[CeCi] G.NA’s Body Talk

Moving her body all around, G.NA is likened to a table tennis ball. She talks like a table tennis ball as she talks about her natural body. Mother, workout, puppies and more. It’s a natural talk like servicing and receiving the ball in a game of table tennis.

G.NA’s body profile
Height: 168cm
Weight: 52kg
Fats proportion: 17%
Most preferred body part: Hips
Body role model: Lee Sora, Jessica Alba
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CECI: Why are you moving here and there (She was stretching her hands while putting on makeup)

It’s my habit. My mother has a strong influence on me. She taught me to do abominable breathing when I’m brushing my teeth.

CECI: Ah, your mother was previously a swimming contestant.

That’s the reason why she’s keener than me in terms of weight management. My mum weighs 53kg at a height of 172cm.

CECI Do you move around a lot when you’re at home too?

I’m even busier when I’m at home. I have to chase after 4 puppies, I can’t even sit down for a moment!

CECI: Do let us know more about what you’ve learn from your mother in weight management.

It’s mostly a habit in life. Whenever I’m watching the TV, I would do 20 minutes of sit-ups. I don’t usually train muscles, and have never accepted physical training, but I know quite well about abs training.

CECI: Other than physical training, what other exercise do you do?

I’ve learnt Yoga. But working out intentionally to lose weight does not suit me.

CECI: Why would you say so?

When I was on diet, I weighed 45kg. My face was so thin, till the extent that no matter what I do, I looked like a sick person. My fats proportion was only 7%.

CECI: So, you won’t be working out so to maintain your weight now?

I’m paying more attention on what I’m eating now. I learn this from my mum as well. A human’s stomach is the size of a fist. If you eat more than this, your stomach grows and it’s therefore impossible for not to gain weight. It’s not that I don’t do exercise anymore, I’d still do stretching at home.

CECI: Your house is like a fitness center.

It’s important to have a space for working out regularly. My house has such space. I would lay down the mat in front of the mirror and wear a rubber band over my head while performing stretches. I’ve bought pink bands from Japan too.

CECI: Which body part is your favorite part?

My hips.

CECI: Any hip workout?

It’s easy. I do the same as the rest. The difference is that how one maintains muscle strength after exercise. It’s useless to use only our hips.

CECI: Are you referring to stretching?

Yes. A woman looks pretty with a long body and shapely muscles. In order to gain such muscles, stretching is a must. It’s impossible to have them through exercise only. Like just now, I’m always stretching. I think that Lee Sora eonnie has a beautiful figure.

CECI: Looking sexy yet healthy at the same time.

When I was a trainee, having a light body weight was an advantage. My friends starved themselves, but I didn’t practice that. I went for yoga and rope skipping instead. My face looks smaller now and I can’t drink coffee. Caffeine has a fat-burning effect. I understand that those who have similar activity level as me would lose weight very fast.

CECI: Some people intentionally drinks coffee before working out.

They would then perform rope skipping or dance and sing to about 6 songs with their MP3. It takes 30 minutes to complete that. Adjusting to the beat of the music is even harder than to jump continuously. As such, you’ll lose 7kg.

CECI: It looks like you’re quite satisfied about your current body state.

It has its good points and bad ones too. But I want to show you the way I am. I hope there would be lesser photoshop. I would just want to show myself.


Please take out with full credits

Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: CECI


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