[News24] Hyuna firmly against photoshopped nude pictures, “Not compromising”

While police are investigating Hyuna’s photoshopped nude pictures, agency Cube Entertainment expressed, “We do not have any thoughts of compromising. Hyuna is not the only celebrity who has faced the same situation”, they emphasized.

On 23rd June, Cube Entertainment representative spoke through the phone, “On the 12th, we have made a police report on the matter. They have started investigations lately. We will not forgive the person who spread the photo”

He continued, “Hyuna is not the only celebrity who faced such treat. That particular site had a discussion room specially for nude photoshopped pictures, and is famous for these uploads. This has further caused more damage to the situation”, he explained.

In fact, there are many more photoshopped nude pictures of girl group members and actress on that site. Since the server is from abroad, they were able to avoid facing legal issues once they were exposed on Twitter.

He also said, “Other celebrities took strong measures to avoid further damage to artists. Even if the person pleaded for appeal, we will not compromise as well,” he added.

Recently, a photoshopped nude picture of Hyuna was exposed online, which has brought harm to her damage. Cube Entertainment expressed that they will not step back from punishing the wrongful doers. They immediately requested for a police investigation on the matter.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: News24


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