[Herald Financial] Cube Ent, Revenue ₩7.7Bil… 22%↑ from last year

Cube’s Q3 Financial Report:

  • Revenue: ₩ 7,717,650,000
  • Operating Profit ₩ 650,230,000
  • Net Profit ₩ 702,800,000


  • Compared to Q3 2015 (same quarter last year), Revenue increased by 22.4%
    Compared to Q2 2016, Revenue increased by 45%
  • Revenue (accumulated up to Q3) is ₩ 16,386,850,000 (15.5% higher than last year same period)
    Operating Profit (accumulated up to Q3) is ₩ 1,005,760,000


Cube Entetainment expressed, “In the first half year, due to a one-off fees for SPAC merger and other listing processes, the operating profit had seen a loss. If to take that out, the Q3 position of the company is extremely positive.”

On their Q3 Financial Report, “As a result of active promotions of our main artists and revenue generation from other new businesses, as compared to first half year where we focused mainly on rookie artists, in the 3rd quarter, Beast, BTOB, Hyuna and other main artists are actively promoting in and out of Korea.”

“Recently, BTOB, which houses trendy idol Yook Sungjae, have been gaining strong domestic fandoms and CF love calls. Their successful Japanese activities further adds to a better results. In addition, CUBETV which was launched on 1st July this year have been seeing revenue generation, thus facilitating a stronger growth in revenue.”

Meanwhile, Cube Ent plans to have over 20 overseas concert in the 4th Quarter for their main artists. Cube Ent also expressed aspiration to see a stronger revenue from video production business (ie CUBETV). Furthermore, the establishment of Cube Japan, Free-Duty Merchandising agreement and China Local KPOP Academy launch, shall see a positive increase in coming performance.

CEO Park ChungMin expressed, “After our first year report announcement, we promised that Q3 will see a turnaround, and we have fulfilled that promise. In the future too, in order to meet shareholders’ expectation and trust, we will focus on accelerating our efforts for Cube Ent to be a robust industry player.”

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Herald Financial


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