[Newsen] Cube Voice Project Part. 2 – ‘Like That Day’ to be released on 3rd June

Cube Entertainment will be unveiling the second part of ‘Cube Voice Project’.

Set to release on all online charts on 3rd June, the title of the coming ‘Cube Voice Project Part.2’ is ‘Like That Day’ (tentative title). However, Cube Entertainment kept its mysteriousness as they did not divulge more information on the participating artists. Indeed, whose expressive vocal charms will be showcased in this song?

Previously, BEAST member Yang Yoseob and Cube Girls (tentative name) took part in duet song ‘Perfume’, which has started the ‘Cube Voice Project’. The fluttering love song that suits the spring has gained loves from many music fans.

The term ‘Voice’ in this unit project, implies a variety of vocals under Cube Entertainment to be rediscovered with a fresh new genre.

The next runner among many Cube artists, listeners are curious as to who will be presenting their unique charms in ‘Like That Day’.

This second digital single of ‘Cube Voice Project’ will be released on 3rd of June. ‘Like That Day’ is a ballad song that contains the heart of a person who wish for his love to return. The song was further enhanced with piano melodies and together with the vocalist’s vocals and desperate lyrics, this song is set to charm listeners.

Meanwhile, ‘Like That Day’ will be released on the afternoon of 3rd June.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen


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