[STARAZ] BTOB Interview with STARAZ

BTOB have shown a cheerful side through your 6th mini special winter album ‘Winter’s Tale’ with title track ‘A Winter’s Tale’. It seems like you want to show a special concept for this album?
Eunkwang: It is our first time attempting a winter season song since BTOB’s debut. We tried our very best to bring the atmosphere alive while showing a cheerful personality. In contrast to a strong performance, we wanted to add more excitement by performing in relaxed manner, and without any burden, to sing a comfortable carol song where all age groups can enjoy.

In particular, the title track itself was composed by Hyunsik and IlHoon. What are your thoughts for having your first self-composed title track? What do you wish to show?

Hyunsik: I am active in composing songs most of the time. But it seems like I had even more fun producing ‘A Winter’s Tale’ with IlHoon. As much as it contains our joy, the song was my satisfaction too.

IlHoon: In order to bring out the warm winter atmosphere of ‘A Winter’s Tale’, we refrained from using electronic sounds. Instead, we used various of instruments to create a magnificent feel for it. It is our wish to have this title track a representative winter carol song for each winter.

How did the members rate Hyunsik and IlHoon’s composed songs?

Sungjae: I love it so much when I first listened to it. The song was repeating in my head, and the more I listened to it, I grew attached to it. It was warm and it soothes the ears while its melody was fresh and fun.

Minhyuk: All these while, Hyunsik and IlHoon have been diligently producing songs on our album. They are friends who have already gotten a knack at it and are members who are representative singer-songwriters for BTOB. As how they have always been, the song did not disappoint at all.

The song had gained good responses on music charts too. What are your thoughts?

Changsub: Prior to ‘A Winter’s Tale’, we have actually pre-released ‘You Can’t Cry’. The song rose to top 10 moments after it was released. Our happiness could be verified through the members’ Twitter accounts (Laughs). ‘A Winter’s Tale’ followed suit, and soon enough we have both songs on the charts I am happy that the public seems to like the songs a lot.

The stage costumes for ‘A Winter’s Tale’ left a strong impression too

Peniel: ‘A Winter’s Tale’ has a lovely and joyful atmosphere. In order to emphasize that, we went with a slightly brighter image. We wore costumes for ‘Disney Characters’ and that had left a huge impact. (Laughs). Wherever we go, we would keep hearing about out stage outfits.

MinHyuk: When we were younger, we would often wanted to wear these cute outfits. And so, we have decided that ‘A Winter’s Tale’ was the right time for us to try out. We even tried pastel-toned coats, cute gloves, Harry Potter school look and even skiing fashion, and we are satisfied that many people love it a lot.

Eunkwang once spoken about fungus in the dorm. But is there anything that  good in the dorm?

Eunkwang: To be honest, it doesn’t really matter much if the dorm is in good or bad condition. These inconvenience are just a very small part. As compared to that, I really like to live with all the members under one warm roof. The very first space that left me felt that all seven of us are ‘Family’ is none other than our dorm. Till now too, I value all the memories that were made every moment in this dorm. They are memories that I won’t forget.

Noel has named BTOB as the juniors that they often look out to. Were you aware of this? They mentioned that BTOB had left a strong impression on them when you sing Noel’s songs. What do you feel about their comment?

Hyunsik: During our trainees time, we often listen to Noel-sunbaenim’s songs and even sang them. We have a self-made series called ‘I Will Be Your Melody’ where we receive suggestions from fans to cover certain songs. We covered their songs as well. Just recently we heard that Noel-sunbaenims watched our video. Although it is far to be compared with the original song, we are honored and thankful for their good comments.

What is ‘Real Man’ to Yook Sungjae?

Sungjae: Motivation! After leaving for ‘Real Man’, I felt that I can now overcome difficult schedules. ‘So it’s like this after returning from the army’, I often had this thoughts to myself. (Laughs) I went for training in the cold weather. Since then, this winter doesn’t seemed to be as cold now. Thanks to ‘Real Man’, I’ve felt many things, and I learned how to always keep a positive and diligent mindset.

Hyunsik, you have challenged to be a DJ for the first time. I’m curious on what you think. Were there any episodes?

Hyunsik: My father (singer Im JiHoon) is currently an active DJ and that had nurtured me to be a DJ someday too. I was therefore very happy when I heard that I was a fixed cast on ‘KPOP Planet’. Although I have yet to show a lot of myself on radio each week, I hope to DJ comfortably while playing good music to listeners.

Eunkwang has been showing a 4D personality recently, and even appeared on many variety programs. What is your motivation?

Eunkwang: Rather than 4D-ness, I went with my usual self, and this seemed to have brought joy for the viewers. To make others laugh is something special, in my opinion. And it’s amazing as well, so I just try my best at it.

I’m curious. Are you interested in acting?

IlHoon: Hmm….Acting is something that I have yet to have sufficient experience, so I can say I am vaguely interested in it. However, music remains a more important part of my life and I don’t think I have the talents for acting, so I don’t really have the greed to act.

It must be hard for you during the new year when you will miss your family and America. I heard that during middle school, you went with a bob hair cut. Was there any special reason for that?

Peniel: I am always missing them. During festive seasons or holidays, all the members would return home and I would be alone in the dorm. That’s the time that I would feel extra lonely. But then, I have friends and members who are always looking out for me by my side, and that gave me strength. And the special reason for my haircut… I don’t think there’s any.

What other aspects that you are keen to try out as your individual activities?

Changsub: I am very interested in terms of vocals. So I hope to produce a collaboration, featuring, singing drama OST or having duet activities in the near future. Also, if there’s an opportunity, I would want to try to be a radio DJ. I could recommend great songs that are relatable and have fun with it.

During a radio talk show, Changsub was said to be the person who likes skinship the most. So who hates skinships the most among BTOB?

All the members: Sungjae and IlHoon!

Eunkwang: IlHoon is already known to hate skinships since our debut. It was aired during a program. Secretly, Sungjae hates skinship as well, but Changsub, on the other hand loves to attach to Sungjae all the time. It’s very interesting just by looking at them. (Laughs) Both of them would bicker just like elementary school students and that’s really cute.

2014 was a meaningful year if we looked back at it right now. One of them must be your first solo concert. Please say a few episodes or thoughts back then.

Sungjae: The memories are still vividly in our minds. We performed on all sizes of stages but to sing 3 hours of our own songs, and to spend these time with BTOB’s fans… these are our first. Fans who came to watch us were cheering for each of us while singing along to our songs. We didn’t realize how tired we were whenever we see fans’ looks, thus we held it with lots of fun.

MinHyuk: Tears started forming when I see the slow blue ocean and slogans filling up the Olympic Hall. I was being scolded for weeping throughout the opening song and ment section.

Lately, BTOB had donated firefighting gloves to firefighters. I think it is a rather unique type of donation. What’s the reason for donating gloves to firefighters?

Eunkwang: We happened to read a post written by the wife of a firefighter online. It includes contents about how the facilities in fire rescue departments were in bad conditions. Hearing that they lack of firefighting gloves, thoughts of helping them, even a little, came to mind. Although it is an embarrassing, we bought firefighting gloves and requested our company to send to the fire rescue department.

Is there any possible unit activities?

Changsub: Till now, we have not shown BTOB’s whole look. Although unit activities would be fun, we want to show more impactful looks that we have as a whole.

What are each of your goals for 2015? 

Eunkwang: To get #1 on music programs and to show the true worth of BTOB to the whole world.

MinHyuk: BTOB to get #1! I hope 2015 will be a year where we will do better.

Changsub: I hope to bring more happiness with my voice.

Hyunsik: I hope that I can work with the members like we usually do and have no regrets as we carry out our activities.

Peniel: Our #1 on music program!

IlHoon: To produce amazing songs, to make amazing music, and to be an amazing person.

Sungjae: To be a Yook Sungjae that can bring a ‘healing’ effect to everyone!

Your future activities?

Sungjae: At this moment, we will keep pace with ‘A Winter’s Tale’s promotions. We will then attempt in various aspects such as MC, acting and variety so that BTOB will be a rising star. The members will work hard in individual activities and to appeal with various charms.

Lastly, please say a few words to ‘STARAZ’ readers.

BTOB: ‘STARAZ’ readers! We want to thank everyone who had given us your attention and encouragement. In the future, BTOB will be restlessly! Diligently! Happily promote. So, just like now, please give us your continuous support. I love you 

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