[CECI] Curious about CLC’s summer!

‘CLC (CrystaL Clear)’ carries the meaning of bring as clear as a crystal and to show an unchanging charms like crystals. It came to our attention that the members dedicated to practice playing instruments for their busking performances. Not only that they emancipate an always bright and lively energy, they are a group with great musicality. (Photos)

CECI: Today’s concept for our pictorial is ‘Summer Vacation’. What do you think about it?

Seunghee: It’s summer, and I wanted to go and have fun. Through this shoot, it seems like I have that feeling, and therefore, I feel good about it. I think it is healing.

Yeeun: Last summer, we went to Gapyeong and stayed in a pension house together. (Today’s shoot) Felt like this.

CECI: Prior to your debut, you’ve shot uniform CFs, and lately you shot for a beauty CF too. There are many girl groups, so what do you think is the reason for CLC receiving so much love?

Seunghee: Prior to our debut, we performed at Hongdae walkway. We carry out busking project to raise funds for children with mental disabilities. However, as we felt that we weren’t able to help much with our strength alone, we looked out for sponsors who are willing to cooperate with us. That was when we created our relationship with the brand ‘Shoemarker’, and even shot a CF together. The same goes for SMART uniform too.

CECI: Wow, it seems like the saying ‘repayment come back to you when you do good deeds’ comes true here. How/when did you thought of starting the busking project?

Yujin: When we were trainees, we did many charitable works. We picked up litter around Han River, delivered charcoal briquettes and went to nursery centers. So, one day we got to know about children with mental disabilities at a private hospital in Seoul. Music is what we do best, so, we started busking.

CECI: If you were to choose the most memorable performance?

Yujin: We hold our busking event every Sunday. There are times where it’s snowing and sometimes the temperature drops to -12 Celsius. But we still did it since it’s a promise we made with those who come to our performance.

Yeeun: On that cold day, there were 8 fans who came to watch his. Now, too, we still see them at our fan signs. They are like family to us.

CECI: The busking experience could be a competitive edge of CLC over other girl groups.

Sorn: When we prepared for busking, I and Seungyeon play the guitar, Yeeun takes over the Djembe, Yujin with the percussions and Seunghee handled the piano. We worked really hard in practicing.

Seungyeon: It’s our first time busking, so there are times where it was difficult for us to match with each other when we are practicing. We became sensitive and cried many times too.

Yujin: Therefore, we became even stronger. All of us have a strong greed for music. Having able to grow closer with fans and communicate with them at a short distance and perform.. it became a better opportunity for us to do so.

CECI: How was it like standing on the real stage after debut?

Sorn: We practiced the choreograph before debut. As we monitor our first stage, it felt like expressions are really important. We realize the need to have acting skills.

Seungyeon: Fans would cheer our names when we are on stage. Listening to my name being called out was such an amazing thing (laughs)

CECI: There must be lots of advises given by your outstanding Cube seniors?

Yeeun: All five of us were back dancers for G.NA-sunbaenim’s song ‘G.NA’s Secret’. G.NA taught us what to do in order to appear pretty on camera.

Seunghee: BTOB Jung IlHoon-sunbaenim wrote our album track ‘Caffe Mocha, Please’ and ‘Close the Windows’ while Rain-sunbaenim gave us ideas to our choreograph.

CECI: Sorn, you’re from Thailand, but you are very good with your Korean.

Seungyeon: Sorn is really good in language. She knows Mandarin, Thai, English and Korean.

Yeeun: When we first met, we converse using body language, but now she’s really good at it.

Sorn: If I want to show that I am good at, I would need to learn the Korean language first. Therefore, I worked very hard for it.

CECI: All of you are living together in a dorm?

Yeeun: Yes. It felt like we’re on a school trip. Especially Seungyeon-unnie who will show many different sides of herself in the dorm. She’s the atmosphere-maker. On stage, she is filled with charisma, but she’s a comedian in the dorm.

Sorn: We watch movies till late nights and have conversations while hugging our pillows.

Yujin: If we need to resolve any misunderstandings, we would gather around and talk until 6 in the morning.

CECI: What roles do you play in the dorm?

Yeeun: Seunghee-unnie likes cleaning, so she is in charge of clearing the fridge. (laughs)

Sorn: She’s in charge of fashion. Before leaving the dorm, we would always ask her. ‘Unnie, is this okay on me?’ and she would give her advice, whether to wear or not to wear them.

Yujin: When we were trainees and there’s month-end evaluations, the five of us need to choose our own outfits. Every time then, Sorn will rummage through her closet.

Seungyeon: Sorn’s closet is like Doraemon’s pocket. She has many outfits that look like stage outfits. Yeeun and Seunghee-unnie would be in charge of cooking!

CECI: What type of dishes? Girl groups might have a hard time, given their strict diet plans.

Seungyeon: We focus around diet food. Chicken breast with fried rice or marinated Konjac of similar things like that. (Every time they cook), it would be like party time.

Seunghee: My proper dishes other than diet dishes can’t make their debut. (laughs)

CECI: How was the members’ responses?

In unison: It’s really delicious.

Yeeun: Honestly I take a long time when preparing dishes. (Laughs)

Seungyeon: There was once where she wanted to buy chicken slices so she want to the mart and bought bread crumbs and other ingredients. For a long while, the oil smell was all over the dorm and we just couldn’t stop asking when can we eat.

CECI: Maknae Yeeun’s emancipates a vibe like an adult.

Seungyeon: Yeeun is different from normal maknaes. She has a very strong sense of responsibilities. She’s always, “Unnie, let me do it!’.

Seunghee: There’s a video where she said to her fans, ‘Cars are passing by, be careful.’

CECI: Wow, a style that everyone wants to befriend with. (laughs)

Yeeun: I feel that I need to take care of things around me. In the dorm too, I would sleep at the door. In case if a thief runs in, I would stop him as fast as possible (Laughs)

Seungyeon: Maknae is CLC’s reliable ‘father’.

CECI: So who is the ‘mother’ of CLC?

Seungyeon: Seunghee unnie!

Seunghee: If I am the mother, Seungyeon is the eldest daughter who do things sincerely. Sometimes, she’s determined to do it. Well done, my daughter.

Seungyeon: Yes, Omma! (Laughs) Yujin triggers our intention to protect her, so she’s a maknae who needs care, while Sorn, she is a cute puppy. (Laughs)

CECI: What are your hobby when you’re at home?

Seungyeon: I don’t like staying quiet. Even when I am receiving my make up, I would move all the time. I climb mountains on my rest days.

Yujin: I want to be feminine so I would go to coffee shop or bakeries and study there. I have a weak body, so I would make detox juice too. Seunghee unnie likes to read poetry.

CECI: Each of you have a variety of charms. So, what is the color of the group CLC?

Yeeun: Pastel or vivid color that suits everyone and to be a group that is always cheerful.

CECI: Lastly, what is your aspiration for your debuting for 50 days?

Seunghee: We will definitely do everything with our earnest will. Lately, we are thinking of showing what type of looks for our next album.

Please look forward to the newly returned CLC!

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: CECI


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