[10Asia] The Potential and Possibilities of BTOB through ‘The Winter’s Tale’


Idol group BTOB had spent a happy winter as they showed their potential through ‘The Winter’s Tale’. BTOB had finally concluded promotions for ‘The Winter’s Tale’ on 24th January, after their last stage on ‘Music Core’. Spoke with Seo Eunkwang on 23rd January earlier, leader Eunkwang expressed, “We have spent a happy winter. Sadly, (it has ended), we hope to promote soon.”

BTOB was emancipating their cute charms through ‘The Winter’s Tale’. With fantasy characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Pooh Bear, the members of BTOB took the highlight with a rather unusual fashion. In addition to their cute charms, BTOB attempted a various of concepts on stage, including winter warm guy image and uniform fashion. Yook Sungjae happilly added, “I think fans love the fact that we tried a cute concept. I feel that the age groups of our fans have grown too.”

When asked about their favorite stage outfits, Yook Sungjae was quick to say “Red uniform”, which was agreed on soon by Lee Changsub. Immediately, Yook Sungjae refuted, “Then, I’ll change. (I prefer) Blue uniform!” which brought the interview into laughter. Jung IlHoon also pointed out his fashion, “This time, I’ve worn glasses, and I think many fans love it.” On this day, Jung IlHoon attracted gazes with his Harry Potter look, wearing a pair of glasses in his uniform. They were satisfied that they were able to try on characterized costumes and animal costumes. BTOB thankfully expressed their gratitude to the stylists who worked diligently for their stage outfits. Jung IlHoon revealed, “In order to get the details of our stage outfit, our stylists actually watched videos. All of us really like these stage outfits.”

‘The Winter’s Tale’ has a deep meaning for the members of BTOB. It was revealed that the song was a self-composed track made by BTOB representative composers Im Hyunsik and Jung IlHoon. Seo Eunkwang explained, “Although it’s our first self-composed title track from our members, fans and the public in general love it. Personally, it felt like through this song, it has completed a color of BTOB. We would be utmost happy to see and anticipate another self-composed track from our members in the next album.” When asked to what extent was the level of satisfaction, Yook Sungjae answered, “It’s a 50%. I think it’s a turning point that can show BTOB’s personalities. The remaining 50%, we will fill them up now”


BTOB is a musically exceptional idol group. Seo Eunkwang, Lee Changsub, Im Hyunsik, Yook Sungjae form the vocal line – a unit that carries outstanding vocal talents. Meanwhile, Jung IlHoon, Lee MinHyuk and Peniel showcased another different charm with their personalised raps. Through these years, the members of BTOB have been actively involved in the writing and composing of the album tracks. They are essentially a group that nurtures in the music field. BTOB even held a small-scale music concert, titled ‘I will be your melody’, showing colors of their musical talents.

Last year, BTOB accumulated experiences in their solo concerts, as well as performing on music concerts and small theaters. Seo Eunkwang expressed his thoughts, “Personally, I think that performing in theaters was an exciting experience. We could show each and every of our individual stages. I’m really proud to show the musical side of BTOB.” Hyunsik agreed, “I have always wanted to perform in small theater house. And that wish came true, I am really happy about it.” Yook Sungjae even expressed his wish to hold a nationwide tour too.

The mini concert ‘I will be your melody’ was a product of BTOB’s cover songs which were uploaded on their official Youtube channel after receiving suggestions from fans. Not only that, BTOB gained love with their self-produced reality program ‘BTOB – THE BEAT’. It’s usually hard to gain responses through online contents, but they did not fail to grab the attention of online communities. Seo Eunkwang even gained his popularity as a funny person, a character that is different from his performing personality.

Concluding activities warmly, BTOB aspired to get their first #1 on music shows with their next promotions. “If we can’t get #1, I will be the maknae!”, said Changsub. Lee MinHyuk continued, “We will walk up the stairs.”

After ending their promotions, BTOB will be entering into overseas promotions. Seo Eunkwang hinted, “The official activities so far would be Japanese promotions. Although there are no exact period for our next local promotion, we will work hard writing for songs and preparing for that to come. It’s also possible to have more overseas promotions too.”

Not forgetting the fans, “We are really happy to be a BTOB member. Because there are Melody, we have gained strength.”


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia


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