[E Daily] Jeon Jiyoon regrets making an appearance on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’?


The following were delivered by Jeon JiYoon’s agency, Cube Entertainment. Currently, Jeon JiYoon is part of the rappers cast on Mnet survival program ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’. Jiyoon, who is a rapper of girl group, 4minute, bets her pride in the rap survival program

Jeon Jiyoon is preparing for a fierce return. While she was on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’ all this while, she wasn’t been able to show a noticeable success. It is true that it is disappointing. During her first appearance on the show, the rap she had showcased, ‘I’ll be, I’ll be, the winner’ made the other participants laughed. In episode 7, Jiyoon received the lowest score in a team battle with rappers Exy and Kasper. In an instant, KPOP top girl group 4minute’s rapper has slumped to being labelled as the worst rapper. Pride dropped instantaneously as well. Some even argued that her image was damaged for being on the program.

Cube Entertainment was in a mess as well. Despite strong determination, the results reaped were not as expected. On another note, ‘evil editing’ became an issue of its own.

Jeon Jiyoon’s response was surprising. Although receiving harsh ‘below expectations’ response, she is on fire. A representative from her agency spoke to E Daily Starin, “Since her first recording on the show, she clearly understands that the results were far than satisfying. She is also fully aware of the bad responses she is getting from the viewers. However, she’s sharpening her knives in order to make a grand reversal,” they expressed. Jeon Jiyoon is not regretting going on the show, instead, it is revealed that she is persevering through the competition.

“Jeon Jiyoon has that type of personality, that she won’t give up mid-way even if she’s unhappy with the results. It is not a full death yet. She is ready to show her true self in the remaining episodes.”

In a recording that took place recently, noticeable results were shown. Jeon Jiyoon’s story for her lackluster performance so far as a girl group representative was heard on the recording site. It was hinted that she look back at herself calmly and raps the process of overcoming her hardships while being on the show. In fact, Jeon Jiyoon garnered good comments during a previous 1:1 diss battle with Kasper, even though she was announced to be the loser then.

‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’ is now moving towards the end. There isn’t many battles left. Will Jeon Jiyoon draw a full-stop with her disappointing results, or will she be the hero of a successful reversal?

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Her raps are lacking but her mental and perseverance, a different side of hers other than results, is amazingly attractive.

She’s cute. Good, work hard for it in the future

Wow… Jeon JiYoon’s personality is really really really really attractive. She has a strong mindset… I find Jeon JiYoon’s raps fine and good though.. Regardless of how the results are, have strength till the end!!! Good Luck, it will turn out fine!!

She has a good personality, a pretty face too. I’m looking forward.

Wow, her mentality is the best. Really good personality.

Giving up means he/she acknowledges her lack of skills, but working even harder will grow your skills little by little. And one day, he/she is definitely going to have great skills. I like her mentality. Hwaiting!

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: E Daily


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