[Star News] G.NA concludes promotions for ‘G.NA’S Secret’, Thank fans for great response


Soloist G.NA has expressed her thoughts on concluding her recent promotion for ‘G.NA’s Secret’.

Met up with Star News recently, she expressed “I’m happy to show at least one bright song in my late 20s”.

She continued, “Honestly, I was a little worried because I thought that many people won’t like the song, since the song is different from my personality. But they have been supportive of me. I’m really thankful to those who have given me good responses,” she added.

G.NA then spoke about her outcome through this promotions, “It’s my first time attempting a lively love song. So, I have gained higher hopes for love relationships. These thoughts came to me, ‘one day, I will have such loving relationship, right?”

She had also spoken about her dissatisfaction during this promotion, “It’s my title track after a year of blank period, but I’m a little sad that I could only show one image through one song.”

Lastly, she revealed a little plan of hers, “I will return shortly with a maturer look and a deeper song. You might see my face continuously appearing on broadcast or pictorials, I guess?”

G.NA teamed up with Duble Sidekick for her title track ‘G.NA’s Secret’ which was revealed last month. She had successfully concluded her promotions on 13th June.

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Source: Star News


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