[10Asia] BEAST Son Dongwoon made speech at Hallyu Conference, “We need to develop original contents”

'Beautiful'에서 손동운

“We need to develop our own original contents vigorously in order to penetrate the overseas market.”

Idol group BEAST member Son Dongwoon attended a Hallyu conference, titled ‘Korean Wave: Toward the Next Chapter’, which was held at KBS Radio Open Hall on 1st of July. Son Dongwoon expressed, “My father is a professor. I’ve seen him preparing for lecture. Now that it’s my turn to stand on stage, I feel nervous”, he expressed. He then gave a lecture for about 15 minutes on his topic, ‘K-POP Star, the current Hallyu situation in my eyes’.

Son Dongwoon expressed his thoughts from a K-POP star’s perspective at the conference. He said that there is a need to discuss on how to push K-POP one knot higher.

Son Dongwoon toured to all corners of the world, including South America. Gaining popularity from these experience, he further made his own analysis, “Self-producing groups like Big Bang and Block B are the secret to raise (Hallyu awareness). As they tell their true story, the music that they have produced can easily relate to the public at large.” He added, “The increase of SNS channels has allowed many people to search for new releases or music videos much easier.”

This conference was attended by various Hallyu-related government agencies and representatives from entertainment agencies, scholars and Hallyu stars. A total of 8 experts took to the stage with a TED-style lecture. Without a script, Son Dongwoon who appeared as a Hallyu star, calmly spoke about his humble thoughts, which further garnered attention.

First of all,, Son Dongwoon hoped for a long-term plan that would continuously maintain Hallyu in the future, as well as a vigorous development on original Hallyu contents. He said, “We often release existing songs but in different languages overseas. In truth, foreign fans already know well about the Korean version of it. Because of this, both song and choreograph do not have a competitive edge to it,” and “We, BEAST, too have met fans with a fresh new song in Japan,” he emphasized.

Secondly, he stressed that concerts have to contain substantial contents. Third, singers should understand culture of each country and to understand needs of fans and more in order to develop a strategic plan.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: 10Asia


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