[OSEN] BTOB, after Yook Sungjae, Seo Eunkwang? The Rediscovery of Idol Vocalists

Idol group BTOB riding their word-of-mouth title idol team with ‘The Best Vocalists’, are becoming a hot issue.

Appearing on ‘Masked Singer’ previously, Yook Sungjae’s charming mid-low vocals attracted attention and raised attention for the group he’s in, BTOB. On that show, he mentioned, “My singing is the most lacking in the team. I’ve been busy following after Hyungs,” thus raising many music fans to relook into idol’s best vocalist group BTOB.

The first to follow after, is none other than main vocalist Seo Eunkwang and his cover song he sang recently at a radio program, which was immediately a community talk and gained good comments. The video in question was from KBS Cool FM ‘KPOP Planet’ in April whereby Seo Eunkwang was invited by DJ Im Hyunsik as a guest. Seo Eunkwang’s ‘Singing ‘She’s Gone’ while sitting down’ video has belatedly become a topic.

In this video, Seo Eunkwang sang Steelheart’s famous song ‘She’s Gone’ while sitting down. He perfectly nailed the high notes that raises goosebumps. In particular, Seo Eunkwang’s funny expressions yet showing an exceptionally well singing skills, including his skills in hitting the neverending high notes, had left the eyes of the other guests wide open.

Seo Eunkwang is the main vocalist and the leader of BTOB. He is also the charming guy of BTOB, filled with a good personality and entertainment senses. However, when he’s on stage, Seo Eunkwang’s emotional side and powerful vocals take over, which is a 180 degrees from his initial image. He also acts as the main driving force for BTOB’s title as a capable idol group.

Yook Sungjae’s appearance on ‘Masked King’ has gained Seo Eunkwang a spotlight at the same time. This was because music fans are already well aware of his singing skills. Seo Eunkwang have been showing his solid skills on broadcast, radio, online videos, singing cover songs, and thus, was already a well-known capable singer through mere word of mouth. With Seo Eunkwang, as well as the vocal and rap units of BTOB, gaining the attention off and online, there is a strong expectation for BTOB’s upcoming activities.

Meanwhile, BTOB is preparing for a new album and have been attending domestic and overseas activities. Yook Sungjae also plays the role of 4D Gong TaeKwang in KBS2TV drama ‘Who Are You – School 2015’

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN


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