[TV Daily] 2015 for Cube Entertainment

수고했어2015 큐브엔터테인먼트

2015 was steady for Cube Entertainment. From 7-years-old idol groups BEAST and 4minute to just-debuted CLC, Cube has consistently releasing new albums every month. Although there weren’t much special issues, (Cube artists) have shown consistency in occupying top spots on both digital and music broadcast charts.

In 2009, Cube succeeded with both notable idol groups BEAST and 4minute, thus, being named as the ‘dinosaur’ agency. In recent years, however, it was unfortunate as there were no ‘top class’ idols apart from these two groups.

Despite that, artists under Cube continued promoting, and even debuted rookie girl group CLC this year. Cube’s consistency finally draw positive results. BTOB’s increasing rise in the entertainment industry, are runners of the new generation for Cube’s future. At the same time, CLC’s upcoming album in early 2016 is another project worth anticipating.

Unique vocals are chosen as the main features of Cube artists. Cube has produced the colors of a group by gathering a wide variety of vocals, thus, giving them the advantage to demonstrate their presences even if they are without the team. Last year, BEAST’ ballad track ’12:30′ that emphasizes each vocal color and 4minute Hyuna who is capable of emancipating trendy vocals despite not being a lead vocal have proven this formula. In addition, sub-sub-sub vocalist BTOB Yook Sungjae took the entertainment industry by surprise with his stable singing on MBC variety program ‘Mask King’, which is an element for having a wide range of vocals. Cube’s maknaes, CLC, were no exception too, as they accumulated experience and confidence even before their debut through busking projects.

티브이데일리 포토


◆ Indeed 4minute and BEAST

4minute was the start. In January, 4minute unveiled pre-released track ‘Cold Rain’ followed by their 6th mini album ‘Crazy’ in February that took control over the entertainment industry. Same titled title track ‘Crazy’ and its strong performance took the spotlight as the only song that emphasizes ‘girl crush’ for the year of 2015.

4minute’s solo act Hyuna, who is known for her sexiness, had a perfect year as well. In August, her mini album ‘A+’ was yet again another strong contender on the charts. With the help of BTOB Jung IlHoon’s featuring, the track further reinforced her title as ‘The Sexy Queen’.

The popularity of ‘Roll Deep’ continued even till the end of 2015. On Gaon Chart’s Social Chart, the track took the coveted #1 spot. She was also the only artist under Cube who was awarded ‘Best Performance’ on MAMA.

4minute member Jeon Jiyoon’s late participation on Cable TV Mnet ‘Unpretty Rapstar’, created her presence as a solo rapper, and raised anticipation for her upcoming activities.

티브이데일리 포토

BEAST’s activities were amazing too. First of all, Jang Hyunseung released his first solo album ‘MY’ in May, and put on an impressive stage. Through title track ‘Ma First’, he completely released his own distinctive colors, apart from duo group with Hyuna ‘Trouble Maker’. Jang Hyunseung’s not sexy, but freestyle performance gained good responses. Deviating from digital or broadcast activities, but the aim to ‘find Jang Hyunseung’s colors’ was a success.

In July, BEAST released 8th mini album ‘Ordinary’ with title track ‘YeY’. Although Big Bang, SHINee , Girls Generation and other top lead idols took the charts, BEAST  did not fall far.

Apart from this, the meeting between member Yong JunHyung and ballad group Noel created a new synergy. In November, Noel’s ‘In The End’ produced by Yong JunHyung, swept most major charts at #1. Yong JunHyung’s true worth as a ballad composer was proven.

티브이데일리 포토

◆ Rediscovery of BTOB? This is now the start  

After 4minute and BEAST, Cube’s idol lineup is even concrete with BTOB’s growth. 2015 was ‘BTOB’s year’ as they successfully caught all three rabbits ‘Music, Acting, Variety’ in 2015.

In June, BTOB released their first full album ‘Complete’ and title track ‘It’s Okay’ came in #1 for the very first time on music charts. Despite the hot battle of girl groups, BTOB’s ballad as a factor that differentiates turned out to be a successful strategy. In October, BTOB released their 7th mini album ‘I Mean’ and once again position themselves with ‘Way Back Home’.

Apart from BTOB’s group activities, they are showing positive returns with individual activities too. In particular, Yook Sungjae’s active participation on ‘Mask King’, ‘We Got Married’, KBS drama ‘Who Are You’ and SBS drama ‘Village:Achiara’s Secret’ was amazingly impressive.

At the same time, Jung IlHoon showed involvement in featuring works, including Hyuna’s ‘Roll Deep’, Wax’s ‘Wind Watch’, and Jeon Jiyoon’s ‘Don’t Change’ on Unpretty Rapstar. Lee MinHyuk further raised recognition for his writing skills for fellow colleague ZE:A in their title track ‘Continue’ as well as his acting in webdrama ‘Nightmare Teacher’. Seo Eunkwang and Lee Changsub also created their presence on variety shows.

티브이데일리 포토

◆ The Anticipation for Cube 

In March, CLC made a debut with their first mini album ‘First Love’, followed by a digital single ‘Eighteen’ in April and 2nd mini album ‘Question’, spending a busy first half-year.

‘Innocent Concept’ CLC showed potential for success as they are capable of delivering a combination of  stylish outfits, addictive chorus, and attractive choreography.

티브이데일리 포토

In September, Roh Jihoon returned to the music scene after a year and 7 months with his 2nd mini album ‘Feel’. His vocal colors that suit the autumn and lovable melody garnered positive responses. In addition, five out of six songs were composed by Roh JiHoon himself.

Other than the artists mentioned, in 2016, it is predicted that Shin JiHoon and G.NA shall return with a comeback. The return of both female soloists are highly anticipated by fans.

티브이데일리 포토

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Daily


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