[TV Report] BEAST Doojoon-Kikwang, ‘Soccer-dols’ to secure roles on 3 broadcast channels

Idol group BEAST has always been praised as ‘soccer-dols’ who masters both skills on the soccer field and futsal court.

BEAST member Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang are the only idols who have been actively recording without fail for three main broadcast channels. Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang, as well as member Yang Yoseob had participated in MBC special program ‘Idol Futsal World Cup’ and SBS ‘Running Man – World Cup Special’ on May 26th. By the end of that day, all three members had ran the whole field for one whole day.

Yoon Doojoon, Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob made an appearance on ‘World League’ ever since ‘Idol Futsal World Cup’. For two consecutive years, the trio had shown their soccer skills in ‘Idol Sports Athletic  Championship – Futsal category’, which were of professional standard rather than just ‘idols’ level’.

After concluding ISAC shoot, the three members went straight to Running Man shooting scene. They were honored with the opportunity to have a game with former national soccer player Park JiSung. Despite their strenuous futsal competition earlier, Yoon Doojoon, Lee Kikwang, and Yang Yoseob were revealed to be equally passionate while shooting for ‘Running Man’.

A production crew of ‘Running Man’ spoke to TV Report, “We were shocked to see them showcasing skills beyond our imagination. We have completed the shoot under a really fun and thrilling mood,” he revealed.

On top of that, Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang are currently fixed cast on KBS2 ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’. For a shoot in Brazil, Yoon Doojoon has departed together with the cast of ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’ on 27th May.

In particular, Yoon Doojoon who was once a dedicated soccer player in high school is currently an honorary ambassador of K-League too. Yoon Doojoon not only participates in K-League competitions, but also plays an active role in related promotions.

With a June comeback in mind, BEAST members are currently having busy schedules on hand. Still, Yoon Doojoon, Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob have participated actively in soccer or futsal related competitions. Love calls for the trio are unstoppable. According to their agency representative, the three members are preparing for BEAST comeback in parallel with their appearance on broadcast. Although it was exhausting, they are always willing to take up these schedules.

Yoon Doojoon, Lee Kikwang and Yang Yoseob are current members of FC MEN. The three of them, together with juniors BTOB, Roh JiHoon and more often hold competitions under the soccer team set up by Cube Entertainment themselves. BEAST members are passionate in soccer all these while. They would play even during their break time.

Cube Entertainment expressed, “BEAST members really love soccer. Soccer is a part of their life. Therefore, they like it even when they are required to appear on broadcast. They don’t think of it as work. Instead, they have fun like any other matches. Because of their great skills, many production crew are looking forward (to work with them)”, and “In particular, through such competitions, (BEAST members) have the chance to meet up with fans and to enjoy a common field, therefore, they are very satisfied (of broadcast schedules)”

Meanwhile, BEAST has confirmed their comeback date on June 16th. They will be releasing their 6th mini album with a total of 7 songs.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: TV Report


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