[Xports News] ‘URS2’ Jeon Jiyoon’s unfortunate leave despite strong growth

5A weak start but a perfect ending as she tells the world not to change yourselves.

In the previous episode of ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’, Jeon Jiyoon stood on stage with BTOB Jung IlHoon and rapped to ‘This Ain’t Me’. Although she was defeated by KittiB, her energetic rap stage was memorable.

Having to join the cast abruptly in the mid-phase of  ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’, Jeon Jiyoon’s ‘Cube title’ and ‘Naega, Naega Hae’ had led to concerns among netizens. Unlike season 1, season 2 sees more of idol cast like Wonder Girl’s Yoobin and Sistar’s Hyorin. As a result, her appearance was not happily welcomed. In fact, Jeon Jiyoon was on the brink of elimination.

Regardless of her troubled situation, Jeon Jiyoon walked the road of endurance. To Jeon Jiyoon, her innocent charms caught attention of the viewers, although her rap skills were not as amazing as the other rappers.

Jeon Jiyoon lived up to viewers’ expectation. Within a few episodes, Jeon Jiyoon became the most improved contestant. Her teamwork with Yoobin in the battle mission overturned her dark history of ‘Naega, Naega Hae’ and had led them to the coveted #1.

Her latest performance, ‘This Ain’t Me’, is the product of her growth. ‘Do not change yourselves because of others’ perception’, ‘You said boldly to take off the colored glasses on idols, but people will only tint their colored glasses even more. I will accept myself, that is my strongest weapon’ and other honest raps that viewers could relate to.

Although she was eliminated at the semi finals, Jeon Jiyoon’s challenge to be on the show is filled with meaning. There are no other rapper in the cast that could develop tremendously in this short period of time, which is why, Jiyoon’s leave from the show is even more unfortunate.

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Jeon Jiyoon’s improvement in every episode is really amazing. Yesterday’s stage was really cool. Also, I think there are many things for me to learn from. Because of her strong mentality, she isn’t defeated easily and has positively showing a better look. I felt that she’s a really amazing person. I will support you!!

Because of her fast growth, I’ve been watching the show continuously. I liked Jeon Jiyoon’s stage more than KittiB’s so it’s sad. Look forward for you in the future!

I’m honestly a fan of Jeon Jiyoon after watching this season of Unpretty Rapstar. She did not give up and was determined, cool and looks kind too. Her dumb charms are unlike any celebrity, it makes me smile. Hope she would continue to develop further! I will support you, Hwaiting!

Although I’m sad that you were eliminated, you did well!! I’ll be looking forward to your better look. Seedy Hwaiting!!

It’s not evil editing, but perhaps it’s because she was her true self, kind Jiyoon tends to show!!! Hope you will do well!

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Source: Xports News


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