[Sports DongA] G.NA diagnosed having TMJ Disorders on KBS ‘Vitamin’

Recently during the recordings of KBS 2TV ‘Vitamin’, special guests were able to understand more about temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJD disorders).

Among the special guests, G.NA was diagnosed as having a severe TMJ disorder. Regarding this, G.NA expressed her worries, “My dental condition isn’t good recently. Although I had gone to a dentist lately, it shocked me to think that I am having TMJ disorder.”

Professor Jeon YangHyun explained, “Both sides of G.NA’s molars aren’t in good condition, therefore it is hard for her to chew her food. Because of this, the jaw has to exert abnormal force when chewing. As such, it looks unsteady at her jaw part.”

He continued, “You should quickly undergo occlusal adjustment soon and receive treatment for your teeth problems. It is important to nurture your chewing habits with both sides of your teeth,” he added.

Meanwhile, G.NA’s episode for ‘Vitamin’ will be aired on 30th April at 8.55PM KST.

T/N: TMJD disorder is a rather inconvenient condition but treatable with a minimally invasive surgery. More info (Thanks to @doubleuu88 for info)

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Trans: loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Sports DongA


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