[BTOB’s 1480-Days Miracle] BTOB’s Beagle-ness is Proven!

Idol group BTOB has recently got their first #1 on public broadcast since their debut. Amidst the success, BTOB’s reality show that accentuates their ‘Beagle-ness’ is a strong force for their first #1.

BTOB’s self-produced reality show is positioned as one of the most influential (among many idol reality shows). They have attempted many forms of reality shows, from seasonal reality shows ‘BTOB The Beat’, ‘I will be your Melody’, and even short clips in ‘The Beat Extra’. Their Beagle-ness in reality shows, that is a total opposite of BTOB’s professionalism on stage, created a stronger synergy for the team.

Indeed, are BTOB’s beagle-ness stays even when the cameras are off? We ask Cube Entertainment’s video team leader, Lee JiSun to verify on their real personalities.


BTOB finally crowned #1 on KBS2 Music Bank on 8th April. It must be an influx of emotions for staff as well?
It is something that I have hoped for desperately for five years in Cube, so it is even more touching for me. It is a win that was achieved after a very long wait. Rather than seeing the members’ happy and bright looks, they have shown a calm reaction…somehow, I feel sad too. It feels like this #1 will be a turning point, a step front for BTOB, so I am happy with it. I want to help them until BTOB rise to the top.

BTOB took their first win on ‘Show Champion’, how was it?
During that time, staff cried more than the members themselves, so the members couldn’t cry. (laugh) The lineup was strong then, so we didn’t think that BTOB will get #1, but when they were announced first, we cried along with fans. It feels like those around BTOB cried more than the artists. This shows that there are many people rooting and wishing for BTOB to be successful. They are a team that really does their best, so I was even sadder when they couldn’t shine. Even off stage, they are a team that works diligently.

You have been working with BTOB even before their debut in 2011. It’s not a short period, how did you hang in there?
There’s nothing but the hopes for them to do well. I was assigned to BTOB since their debut. BTOB did not do well in the beginning, so I just hoped for them to be successful…that was how I came this far.

BTOB is a group known as ‘Beagle-dols’. You must have looked over them before and after debut. Were there prominent differences?
They have become mentally more distracting? (Laughs) They are always kindhearted, but previously they had awkward personalities (when being in front of the camera). Lately, they are more comfortable when shooting, so the audios always overlap in the video. The question that I asked frequently, ‘Is there anyone normal here?’ but nobody would claim that they are normal. (Laughs).

There must be times where you can’t manage their overflowing beagle-ness?
I hope there are more cameras around. There are times where there are lots of shoots needed to be done at the same time at different places. Even then, even with one camera around, the members would know and gather around that it. So, video contents for the reality shows are easily available anywhere anytime.

기자회견 포토타임에서도 비글미를 발산하는 비투비

In which aspect is BTOB better as compared to other idols?
They are like friends from the neighborhood. It’s the same regardless if the cameras are around or not. They are always funny and always kindhearted too. They are times where they’re stupidly kindhearted as well. I can say this honestly but because they are too kind and easily soften in the inside, there are times where people around them would feel upset for them.

What are the charms of each individual member when shooting?
Seo Eunkwang is really stupidly kind. He’s not afraid of ruining himself. He takes jokes easily from his dongsaengs. Lee Changsub is a real man to a heavenly extent. He has that humane beauty in him too. Even if he did nothing wrong, he would just apologize to lighten the mood. Lee Minhyuk has a meticulous side to him. He is a perfectionist and always has the awareness to perform professionally. Jung IlHoon looks as if he’s a chic guy, but he’s a mischievous person, like a real dongsaeng. IlHoon is also the most hardworking one when filming. Im Hyunsik is a real mischief too, but not many know about it. Playing a ‘sunbae’ is his concept. Peniel is an extremely mischievous person. He is a overflowing with jokes. It’s hard to gauge with Yook Sungjae. He is always here and there, uncertain when and where he would bounce out. He should be considerate to his body because of his popularity (due to busy schedules), but his mischief has gotten worse. He really likes his nickname ‘Yook-Jal-Ddo’. When the camera is rolling, the person who bring laughter to his Hyung’s is Yook Sungjae.

The member with the most beagle-ness?
What’s amazing is that, even off camera, BTOB’s order (in terms of beagle-ness) is the same as on camera. Yook Sungjae is a wall. Sungjae also helped created Changsub’s character. The most normal ones would be Lee Minhyuk and Peniel. Im Hyunsik’s beagle-ness is strong too. He’s the style that would bring laughter to everyone in a still room. Not many knows about Hyunsik’s beagle-ness. This year, I intend to make it Hyunsik’s year. If last year was Changsub’s year, this year, it will be Im Hyunsik’s.

What is the secret to BTOB’s first #1 win after four years?
They worked hard as a team and they did not give up. During the album productions, they give their everything for all songs. They are always giving ideas and always funny. It is hard for us to withstand from not laughing when filming them. We must bite our tongues regardless how. When it’s really difficult for us, we might laughed too. It happened before.

With this opportunity, what would you say to BTOB publicly?
You are always working hard, so even if you stay like this, I am really thankful too. And I hope you won’t be pressurized as well. Just say honestly if you have anything to say and thank you for always doing your best.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia



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