[XportsNews] BTOB, “This year, we look forward to #1!”

Last year, shining idol group BTOB had promoting aggresively, as compared than any year since debut. Started off with ‘Beep Beep’, followed with ‘You’re So Fly’ and to their latest Christmas self-composed track ‘You Can Cry’, BTOB even held their first ever solo concert this year, marking 2014 as a meaningful year for themselves.

We met up with cool guys BTOB before their goodbye stage performance on Music Bank on 23rd January and had the opportunity to speak to them.

Seo Eunkwang expressed his thoughts, “We have spent a happy winter since we were able to release a winter album. Our last stage is coming soon, and it’s a little regretful. We hope to be able to return with a different album soon” and, “We felt that this song completes the colors of BTOB. I’m looking forward to our next album.”

Yook Sungjae continued, “We have filled BTOB by 50% through this promotion. I believe that, in the future too, a developed BTOB will be another turning point.”

This time round, BTOB showed their warm boyfriend-looks through winter special album ‘A Winter’s Tale’. On stage, they are always showing exciting characters and emancipating fresh charms. Not only the usual activities, BTOB even took part in Naver StarGuest ‘BTOB – The Beat’ that allows them to approach fans with their genuine selves – from ‘A New World’ parody to ‘Friend-Link’, showcasing their hidden ‘variety-dols’ charms.

The members agreed that Eunkwang has shown a lot of his funny sides. Eunkwang, in turn, praised Hyunsik, “Unexpectedly, Hyunsik has been showing some surprising personality too. I think his new looks had gained him some fans.”

Yook Sungjae said, “I think fans have loved us even more since we are doing a cute concept. Fans’ age group has increased too.” Lee ChangSub continued, “As we tried different stage outfits, it had left a strong impression on fans. I’m happy that fans like it.”

When asked about the most memorable situation last year, Im Hyunsik spoke as he reminisced of their first concert stage, “I’ve always wanted to perform instruments on stage, but it’s really different when you really do so in reality. It was my dream to perform in a theater and that had come true. I’m satisfied and proud. I hope that we could hold mini concerts around the nation,” he expressed his wishes.

Now that BTOB has entered their 4th year, to them, a number 1 on music shows would perfect the picture. The fact that they weren’t able to obtain number 1 through this promotion was regretful for the members. They unanimously shouted ‘Number 1’ as the biggest wish that they hope to realize this year.

Lee Changsub expressed, “If we can’t get #1 with our next album, I will be the maknae!” His sudden promise took the members aback. Quickly, he came back to his hyung-persona, “We have achieved up to #3 with ‘Beep Beep’, we will go up the ladder with our next album,” as he said full with aspiration.

Seo Eunkwang hinted on their next activities, “First of all, we will be heading for Japan promotions. Although there’s no exact plans on their next album yet, we will work hard for it.”

Lastly, BTOB made a promise to fans, “We will be active on the official fan cafe. Fans, thank you for your cheers. We’re really grateful that Melody are with us”, not forgetting a warm message to fans as well.

To BTOB, they have musically broaden their spectrum and showed a variety of faces of themselves. Now, filled with fans’ expectation, they’re ready to run to the peak of the entertainment industry.


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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Xports News


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