[Glam Gempak] Minhyuk to Bangsar in Sneakers!

When I received news that he agreed to provide an interview on Glam Gempak from my contact, Yeonsoo in Cube Entertainment, I couldn’t hide my excitement. It was an achievement to see this segment of Inspi-Glam becoming more exclusive.

For this edition, Glam Gempak is in honor to bring in actor, personality, model and popular idol group BTOB, MinHyuk to speak about himself personally – which is the synonymous with the definition of ‘Versatile Style and Music’.

The following was my interview with him – the Personality of December.

Minhyuk BTOB – Inspi Glam Disember

GG: What’s your definition as an idol to millions of fans out there?

To me, idol means responsibility. It is my responsibility to be a good role model to everyone. It means working hard for your dream and always persistent to be successful although that may come with a little pressure. At the same time, I am always learning and improving myself in terms of physical strength and mentally.

GG: Describe you and Music in 5 words.

Music: All there is the genuineness
Minhyuk: L.O.V.E me

GG: To me, music is capable of changing someone’s life. As a person who is familiar with this, what do you think about this?
True. I am sure that everyone experience it at times, where we would be touched and cry as we admire the traits of music and its melody that it delivers. I felt it too. I feel calmer and fresher. Music is indeed something that can change the landscape of a person’s feelings. Regardless sad, or the other way round.

Minhyuk BTOB – Inspi Glam Disember

GG: Interesting. What exactly makes you have this impression of music and fashion in Korea?
It’s a unique variation that reflects the true spirit of South Korea.

GG: Talking about suits, do you have any routine before choosing a suitable suit?

Minhyuk: ‘Fit’ is the main factor. To me, style starts with the word ‘FIT’. With that, the bearer of the suit will match the it, and the suit will perfectly fits to its owner. If not, it will look like a young son’s wearing his father’s clothes (laugh). Personally, I like clean cut suits.

GG: If you have the chance, will you wish to work with any designer in Malaysia one day? And if so, what style would you choose?

Of course I would so so if I have the opportunity. I never limit myself to one style, especially when it matches my personality and style. It would be optimal if the style evens out the ideal body proportion.

GG: How would you style yourself when you’re not working? Imagine walking in Bangsar (One of the cool spots in Kuala Lumpur).

Hurm… Maybe I would wear casually and comfortably. If I were to drink a coffee in Bangsar, I would wear shirts of a cardigan over a tank top, matching it with shorts. For footwear, I would for a pair of light sandal or sneakers.
GG: A Must Item in your bag?

– Hand Cream
– Smart Phone Charger. So I can keep my smart life continue (laughs)

– Earphones. I will feel lonely without music when I am resting

GG: Lastly, please say a few words to your fans in Malaysia.

Minhyuk: Please continue to support and love BTOB and myself too (laughs). I am impatient to return to Malaysia again!


Please take out with full credits.

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Glam Gempak


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