[Vogue Girl] CLC Maknae Jang YeEun

1Maknae’s Age:

18 years old

Maknae’s Personal Belongings:

I’ve only brought along my tumbler with me. It is a present from our leader unnie. I like cold water. I brought it filled with water and ice from the dorm.

Maknae’s Recent Activity:

Because it isn’t our promotion period, we had spent time more easily. I’m practicing rap and singing, as well as working out. Sometimes, I spend time with my family and meet friends if I’m in school. I am a second year high-schooler. I like talking with friends at school, to share interesting talks. I am amazed when friends personally arrange and covering songs or music instruments.

Maknae’s Blood Type:

B blood type. All the unnies are A type. I am more comfortable at talking straightforwardly. If there are anything unnies would want to talk to me, they would consult each other, so that I won’t be hurt.

Maknae’s Role:

Everyone’s vitamin? I have a bright side, so people around me would be excited if I am excited. The unnies said I’m like a father too. It seems like I am taking care of the unnies. “It’s okay, just trust and follow me.” Like this. Looking at how gentle the unnies have become, there are people who often ask if I am the leader.The good thing about being a maknae, rather than ‘because she’s the maknae’, I could enjoy people saying ‘although she’s the maknae.’ The unnies would always give me chance to choose something first. I think that our unnies are the best. I am always thankful.

Maknae’s Playlist:

I’ve just realized it recently, that I have 15 songs from IU sunbaenim. I like songs that gently moves your heart. I also would like to recommend songs like ‘Your Meaning (‘너의 의미’) and ‘If Love Passes’ (‘사랑이 지나가면’). Not just IU-sunbaenim’s songs, but also the original song as well.

Maknae’s Ideal Type:

A person that gives you a good vibe at first impression. There are people who would get close to you easily even if they are strangers.

Maknae’s Dream:

That are many things I want to do. Compose, music broadcast MC, acting and more. But, now it’s CLC first. I hope that the day to hold a CLC concert would come soon. Another small wish other than activities, is to visit different landmarks. Although I am not good in history, I like learning about them through visiting historical sites and palaces. Yesterday on a date with my mother, we went to ChangGyungGong too.

Maknae’s Viamin:

My family. I rely more on my family than friends. Although I would love to meet all family members, meeting alternately and going to different places one at a time with my mother, father, and sister is fun too.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Vogue Girl


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