[BTOB’s 1480-Days Miracle] The Motivation to Achieve #1 on Public Broadcast


Idol group BTOB has created miracle for winning their first #1 on public broadcast station, 1480 days since their debut.

On April 8th, BTOB took their first #1 trophy on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ with title track ‘Remember That’. Last year, BTOB charted #1 on digital charts for ‘It’s Okay’ for the very first time, followed by their first #1 on music shows with ‘Way Back Home’ and now, on public broadcast.

BTOB took 1480 days to achieve their first win (on public broadcast) and is the longest among many idol groups. Before BTOB, girl group Girls’ Day held the longest record of 1095 days for their first win on 2013. We once again witness BTOB’s growth as they climb the stairs with their efforts for every small step. Furthermore, BTOB has found their colors as ‘Healing-Dols’ with the success of their third ballad track that follows after ‘It’s Okay’ and ‘Way Back Home’.

Making their debut in 2012 with ‘Insane’, BTOB made their way up and attempted various concepts for ‘WOW’, ‘Second Confession’, ‘Thriller’ , ‘You’re So Fly’ and more. Sadly, they did not attract as much popularity as expected. In February 2014, BTOB was first nominated on music show with ‘Beep Beep’, but they were much later than colleagues who debuted at the same period.

BTOB did not give up. In 2015, Yook Sungjae shot to popularity with his appearance on MBC ‘Mask King’ and KBS2 drama ‘Who Are You – School 2015’, and had led BTOB under the spotlight. With cover videos they have done since debut, BTOB’s skills were recognized and with their diligence, they started receiving explosive responses. And they finally shine on 8 April 2016, a turning point after a very long wait.


BTOB expressed their #1 thoughts, “Even though we have out first #1, it’s still unbelievable till now too. We’re really thankful, and fans seemed to anticipate us crying..(but) #1 after four years.. It is indeed something worth crying for, but because our happiness is even larger, we laughed instead. After so many years of not getting #1, there’s not much feels lingering (to get #1). For a 4-years-old group, isn’t it difficult to be normal? If we were 2 or 3 years old group, perhaps we would be overwhelmed. But, now, we are simply happy.”

Cube Entertainment that has been witnessing BTOB’s first win on their public broadcast expressed their thoughts through a representative, “They are diligent in singing, diligent in acting, as well as in individual activities… those are impossible to be achieved by one person’s effort, but efforts from all of the members to reach the goals of BTOB as a team. There are no trees that can’t be cut after 10 chops (T/N: Idiom that says that with hard work, anything is possible).”

Most of the idol groups took their first win after growing their fandoms within the first 2~3 years of their debut. If they can’t shine within 3 years, their attention will be shifted to new boy groups – that’s the law of the jungle. BTOB has become the idol group that broke that law and recreated miracle. They have proven that perseverance and hard work will lead them to the top.


Please take out with full credits.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia


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