[10Asia] BTOB Yook Sungjae, A Rising Star in acting and variety shows

사진제공. tvNIdol group BTOB Yook Sungjae has made his first stepping stone to be a successful actor with ‘Nine Boy’.

Although Yook Sungjae made his first short appearance on tvN ‘Reply 1994’, tvN ‘Nine Boy’ was his first drama that had him as part of the lead characters. He worked alongside A Pink ChoRong and even serenaded with his very own voice, besides flaunting his solid abs on the show.

Prior to the last broadcast of ‘Nine Boy’ on the 11th of October, Yook Sungjae met up with 10Asia. “As I monitored my parts, I felt that there are still many rooms of improvement. I’ve really learned a lot through this production”, expressing his thoughts before the show wraps up. He continued, “On set, I’ve learned whereto stand during over-shoulder scenes and at scenes where a double is needed. It’s my first lead character, so I was burdened but nevertheless, I had fun throughout the progress,” he expressed his interesting satisfaction.

In the first episode, he gained attention for his ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ scene. Yook Sungjae laughed, “Early that morning, I thought I was going to have stomach ache” and he continued, “It was really tiring after shooting Judo scenes, but towards the end, it helps me to focus much better on the shooting.”

BTOB member Im HyunSik, who was present, praised his acting skills, “I think he acts well” and followed with Lee Changsub, “I heard that some called you the God of Acting”, giving their encouragement. Yook Sungjae further explained, “In order to shoot that scene, I’ve really practiced a lot. I tried to recall myself when I’m in the toilet, and observing my expressions. I even recall memories when I had a bad stomach,” he said. Yook Sungjae worked hard in acting, putting in his own personal experience for just one scene in the drama. His diligence shows the proof of an acting idol.

Yook Sungjae who will be concluding ‘Nine Boy’ will focus on promoting BTOB’s latest title track ‘You’re So Fly’, as well as participating in a special episode on ‘Real Man’. From acting to singing and even variety shows, Yook SungJae is indeed a ‘Man with Rising Popularity’ these days.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia


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