[CUBE] Roh JiHoon – 2nd Mini Album ‘感‘ Tracklist

  1. I Can’t Recall
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, PABAKI
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by Yoo Jungho
    Description: Expresses the emotions of a man who returns to his ordinary life and emptiness felt after a breakup with his lover.
  2. If I Were You
    Composed, Arranged by Breadbeat, Sinho, WONDERKID
    Lyrics by LUVAN
    Description: R&B Pop Style. Honest and overwhelming lyrics for his lover. Gentle vocals and emotional melody that suits the autumn. A song that appeals the sweet charms of Roh JiHoon, as a ‘Ballad Male God’
  3. Sweet Girl
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, FERDY
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by FERDY
    Description: A lovely love song to capture the girl he has fallen in love with, at first sight.
  4. 7th September
    Composed by SYNC PROJECT, Roh JiHoon
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon
    Arranged by SYNC PROJECT
    Description: A song that is likened to a letter after a man sends a precious person away.
  5. A Song For You (Feat Shorry)
    Composed by Roh JiHoon, GEN NEO (Of Noizebank)
    Lyrics by Roh JiHoon, Shorry
    Arranged by GEN NEO (Of Noizebank)

The album revolves around the main theme ‘Love’, which includes honest stories of ‘Fluttering’, ‘Departure’ and ‘Pain’.


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