[OSEN] G.NA falls in love in ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV

G.NA’s back with her latest digital single ‘G.NA’s Secret’. Suiting to the light spring weather, ‘G.NA’s Secret’ is a lovely song that express the honest thoughts of a girl when she falls in love. The lyrics portrayed the reality of a fluttering women’s heart, hence, is a song that everyone can relates to. Moreover, G.NA appealed in the MV with her sexy yet innocent charms.

‘G.NA’s Secret’ is a collaboration between G.NA and Duble Sidekick. It’s a refreshing medium tempo dance song that is addictive even for first listeners.

Despite its bold title, the lyrics was honest and realistic as well. G.NA’s refreshing charms further enhanced the loveliness of the song.

In particular, the lyrics that goes ‘I think I’m in love. I think I’m crazy. I worried for things I’ve never cared for’, ‘My heart flutters. I didn’t know I can be like this. I want to look pretty for you, to get your attention”, and many more realistic yet relatable lyrics have left strong impression.

The music video contains even more of G.NA’s variety of charms. G.NA has always been known for her sexy body. Through this new release, G.NA is set to appeal with her refreshing performance.

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Source: OSEN


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