[Newsen] BTOB passionately melts audience with ‘Bright Full Moon’ (Immortal Song)

BTOB has shown a new fresh side of old Korean song ‘Bright Full Moon’.

On 31st May broadcast of ‘Immortal Song 2’, BTOB gave an upgraded look to ‘Bright Full Moon’.

BTOB expressed their happiness to have their very first appearance on ‘Immortal Song’.

In an interview, BTOB expressed, “We are three times more nervous standing on ‘Immortal Song’ than on ‘Music Bank.'” And, “We debuted at a similar period as VIXX and EXO. We were really envious when we saw them on broadcast. (Immortal Song) Is a stage that we want to stand on desperately,” they confessed.

BTOB honestly revealed, “Although we have debuted for already 2 years, there are many people who don’t know us” and, “Someday we hope that music lovers will have heard of our name. That’s our dream.”

On this day, BTOB passionately sang to ‘Bright Full Moon’ with much effort. They did tumbling and many other hard choreographs, while putting on a stable live performance. The audience on set was infected by energy level of BTOB as they performed. They danced along as they enjoy the new reinterpretated song.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Newsen (1) (2)




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