible of us, but the members, we are the type that avoid talks which are complicated or serious. We understand that the contract renewal is coming soon, but we avoid talking about it. I think we could talk more seriously among ourselves during the promotions for this album. And not just the members, because this is something that we need to discuss with the company too, so we decided to leave it after our promotions end before we could decide on our specific directions. Wherever we are, BEAST will always do our best” (Junhyung)

“People around us commented saying that ‘our time has passed’, ‘shouldn’t they go for enlistment?’ Although we are older, as compared to other idols, I think that experience is something that cannot be ignored. As such, with that in mind, we want to show our own music colors. Listening to comments saying ‘Beast’s music is great’, ‘I love them after listening to their music’ makes us happier than winning trophies.” (Doojoon)

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: JunJan News


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