[NAVER] BEAST, are they celebrities or artists? ‘All-weather’ idols

ㆍBoy group BEAST, an unusual group that presents ballad songs

In the music industry of South Korea, there are two distinctive differences in boy groups. It’s either the group is based on performance or a group that shows their one and only unique color. The former representative groups would be TVXQ and EXO, while the latter are Big Bang and Block B. The former ones had the vibe of a celebrity, while the latter showed more of an artist’s look. In a nut shell, boy groups these days are either one of these two types.

This year, BEAST who had debuted in its 5th year have shown their very own style. Recently, they have released title track ‘Good Luck’ and ballad song ‘No More’. Both songs have swept music charts and also awards on broadcast shows. Their emotional ballad track was well-received among public while they mesmerize fans with their upgraded and powerful synchronized choreograph. Moreover, member Yong JunHyung took charge as the composer and lyricist for the album. Experts from the industry have named them the ‘all-weather idols.’

It’s rare to see boy groups choosing ballads over dance music. Although it is undeniable that they have achieved great album sales due to their fandom power, BEAST has been stably rooted on top spots on music sites.  The mainstream music these days are all about dance or electronic songs. That said, it is hard for such songs to achieve a stable results as compared to other genres. The director general of Korea Music Content Industry Association, Choi KwangHo expressed, “BEAST who broke the myth of idols has a good quality in their overall music, which easily attracts groups of different ages to listen tot heir songs. Among idol groups that are promoting right now, (BEAST) has the largest spectrum of fans”, he explained.

Pop music critic Noh JunYoung analysed, “BEAST was inclined towards performance-based music in their early days, but they soon developed themselves further with each members’ unique vocals. Their live skills have improved greatly too” and, “Among many top class groups, BEAST is the only one group that excels in emotional songs.”

There are many groups who write and produce. Yong JunHyung started learning composing and writing skills when they were with S.Tiger during their early days. In 2011, Yong JunHyung took part in the production of their first official album ‘Fiction and Fact’, which was a platform for him to grow even further. Pop music critic Im JinMu explained, “BEAST is a team that retains their own style and music colors. They always produced independent and sophisticated music. I’m really looking forward to their future achievements.”

Even with their image and relationship in the team, BEAST members are already well-known to have a different chemistry than the other groups. SBS variety program Park SeumgMin PD expressed, “All six members of BEAST play an active part in acting, variety, MC and musicals. They are a versatile group that has one of the best synergy and teamwork among idols.” She continued, “Rather than having these distance with celebrities, BEAST has a friendliness vibe that attracts people around”, she added.

Met up with member Jang Hyunseung recently at KBS, he revealed, “When we are torn between challenges and fears of a change, we would want to communicate honestly with fans.” He added, “We would like to see our juniors wanting to be a team like us”.

Pop music critic Kang TaeGyu said, “Most of the music agencies and producers frustrates on how to differentiate themselves with the rest” and, “Music professionals are coming up with new ways to cope with differentiation issues as they look up to BEAST’s growing success.”

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Source: NAVER


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