[OSEN] BTOB Fills Up 2-Hours Solo Concert with Skills and Dazzling Performances

Idol group BTOB hold their first ever concert two years after their debut in the entertainment industry. Towards this, the members expressed, “Safety is the most important aspect. We are touched to have our first concert. Let’s spend a good time.”

BTOB will be holding their concert, titled ‘Hello Melody’ today at Seoul Olympic Hall. They revealed that they will be singing ‘WOW’ and ‘Thriller’. “Safety comes first. Let’s not get hurt and have fun today”, they reiterated.

Debuted into their 2nd year, Eunkwang revealed that it is their first concert after 2 years and 7 months since their debut. “It’s a precious concert that means very much to us.”

Changsub said, “It’s a solo concert that we have waited for a very long time. As it is our first concert, we will work our very best for it.” IlHoon continued, “I think it’s a concert that can be done because of Melody. Thank you,” with his grateful gaze.

Eunkwang smiled as he showed his happiness, “I’m really happy. We shall spend a good time together!” and Sungjae too, “Many have come to support us. Our efforts paid off.” MinHyuk and Hyunsik further gave their greetings to their fans, “We’re touched and happy too!”

During the press conference held before the concert, leader Eunkwang explained, “We contributed each of our ideas and prepared earnestly for it. We worked very hard to bring great performances to those who have waited long enough for us” and “Although we’re nervous, we will do our best.”

He continued, “We have a strong passion for music. If you listen to all of our album tracks, you’ll see our developments through every of our self-composed songs. We are going towards the direction where we will explore deeper for our love for music.”

Hyunsik smiled as he added on, “The secret is with Cube” and Minhyuk agreed, “Rather than a secret, it’s our gratitude for our company. We are really grateful that we have this opportunity to hold our concert. Because there’s Cube, this concert is possible. And so, we are even thankful for this.”

When asked about BEAST, BTOB has revealed that they have tried very hard to differentiate themselves from their seniors.

Eunkwang stated, “BEAST-hyungs are really amazing as a group. When we watch at their performance, it will stay in your head for a very long time. At those times, it gives us the encouragement, especially to improve in our live skills. We often frustrated on how to differentiate ourselves from them.”

Hyunsik added, “BEAST are the beasts, while I think we are slightly livelier.”

The seven members appeared on stage in their black suits and danced to ‘WOW’ and ‘Thriller’, heating up the atmosphere of the venue. They followed with a greeting as they expressed their grateful hearts to fans who have supported them tonight. BTOB continued to grab the loves of all with their skillful performances, as they prove their capabilities through this concert.

Other than performing group tracks like, ‘Irresistible Lips’, ‘When I was your man’, ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘You are my Angel’, ‘I Know Nothing But Love’, ‘Star’ and ‘Never Ending’, the members also showcase themselves with solo stages.

Peniel flaunted his manliness with a sexy performance, especially dancing the ‘American Dance’ with female dancers. Jung IlHoon harmonizes with Joo with ‘LOVE’. He showed his ‘Hip Hop Kiyomi’ with his freestyle raps. Lee MinHyuk sang self-composed song titled ‘Do You Know Who Am I’, proving his rapping skills.

Meanwhile, vocal line Yook Sungjae took on a stage that shows a different side of himself. He sang Kim BumSoo’s ‘Please’, serenading the fans on the audience seats. Eunkwang sang ‘Like That Day’. moreover, Eunkwang and Sungjae performed a duet stage with PSY’s ‘Gentleman’, creating a sea of laughter among fans.
Through this solo concert, BTOB once again captured the hearts of their fans with exceptional skills and interesting dance performances. Days after their concert, the seven members will be leaving for Japan for their Japanese single ‘WOW’. Even before their official debut in Japan, BTOB has taken over Towers Records with their single charting at #1.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: OSEN (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)


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