[StarNews] CLC’s Summer Look

Upon moving into Summer, we took the chance to meet up with five girls in denim. CLC who has just debuted not long ago talks about their wishes of becoming a group that receives everlasting love, just like ‘denim’ which is timeless and always chic. (Please click here for pictures)



“I recommend wearing thin knits over denim pants to give out a feminine denim look. Add a refreshing straw hat on top and you’ll have a romantic vacation look. Like the charms of a denim, in the future too, I will show myself with many charms.”

Birthday: 12 August 1996
Nicknames: Rabbit, Yu-mouse
Favorite food: Healthy Korean food
Precious item: My handphone and mp3
Charms: Lively and bright charms like cider
Future goals: I will work even harder so that my past 4 trainee life will shine brightly. When all the 5 of us are together, I believe we will do well wherever we are.


“I enjoy casual denim look with eyelet blouse  and a T-shirt. The fact that denim could match with whatever fashion reminds me of CLC members. Because the five of us perfects the stage as one even though we are 5 individuals.

Birthday: 10 October 1995
Nickname: 오리다 ‘It’s a Duck’  [T/N: ‘Oh’ represents Seunghee’s surname, ‘Rida’ means ‘leader’, but 오리다 altogether is ‘It’s a Duck’]
Favorite food: Pizza
Precious Item: Notebook is everything to me, since I do not have a handphone
Charms: I look cold on the outside, but I’m really a girl who is lively and silly
Future goals: Debut is not the end, but a start. I want to be CLC that will learn and do whatever with the most diligence.



“I like wearing white T-shirt with torn long pants or short denim pants. It’s a simple yet pretty look, so it is a style I like. The charms of being cute and mature at the same time… it seems like the various charms of denim is similar to mine.

Birthday: 10 August 1998
Nickname: Good example 짱예 [T/N: 짱 means ‘Best’, 예 (Yeeeun’s name) means ‘Example’]
Favorite food: Watermelon, Spicy rice cake
Precious Item: Fans’ letters that feels with thankful messages
Charms: The maturity of a ‘Reversal Maknae’ unlike her age
Future goals: To be a musician that communicates with fans. I want to show music that everyone can relate to.


“My favorite denim look is high-waist denim pants and short cropped T-shirt. It looks amazing with this combination. Like the timeless ‘Hot’ denim look, CLC, too, wants to be that group that receives many loves.”

Birthday: 18 November 1996
Nickname: Clever Sorn
Favorite food: Chicken
Precious Item: Tint that gives the best brightness
Charms: Clever Sorn that knows 4 languages, dance, singing and variety
Future goals: I want to be a capable singer that is known not just in Korea, but also worldwide.


“Denim hot pants complements the summer looks the most. It is a must to be always bright and having a bold energy. Style is my secret to my confidence.

Birthday: 6 November 1996
Nickname: SeungMong, SeungMonkey, Mongkey
Favorite food: Pizza, spring roll
Precious Item: iPad which I had won from a game
Charms:Bold confidence anywhere, anytime
Future goals: To bring out CLC and Jang Seungyeon’s very own colors.

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: StarNews


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