[StarNews] 4minute SoHyun and BTOB IlHoon cast their very first vote today

“It felt like I’m really an adult now.”

Girl group 4minute’s youngest member Kwon SoHyun has put on a proud smile as she cast her very first vote today.

About 1.45PM today (4th May), Kwon SoHyun cast her votes in an elementary school around CheongDamDong.

In her white blouse and blue jeans, Kwon SoHyun revealed her thoughts, “I’m really nervous since it’s my first vote.”

Although she has been busy making preparations for 2014 Dream Concert which will be held on 7th May, SoHyun was determined to cast her precious vote today.

Kwon SoHyun expressed her thoughts with Star News, “I’ve already decided who to vote for after much considerations” and, “Having to cast my vote, now I felt like I’m an adult. And I’m proud of that”, she said.


Today, Kwon SoHyun waited for about 5 minutes in line with citizens from her neighborhood, before she successfully cast her votes.

Kwon SoHyun who completed the vote, expressed, “Since I never have the chance to meet up with the candidates, rather than their image, I gave my vote to the one that gave a better commitment” and, “Above all, I hope that more emphasis will be placed on a system that focus on students’ safety.”

Meanwhile, 94-liner BTOB’s Jung IlHoon cast his very first vote as well.

Together with his sister, singer JOO, Jung IlHoon waited in line for about 10 minutes before he entered the polling booth.

After voting, he spoke of his feelings, “My parents placed much emphasis on voting. Since it’s my first, I was quite nervous.”


He continued, “(When I was younger), I used to hope that I could vote when I turn older. Having to realize that thought now, I feel happy” and, “I think of voting as the rights and responsibility of a citizen of our country. Therefore it is something that we should participate”, he added.

Similarly, Jung IlHoon evaluated both candidates before his vote was cast, he explained, “Every night, I would read news on the current affairs of the country. I’ve cast my vote according to what I think”, he answered.

Other Cube artists, too, are supportive of the event, as they encouraged citizens to vote. BEAST member Yang Yoseob and BTOB member Lee MinHyuk even took to twitter to encourage citizens to vote.

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Trans; loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News (1) (2) 




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