[Star News] Humming Urban Stereo collaborates with first Humming girl ‘G.NA’!


As a special album for his 1oth anniversary, Humming Urban Stereo (birth name Lee JiRin) has revealed that they’ll collaborating with female soloist G.NA.

Humming Urban Stereo revealed on his twitter on 9th May, “Humming Urban Stereo + G.NA = Scully Doesn’t Know” while attaching a picture as he works with G.NA on the music production.

Despite their first meeting, the atmosphere was friendly. ‘Scully Doesn’t Know’ is Humming Urban Stereo’s title track from its first full album, and this time round, it will be a collaboration with G.NA. The real feel together with the accompanient of guitar and bass sounds further enhance the song.

In particular, G.NA who aces in English pronunciation and vocals were seen working immersely in it. It was revealed that G.NA has modified to include English lyrics in it as well.

The pre-release from Humming Urban Stereo’s 10th anniversary album ‘Reform’ will be G.NA’s first collaboration with the singer which will be released on 12PM today.

Meanwhile, G.NA will be coming back with her very own digital single ‘G.NA’s Secret’ on 12th May.

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star News


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