[MBN] BEAST busy with their schedules prior to comeback

Moving from East to West, popular idol group BEAST are busy delivering schedules in both Korea and Japan for comeback and promotion purposes.

On 8th June, BEAST held a fanmeeting with fans in Kobe, Japan. On the 9th, BEAST returned to Korea for their comeback preparations. Despite busy travelling schedules, BEAST have confirmed their appearance on variety programs, including ‘Hello Counselor’ as well as music broadcast stations.

On the coming 14th and 15th June, BEAST will once again head towards Japan for another fanmeeting before returning to Korea for the release of their new album on the 16th. They will then enter into full promotions in Korea. Despite their busy schedules, BEAST members are determined to prepare their best for the soon-to-come comeback promotions.

Cube Entertainment spoke to MBN Star, “The company and BEAST members are aspired to show an album with even spectacular contents as compared to previous productions” and, “With our every release of spoilers, we gained strength to see that fans gave their love and anticipation for the upcoming album”, they revealed.

They continued, “The special rose stick event by fans during Dream Concert and the hot responses gained from spoilers released three weeks before the actual date makes us even more eager to greet them” and, “All the members and the company will put in our best effort, so please show your support and anticipation”, he added.

Meanwhile, BEAST have pre-released ballad track ‘No More’ on the 10th of June. ‘No More’ has inherited the responses by previous release of BEAST, such as ‘On Rainy Days’ and ‘Will you be Alright’. The song took #1 on various music charts, proving their capabilities.

Their 6th mini album titled ‘Good Luck’ will be unveiled on the coming 16th of June.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: MBN


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