[IlGan Sports] Cube’s Vice President Noh HyunTae, “‘Order and Discipline within Freedom’ is our motto”

(T/N: This article assumes that Cube Entertainment will be going on a listing with WooriSpac2 soon. Recent news,however, stated that Cube will not be cooperating with WooriSPAC2 due to internal problems. Listing process may therefore be delayed.)

Cube Entertainment is a prominent KPOP global brand that has seen visible growth. Founded in 2008, the relatively new entertainment agency has been making remarkable expansion, and is now standing shoulder to shoulder with SM, YG and JYP Entertainment. Currently, Cube Entertainment houses singers BEAST, 4minute, BTOB, unit group Trouble Maker, gagman Kim Kiri, including Rain, Roh JiHoon, Shin JiHoon, actor Kwak SeungNam in their wholly-owned subsidiary, Cube DC. Cube Entertainment has gained a sales revenue of 22.9b Won last year.

Recently, BEAST has accelerated their promotions in Japan. Last year, they signed an agreement with one of Japan’s largest advertisement company, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, which were a subsidiary of Hakuhodo DY Group, with a guranteed 8b Won of income. This momentum has driven them to make an entrance to the stock market. We have met up with Cube Entertainment’s Vice President Noh HyunTae to discover the burning motivation of Cube Entertainment that fuels their ever-growing pace.

– The company has been founded for 6 years, and listing on the stock market is right before your eyes.

“This is as a result of President Hong SeungSong’s know-hows and network, employee’s passions and artists’ sincerity coming altogether. In the past 6 years, if we were to describe Cube, you may perhaps call it as ‘a  light that never dies’. The company was always running and continuously challenging to run further. In order to preserve Cube’s identity, which is ‘to be different from the rest’, we have attempted new challenges. As such, being ‘the first’ has a very deep meaning for us. We were the first entertainment agency to hold a KPOP Concert ‘United Cube’ (2011) in South America, our first unit group Trouble Maker (2011) was launched successfully too. 4minute even became the first girl group to hold a solo concert in Europe (2014). As we attempt, there were many errors and problems too, but it was an exciting and priceless experience. It is intriguing and therefore, we work even harder.”

– What is Cube’s motto?

“It’s order and discipline within freedom. Cube is rather a family-like community. Artists and staff communicate with each other very often. President Hong often talks with artists at the same eye level, to gain more understanding and feedback. Therefore, BEAST, 4minute and others often refer him as ‘Father’. Although we do emphasize on a free atmosphere, we have a strong awareness of being different from the others, and that raises our strict requirements.”

– Other than BEAST or 4minute, Cube’s future may need to depend on rookies as well.

“That’s true. As we lead with groups like BEAST, we have to raise rookies too. We have about 20 trainees whose age ranges from primary 3rd year friend to teenagers in the early 20s. Though we have yet to decide on a date to debut a new girl group, we are in our final phase in setting up the team. We are also in the midst of setting up a male rookie team.”

– What would be the strength of Cube’s training system?

“I personally think that it’s humanity classes. In reality, technical classes like dance or vocals doesn’t make a difference with other companies. Other than raising stars with a global brand name, we emphasize on bearing a responsibility for the society. Therefore, we do volunteering works and have psychology and sex education classes. We started on charitable works primarily because of fans. As a token of appreciation for fans’ loves, we cultivate trainees to have a mindset to give back to the society. We do free concerts for hospitals, orphanages and many more welfare societies. If time is a concern, we would go to around CheongDamDong, which is near our office, to litter-pick. Also, because of the frequent visits overseas, we would teach them culture and etiquette of each country. Since we can’t afford to make mistakes. We teach sex education and provide counselling services on a regular basis. Although these may seem minor, it is important for trainees who debut at a later stage, so that they can grow into artists that do not forget about their priorities. An artist who has excellent techniques will fall if their inner self is not cultivate properly.”

 – If you were to describe KPOP’s future?

“I think that KPOP has a bright prospect. Although it has slowed down in the Japan market, there are teams that are achieving consistent results. The direction in Japan my seem uncertain for now, but I do not think that it will drop further. Due to political matters, the fandom could have decreased, but the remained are loyal fans. Other than Japan, the opportunity to expand is limitless, we have China, South East Asia and even Europe for us to explore further.

– What about the future of Cube Entertainment?

“We will be delivering many favorable news. In particular in regards to the new overseas market. First of all, BEAST and 4minute have captivated the South East Asia market since their debut. Although BEAST has lesser promotions in Japan due to local activities for the time being, their new single ‘Adrenaline’ has charted #2 on Oricon charts. With passionate responses from Japan, we will deliver more  news on Japan activities in the second half-year. Also, do anticipate BTOB and the upcoming rookies’ activities.”

– Will you be diversifying your business like SM or YG in the future?

“Yes. Just, in order to maintain sustainability and to improve our business success rate, we will prepare more earnestly first (before doing so). Through our cooperation with iHQ, do expect our synergy in drama productions too. Cube Cafe are currently in works to enter into the foreign market. We wish to come up with more fun and exciting things.”

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Ilgan Sports




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