[Nylon] My name is…. Yook Sungjae!

(This interview was found in the October issue of Nylon, ie prior to their comeback and before his casting on ‘Real Man’)

Making his shiny debut as an actor in ‘Nine Boy’, Yook Sungjae, illuminate the world with his name, which coincidentally means ‘Star’. When you look at him as an example, you can really say the proverb that ‘One lives like his name is’ is indeed true.

How have you been lately?
I’ve been receiving lots of attention out of the sudden – everyone keeps calling for me. I appeared in ‘Nine Boy’, ‘Global Request Show – A Song For You Season 3’, ‘HyungDoni and DaeJooni Hit Maker’ almost at the same time. I’ve been repeatedly waking up at 5am and spend one whole day of busy schedule for a month. Yet, it was a blissful month.

It seems like your goal to get more loves have increased even more?
Of course. Lately, as I walk on the streets in pretty outfits during my off day, I love it when I catch people’s attention. Haha.

After appearing on ‘Nine Boy’, there are more people who knows you?
The drama helped a lot. I wanted to be called as a title and I’m really glad that I have the opportunity to be in ‘Nine Boy’. Other than my motivation to be an actor, the bluff character somehow suits my real self too.

What do you mean by ‘bluff’?
Someone that loves himself will be more handsome. So at times, I would look at the mirror a few times and give myself compliments like ‘You’re looking good’. When I have the time, I would research on the best angle to portray my face in pictures. I love it. Haha.

So that’s the reason why you are referred to as the member with the best photoshoot among BTOB members?
I think it’s because I tried out many angles. I will accept any compliments from people around me. I rarely am humble. When anyone calls me a handsome guy, I would agree by saying, “Of course!”

You appeared as a sportsman. So did you pay more attention to your body?
It’s shabby now but earlier in the production, I had quite a fine body. I did PT like I never have done before. I ate only chicken breasts and eggs for one whole month. It was tough, but once you’re working out, you’ll understand why. If you’re working out, you’ll expect more changes. I’m having this same mindset, but it’s hard to keep up lately due to busy schedules. After the drama ends, I will be continue to work out…because I want my body to be good at least once.

You might be receiving this question quite frequently in the near future. Have you think of yourself like in the story line of ‘Nine Boy’?
I was a ‘Nine Boy’ last year and had spent those days quite busy myself, so I don’t really remember that feeling. It’s tired and tough after a day’s work and there are new programs to adapt too. I spent my nineteenth year well, with dramas, variety shows and even receiving proposals to be an MC.

You are mature for your age. Are you sure you’re just 20 years old?
I’m a 20 years old..20! Isn’t it better to work hard? Isn’t it better to experience tough and tired times alone? It’s not good to show flaws to others. Although sometimes, I do feel that I’m a little mature myself too. Haha.

You dislike showing your flaws to others despite being exhausted?
Yes. It’s not professional of me. It’s hard to control your expressions when you’re in a difficult position. I think it has gone better, right?

It seems like you have prepared your own speech…
I’m saying it because it’s my genuine thought.

Okay! I acknowledge that you have a good mind! But, why are you so persistent in every job?
Nothing particular about it. It’s because they are all interesting jobs. Photoshoots, variety shows, having solo stage have always been my dreams. I’m realizing them one by one nowadays. It will be even more exciting in the future.

You’ve been accepting quite lot of jobs from different areas and might much criticisms everywhere, don’t you feeling tired?
You may find it weird, but rather than praises, I prefer criticisms. I might hate it at first listen, but once that is resolved, it becomes an opportunity for me to learn.

As compared to who you really are, which would you feel is ‘overrated’ and ‘underrated’?
I think it’s because I’m always laughing, so the overall public tends to see me as a good person. Of course, I’m a nice person, but at times I’m foolish, so please don’t see me as a good person only. On the other hand, I feel that I’ve been underrated as not being good in sports. These talks hurt my pride.

I thought you would be a person with many jokes… I’m surprised to see you’re saying this seriously.
It’s all because of ‘Hit Maker’ that I have this image. I am a person with lots of thoughts!

People sees you lightly because of your funny video on Youtube?
It was an act without much thoughts, when the video went online. Haha. Was it the ‘Mermaid’ video?

You mean the mermaid video where you move with your body?

It had recorded over 40,000 views. After it was revealed, I was given a nickname ‘육잘또’….A nickname that is precious to me.

What does it mean?
‘Yook Sungjae is a handsome lunatic’… Hahaha.

I don’t think I will be forgetting that name. What do you think of your variety senses?
I don’t think I have any… though I just do what I can easily do (in variety shows).

And it was amazing…?
I’ve heard many compliments on it. Haha.

Who’s your role model?
Erm. In terms of singers, I love deep voice like Jung JunIl, Kim DongRyul-sunbae. If we’re talking about actors, Lee JaeHoon and Lee Minki-sunbae. I want to be good in each categories like all these sunbaes are.

I have seen you impersonating these singers that you have mentioned. It was quite well done, though? I laughed very hard while watching them.
I decided to be a singer after looking at Kim DongRyul sunbae. He has a good tone and I tried to (Impersonate) him. I didn’t know the response would be this good.

Looking at the role models you’ve chosen in terms of acting skills, it seems you love those who does well?
I like actors who act in a natural way. We have to first lose ourselves before we can really live a character. If you work hard for it, it’ll turn out to be awkward and boring.

So which is your favorite shoot so far?
Whenever I’m with BTOB members, these will always be my favorite shoot. Although I have many individual schedules, but I’m awkward when I’m alone.

If there’s a shoot that you wish to do?
I would like to try out ‘Roommate’ or ‘Real Man’.

Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Nylon


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