[Sports KH] iHQ-CUBE to Launch Specialized KPOP Channel CUBE TV

On the soon to come July 1st, iHQ will launch its very first KPOP specialized channel ‘CUBE TV’.

iHQ media director Jeon YongJu expressed, “The newly launched CUBE TV will be a globalized channel in regard to the growing popularity of the global KPOP wave, hence the slogan ‘Beat to the World’. In particular, we aim to capture viewers in their 10s~20s through various platforms, such as mobile and web that optimizes a responsive real-time broadcast.”

CUBE TV is a production with iHQ’s subsidiary Cube Entertainment. It is a program that will focus on many domestic artists who are at their pinnacle. Moreover, it is the first ever collaboration between a broadcast company and an entertainment agency.

Founded in 2008, Cube Entertainment houses artists BEAST, 4minute, BTOB, CLC and gagman Kim Kiri and is now one of the major entertainment agencies of Korea. In 2013, it sealed a strategic alliance with iHQ, and had recently made their debut on KOSDAQ.

Park ChungMin, the CEO of Cube Entertainment expressed, “On CUBE TV, we firmly believe that the synergy generated with our artists will be great” and, “By meeting KPOP demands in the global market, we look forward to CUBE TV as it brings us closer to be a global entertainment company.”

Meanwhile, as part of CUBE TV launching program, fans can look forward to idol group BEAST member-and-producer Yong JunHyung and his musical journey with his buddies in ‘Yong JunHyung’s Good Life’, BTOB’s very own variety show ‘BTOB SHOW’ and the real and raw variety show of Cube’s latest family addition, CLC, in ‘Beautiful Mission’.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports KH


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