[10Asia] Cube’s Video Team Leader, “There are pressures to be funny”

What are the efforts put in by the video teams when producing a reality shot for idols? To know more of this, we have met up with Lee JiSun, the team leader of Cube Entertainment’s video team. Lee JiSun has been working with BTOB since 2011, and is the person for the birth of almost all BTOB’s videos.

The most important thing in video production is editing. Where do you place your focus in editing?
I don’t make BTOB funny. There are pressure for BTOB to be funny, so do I. I mainly elaborate on scenes that are funny. Since the members themselves have funny personalities, I tried to save that in the videos. Subtitles and sounds too, contains a ‘BTOB feel’. I want to show the dynamics when viewers read the subtitles,

If you were to choose the best video so far?
It would be ‘trying not to laugh’ game during ‘Thriller’ promotions. It was inspired from a video where mid-schoolers were trying not to laugh. The video was edited without subtitles but fans included subtitles in the video. Currently the video had 1.5m views. I’m really thankful to the fan who made it.

Fans’ re-edited the contents of the video is also an advantage of a reality show?
In the past, videos are wholly made up of behind the scenes clips. But with fans re-editing the videos, it creates a marketing effect in which we are greatly inspired from, thus we tried adding subtitles and sound effects to make it more exciting, like a variety program. ‘The Beat’ series started out like that too. There are many talents among fans too. We are aware that points which were not captured in the video was re-edited and eventually, showing the charms of the members. There are many times where fans discovered something exciting where I couldn’t see. It felt like there’s a cooperation built up between us. We get the ideas from fans, while also monitoring all videos made by fans.

As you film for the reality shows, you must have found more charms of the artists
That’s the reason why we developed into movie contents. For ‘I will be your Melody’s case, it was tailor made to enhance BTOB’s strength. We have pride in ‘I will be your Melody’. It is a program where BTOB really concentrate on. For the latest season, we intended to skip Sungjae’s cover since he was busy, but he said he wanted to do it first.

There must be vast volume of footage, it’s sad that not all can be shown.
There are many of those which were not aired. (Laugh). From ‘The Beat’, there are bonus cuts, including those makings that were not released but was revealed through a story-telling manner. Honestly, there are high volume of videos, but we can’t release all of them. We have chosen from the vast amount effectively.

There could be much changes with the increased usage of portal sites, internet and smartphones.
We are always keeping abreast of it. As the season upgrades, so are the members too, but we have to be upgraded too. In ‘The Beat’s case, we are taking a rest for this promotions, and we plan to release the videos in an ‘extra-cut’ manner. Like how ‘snack culture’ is growing, we will release videos of 3 to 5 minutes, little by little.

The video team must have worked a lot to make it funny.
When we were in Japan, there is a large grocery store called Don Quixote and there are many interesting props there. We brought the members there, and bought toys like mic and dodge ball with our personal budget. For more expensive items, we would claim from the company but we usually buy the smaller items. Regardless the size of the items, BTOB would just make full use of them. They are a team that can create laughter just with a piece of paper.

If you have a word to the fans who watch the videos?
We are working hard to upload more videos, so we hope that you won’t hate us. If we were to simply release all videos, it would not be a well-made video. We think a lot for BTOB as well. We will be doing better, so please look after prettily. We are doing it diligently. It won’t be done if we don’t have passion for it. We are happy when you leave comments like ‘ㅋㅋㅋ’

Give an advice to those who would want to venture into this field.
It is not an easy job. You will suffer even more if you come in just to look at celebrities. It would be great if you start out by loving videos (editing). Once you are longer in the industry, cooperating with the artists becomes important. If there is no cooperation, it would be awkward for the person filming, same goes to the person being filmed.

Cube is creating an in-house video system too. What would you hope from the company?
Due to tight schedules, there are many videos that were made under tense time constraint. It would affect the quality of the videos too. It would be a pity to rush for deadlines. We hope that they will be able to provide a little more time so that we can increase the quality of the videos. We hope they give the support to raise the quality of videos.

Lastly, what is the aim of the video team?
We dream of producing a solo variety show on broadcast with BTOB as the leads. For me, BTOB fills up the table, and I would just need to decorate it. (T/N: A proverb that says, not much needed to be done because it is prepared/provided)

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia


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